The Newest Battleground Against SJW’s Is #MetalGate

The Enemies of Metal

Since I was in high school, I’ve always loved to rock out to Manowar. For those of you who don’t know Manowar, they sing songs about fighting kings, eight-dimensional horses, and most of all: standing as an army against the enemies of metal. While the songs are all awesome, one thing had always bothered me: who the hell are the enemies of metal?

The PMRC has been dead since the mid-90s, and nobody’s heard from Tipper Gore in so long that there’s good odds the guitarist from Cannibal Corpse ate her. Well, almost 30 years after the first attempts to ban heavy metal, a new threat has arisen: pussified losers calling themselves “Social Justice Warriors”, who want to turn heavy metal into a never ending college diversity seminar.

If you’re reading this piece, you’re probably familiar with the term “Social Justice Warrior”, or SJW for short. For those of you who haven’t, site owner RooshV has a good summary here. They’re far-left weirdos with nothing going on in their life, who try to inject their toxic, tiresome political ideology into every field imaginable. They’ve taken over Atheism, Science Fiction Books, and they were poised to take over video games until #Gamergate started roundly thrashing them. Now, with what’s being called #Metalgate, we’re finding out that they want to take over heavy metal too.


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