Did Anita Sarkeesian Remove Feminist Frequency’s Donor List To Enable Further Corruption?



Feminist Frequency, the website/YouTube channel run by Anita Sarkeesian, has recently removed their donor list from public view. This was discovered a few days ago byr/KotakuInAction user ac4l. This was the old donor page as archived by the Wayback Machine:


And here’s what you’ll find if you look for the donor page today:


Given Sarkeesian’s sleazy operations thus far, we shouldn’t be too surprised at this move, but it still represents a new low for her.


Feminist Frequency: Gaming’s Biggest Scam?

It’s likely that Sarkeesian and company will claim that they removed their donor list in order to shield their supporters from potential “harassment” by #GamerGate, as one commenter at r/KotakuInAction has claimed. As is typical with Sarkeesian, though, the removal of the donor list was almost assuredly for more sinister and unethical reasons.

For starters, with the donor list gone, SJW video game journalists and other figures in the industry can now donate to Feminist Frequency in complete anonymity. This creates the potential for conflicts of interest: namely, journalists who donate to Sarkeesian subsequently writing about her for news publications. It was this kind of unethical behavior—journalists being too close to their subjects—that inspired #GamerGate to begin with. With the donor list gone, there’s no way for third parties to investigate reporters who provide positive coverage of Feminist Frequency.

Another potential reason for removing the donor list, as mentioned by a r/KotakuInAction commenter, may be related to Feminist Frequency’s support from Intel. When Sarkeesian was just starting out, she relied on individual donors in order to fund her operations, as most gamers are well aware. With the huge amounts of grant money she’s now receiving from Intel and other major corporations, she no longer needs to suck up to individual SJWs in order to keep the lights on.

This is not the first time Sarkeesian has removed something from the Internet in order to make herself look good. She pulled her master’s thesis, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You: Strong Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy Television,” offline after it was criticized and mocked for its childish language and nonsensical arguments. This is on top of every other lie or scam she’s been caught in, from lying about being a gamer to her prior work managing seminars for a pickup artist who called women “sluts.”


Implications For Gamers

It’s beyond indisputable that #GamerGate has seriously injured the corrupt, cronyistic video game media. Beyond SJW media outlets such as Gawker Media losing millions in ad revenue because of #GamerGate, a significant number of SJW game reporters havelost their jobs due to ethical scandals. However, the continued breathless coverage of Anita Sarkeesian from the media shows that there is still a long way to go.

While Sarkeesian is not a journalist, the extent of her operations—and the uncritical coverage she receives from the media—makes her one of the biggest enemies of gamers.Her depravity and mendacity know no bounds, and the fact that the press continues to fawn over her is evidence that they are just as bad. Whether it’s because of ideology, money or friendship, expecting the media to police itself is like handing the keys to the asylum over to the inmates.

#GamerGate supporters need to continue to put pressure on video game journalists in order to ensure that scammers like Sarkeesian get their just desserts. Continue contacting advertisers and exposing SJW perfidy. Only by punishing lying, unethical reporters and the websites that employ them will the truth become known.

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