Why Did #ChapelHillShooting Victim Have Problems With the Law?

One of three victims of the Chapel Hill Shooting had a rather lengthy record, Gotnews.com has learned.

Deah Barakat, 23, had twelve different infractions with the state of North Carolina.

We’re not sure what they all are for–the record only lists “local charge”–but they do contradict the narrative that these were just good kids.



Queer Youth of Color


Can someone explain to me how Verónica Bayetti Flores’s agenda of promoting homosexuality among minority youth is about “ending white supremacy” by beginning a “revolution” against “the colonial project”? Because a common-sense perspective might suppose that encouraging minorities to adopt the depraved perversity of our decadent elite would actually serve the interests of the elite. And if we learned that programs targeting black and Latino youth with this agenda are funded by major foundations with a record of supporting population control efforts aimed at the Third World? Well, I don’t suppose Verónica Bayetti Flores cares who is funding her “LGBTQ liberation” activism, but no honest person should be deceived about the real goals of this feminist agenda.

Whitewashed Laotian American woman plotted a mass murder in Halifax Mall with white supremacist nazi buddies

The 23-year-old American woman who allegedly plotted to carry out a massacre at a Canadian mall on Valentine’s Day posted harrowing messages online for years before the plan was foiled.

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, from Geneva, Illinois, posted about her admiration of Hitler, the Columbine killers and other murderers on her Facebook page, Tumblr site and forums, and even hinted at the deadly plan, writing last Wednesday: ‘Valentine’s Day. It’s going down.’

Two days after the post, she was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder after police received a tip. Randall Shepherd, 20, of Nova Scotia was arrested on the same charges.

A third suspect, James Gamble, 19 killed himself as police moved to arrest him at his home in Nova Scotia, and a fourth – a 17-year-old boy – has been released from custody.


Online profiles show the named suspects had been exchanging unnerving messages for years.

The dark messages come in stark contrast to Souvannarath’s high school yearbook photo shared by the Kane County Chronicle, which shows a pretty teen. She went on to study at Coe College, where she studied English and creative writing before graduating last year.

But online, Souvannarath, whose parents are from Laos, painted herself as a neo-Nazi and regularly shared photos of Hitler while lauding white separatists, such as former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.



Prosecutor says Boisean Attacked, Threatened Jewish Woman

silence from the counter jihad end times nutcase hypocrites obsessed with Jews and Israel



BOISE | Marguerite Haragan, 58, pressed her foot into the throat of a Jewish woman while saying she “better accept Jesus,” an Ada County prosecutor said during Haragan’s arraignment Thursday.

Haragan is charged with two felony counts of malicious harassment. She initially tried to turn down her right to an attorney because she said she was “lucid” and understood her rights. But the judge insisted it was within her best interest to be represented by an attorney, referring to the two felony charges as “serious,” according to a recording of the arraignment.

Haragan’s verbal harassment of the woman — identified in court by her initials, “AG” — had been ongoing, including through phone calls, according to the prosecutor. But on Feb. 5, it reportedly escalated to violence.

According to the prosecutor, AG reported that Haragan visited her home that day, banged on her front window and yelled that she “better believe in Jesus, and that she was not going to leave until she did.”

AG opened the door to take down Haragan’s license plate number and ask Haragan to leave, the prosecutor said. Haragan then allegedly slapped AG in the face, pulled her hair, yanked her to the ground and began kicking her in the stomach and thighs. Haragan yelled that AG needed to believe in Jesus to stop the assault, the prosecutor said. Haragan pressed her foot into AG’s neck and pulled her hair, causing a neck injury that still pains AG, according to the prosecutor.

“Eventually, the victim had to comply” to escape the attack, the prosecutor said.

But on Feb. 7, Haragan returned to AG’s home and scratched the word “death” into her mailbox, according to the prosecutor.

The judge issued a no-contact order and kept Haragan’s bond at $100,000. Haragan was still in the Ada County Jail Friday morning. Her next court date is for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 26, though those hearings are sometimes waived or delayed.

Kosher food-cart vendor says he‘s blocked by ‘halal mafia’ in NYC




There is no peace in the Mideast — or Midtown.

A Jewish kosher-food purveyor says he’s being prevented from settling in the heart of Manhattan by the “halal mafia.”

Yisroel Mordowitz insists he just wants to peacefully peddle sandwiches piled high with brisket or pastrami from his Holy Rollers cart in the lucrative Rockefeller Center area, 48th Street off Sixth Avenue.

But a group of irate Egyptian competitors block the kosher vendor from setting up on the sidewalk, literally squatting on the curb or placing umbrellas and beverage cartons to cordon off the space.

“This guy is hungry — hungry for money,” bellowed 48th Street Sabrett-slinger Mohamed Mossad, who along with nearly a dozen others successfully kept Mordowitz off the block. “I have a family, too!”

“Why doesn’t he go to 47th Street?” Mossad shouted, referring to the Hasidim-heavy Diamond District. “He’s just coming to this particular spot, and he wants to grab it from me — and kill me, actually. Kill my business.”

The Holy Rollers adhere to strict kosher guidelines, and their Muslim rivals sell halal food prepared in accordance with Islamic law. For both, pork is a no-no, but there are differences in how meat must be slaughtered and prepped.

Escalating tensions so concerned Avram Wolpin, the mash­giach — or on-site supervisor who certifies food as kosher — that he feared a veritable falafel fatwa. He told Mordowitz he was worried he would “disappear.”

After two unsuccessful attempts to work on Sixth, Mordowitz made his exodus southwestward to 35th Street and Ninth Avenue, near B&H Photo, the Hasidic-run electronics megastore.

“I thought I could bring peace to Midtown,” lamented Mordowitz, 30, of Queens. “I’m not an enemy — I’m a friend.”

The Holy Rollers opened without incident on 48th Street on Monday, raked in about $2,000 on Tuesday from tourists and Midtown office workers, but were under blockade by Wednesday.