Moviepilot’s Alisha Grauso Falsely Accuses #GamerGate Of Flooding LGBT Suicide Hotlines

Alisha Grauso, the L.A. editor-in-chief of Moviepilot, recently published an article on #GamerGate titled “The War for the Soul of Geek Culture.” Her piece is largely a rehash of debunked or overblown arguments against #GamerGate, such as outlining the purported death threats that Revolution 60 developer Brianna Wu gets, the claim that Zoe Quinn slept with Nathan Grayson to get a positive review of Depression Questpublished on Kotaku, and whatnot.

However, Grauso’s piece introduces a new claim that #GamerGate supporters have been flooding LGBT suicide hotlines in an attempt to keep people who actually need them from using them:

Most recently, Gamergaters have turned to flooding gay and trans suicide hotlines, hoping to jam up the lines for someone at a low point, desperate to reach out. While the main origin of these threats have come from 8chan, there is more than enough overlap between the two to understand they are not mutually exclusive. Understanding the Gamergate hashtag has earned itself a negative connotation on Twitter, they’ve turned their attention to Tumblr with “Operation Firefly”, dropping the hashtag in an attempt to spread the word on other platforms. Of course, it has devolved into organized attacks targeted at Tumblr users who are gay, trans, and depressed, encouraging the user to commit suicide, piling on in the hopes that the person will snap and kill him- or herself.

Grauso’s source for this claim is an article from the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, run by feminist freelance writer David Futrelle, well known for his obsessive and factually challenged coverage of the “manosphere” and the men’s rights’ movement. Futrelle’s sole evidence for his article is a single thread from 8chan’s /gg/ board. Grauso also cites a post on the GamerGhazi subreddit that links to the same 8chan thread.

Not only is there zero evidence of this supposed brigading of suicide hotlines beyond the aforementioned 8chan thread, both that thread and Futrelle’s post were published lastNovember. Even if some supposed #GamerGate supporters wanted to jam LGBT suicide hotlines with bogus calls, calling it a “recent” endeavor is beyond dishonest. This kind of mendacity is par for the course for #GamerGate’s opponents, but Grauso’s next move was even more ridiculous.



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