Columbia University: Women don’t commit sexual assault

Barnard College, the all-women companion school to Columbia University, has announced that its students will be exempted from mandatory sexual assault education at the school on the grounds that its female student body “[doesn’t] need it as much as much as Columbia students do.”

Columbia has been under a harsh spotlight for the past year over its handling of sexual assault. The school is under investigation for possible Title IX violations, and last fall student Emma Sulkowicz attracted national attention when she began carrying a mattress around campus to protest failures in the school’s judicial system that allowed her alleged rapist to go unpunished. In response, Columbia has decided to require students to take part in one of five sexual assault education program or else be unable to graduate. (RELATED: Columbia: Attend Rape Workshops, Or No Diploma)



6 Things (Anglo) White Girls Can Learn From Filipinas(or non Anglo women)

by Matt Forney


1. Lose some weight, fatty.

While American fast food franchises like McDonald’s and KFC have made a disturbing amount of progress in the Philippines, the population as a whole is nowhere near Western levels of obesity. The average Filipina weighs about 95 pounds soaking wet and is so light I can scoop her up in my arms like a baby. If I tried doing that with your gwailo ass, I’d be looking at a trip to the emergency room.

Look, nobody likes fat girls, not even fat girls themselves. If you want men to treat you like a human being, you better maintain a human shape. Lay off the cronuts, go to the gym, and start skipping meals. The boner wants what it wants, and what it doesn’t want is a duck-footed, buck-toothed Pillsbury Doughgirl.

2. Put down your iPhone.

Smartphones are ubiquitous in the Philippines, almost as bad as back in the U.S. Even poor people here have flip phones, and you can buy calling cards at street eateries alongside local delicacies like tuna panga. Yet Filipinas aren’t obsessed with their phones the same way white girls are. You’ll never see a Filipina hunched over her iPhone at a bar or the beach, obsessively checking her Instagram likes and taking selfies; she’s too busy having fun with her family or friends.

White girls use their smartphones as a crutch to avoid social interaction. Every encounter they have with another human being has to be mediated by a screen, even sleazy hookups (see: Tinder). White girls are becoming so socially retarded due to iPhone addiction that they’re starting to interpret innocuous remarks and cramped subways as misogynistic oppression. If you want men to find you attractive again, stop babbling about “rape culture,” put down the phone and start talking to people.


3. Don’t be a slut.

Like all Asian countries, the Philippines has its fair share of “yellow cabs,” slutty girls who specifically seek out white guys for hookups. But there are also a lot of girls who stay virgins well into their twenties. Filipinas know that chastity is one of the most valuable traits a girl can have, so they don’t just give themselves up to any guy who winks at them.

White girls will spend their youth sitting on a big bucket of dongs, then as their looks fade away, they whine about how there are “no good men left.” If you don’t want men to treat you like a cheap whore, don’t act like one.


4. Be appreciative.

Every Filipina I’ve taken on a date so far has texted me afterwards thanking me for taking them out. My current girlfriend tells me “I love you” every time we get together. She knows that while I love her back, if we were to break up tomorrow, I would have my pick of beautiful young women just like her. She appreciates me because I’m a good man who cares about her, and because she feels honored that I chose her out of so many eligible bachelorettes.

White girls are completely self-centered when it comes to relationships. They think that the smelly hole between their legs entitles them to princess treatment and that men should be grateful to even be speaking to them. Then they wonder why the only men they can attract are losers and wusses. Real men don’t put up with selfish little brats, so if you want a good man, you better be grateful for him when he comes along. Ask not what your man can do for you, but what you can do for your man.


5. Treat marriage and family seriously

White girls love to delude themselves about how women from poorer countries are “golddiggers” and “mail-order brides,” but all the Filipinas I’ve dated so far are college-educated and middle class. In fact, my girlfriend is technically more educated than I am (she’s studying to become a nurse). Yet Filipinas don’t fetishize their college degrees and jobs the way white girls do. Ask a Filipina what she really wants, and they’ll all say the same thing: a husband and children. Jobs are something they do to get money and nothing more.

Girls are designed to bear children from their late teens up to their late twenties. After thirty, female fertility starts to drop off, and menopause kills it entirely. If you want kids, forget about your “career” and start thinking about getting married now. If that sounds regressive, I’m sorry, but that’s life. Your boring data entry or pumpkin spice latte-slinging job won’t love you until death do you part, but a husband and a family will.


6. Find a higher cause.

Filipino culture is still largely dominated by the Catholic Church, which is why divorce, adultery, and abortion are all illegal here. While I’m not religious myself, there’s something to be said for living in a society that is animated by a higher purpose. The average Filipina attends Mass weekly, believes in God, and tries her best to live up to His commandments, even if she doesn’t always succeed. The moral framework provided by Catholicism is in part why the Philippines is far less dysfunctional then Thailand, Cambodia and other countries in the region.

God is dead in the West, and white girls have replaced Him with consumerism and celebrity worship. That’s why they get more upset over a rich actress getting her phone hacked then by hundreds of girls getting raped by Pakistani immigrants. You don’t have to become a devout Christian, but you should find some purpose in your life aside from mindless consumption. Instead of reading Buzzfeed, try picking up a good book. Instead of playing Candy Crush, play chess. Write a book, learn to paint, start a rock band, but do something real with your time.

While there are a number of other things that white girls can do to better compete with Filipinas, such as getting rid of the tattoos and aging gracefully, these six changes will make a world of difference. If white girls want quality men, they need to up their game and learn how to be feminine again. If they don’t, there’s a whole nation full of petite, wifely women who will give us what we want.



South Africa: Durban University Hitler youth want to expell Jews

The student representative council at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa urged the institution’s management to expel its Jewish students, especially those who don’t support the Palestinian cause, the Daily News newspaper reported Wednesday.

Common Man-Hating Feminism

Posted on | February 11, 2015 | 53 Comments

“I’m so tired of masculinity. And male aggression. And male voyeurism. And male arrogance. And male mediocrity. And how we’re conditioned to normalize it.”
Zuriya at


What inspired that declaration? That 24-word anti-male outburst was published on Tumblr a week ago and has already acquired more than 3,000 likes or reblogs. The young woman who posted it is the child of Eritrean refugees, living in Southern California, and has absorbed from her American education many typical progressive attitudes inculcated by our public school system. She is a Muslim, and does not seem to recognize (or at least does not acknowledge) that the anti-male attitudes of her feminism are fundamentally incompatible with Islam.

“Why am I not solely dating women at this point in my life like men have so little good to offer this world.”

Good luck getting your imam to sign off on that idea, Zuriya. Now, let’s hear about your actual relationships with men:

I was talking about my boyfriend/partner/whatever . . . to a good friend a few weeks ago and like, I don’t get giddy about men. I never have. I have never seen men as an essential and important and necessary part of my life. If we broke up, I’d just keep it pushin TBH. I was with a guy for five years and I hardly felt butterflies. It just isn’t my demeanor. Men are overwhelmingly to some extent f–kboys and I’m just not concerned with getting into my feelings about them. Idk, outwardly displays of overzealous affection are just corny AF me.

And some more:

I love being in a long distance relationship. I have horrible anxiety and depression and have been trying through medication and lifestyle changes to get that under control.Right now, my priorities include work, school, my bills, friends and then my relationship. I’m grateful for this indefinite separation because it gives me time to get my life together. I’m not getting married for another few years at least, until I have my Masters and life set together . . . I need to be committed to myself before I can commit to someone else and this solitude gradually allows me to do that.

Well, there it is again, you see?

How often have we noted the correlation between feminism and mental illness? Depression and anxiety seem to be nearly ubiquitous in the feminist movement. Self-harm and eating disorders are also common, and we occasionally encounter diagnoses of personality disorders as well. There is a clear pattern: Young women who view men as irresponsible and untrustworthy “f–kboys,” women whose emotional instability is serious enough to require psychiatric intervention — such are the unhappy women who find that feminism’s hostility to the existing social order offers a rationalization of their discontents.

Have they never read Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements? Do they not recognize themselves as the frustrated misfits Hoffer described?

Those who see their lives as spoiled and wasted crave equality and fraternity more than they do freedom. If they clamor for freedom, it is but freedom to establish equality and uniformity. . . .
Those who clamor loudest for freedom are often the ones least likely to be happy in a free society. The frustrated, oppressed by their shortcomings, blame their failure on existing restraints. Actually their innermost desire is for an end to the ‘free for all.’ They want to eliminate free competition and the ruthless testing to which the individual is continually subjected in a free society.

So it is that the feminist movement attracts to its banner frustrated women “who see their lives as spoiled and wasted,” women who require a scapegoat to “blame [for] their failure” and who find in feminism’s anti-male ideology a ready-made excuse for their unhappiness. Yet for every miserable misfit grumbling about “masculinity . . . male aggression . . . male arrogance . . . male mediocrity” on the Internet, there are many more happy women going about their normal lives, without mental illness and without feminism. If we compared the objective circumstances of any two women, one self-identifying as feminist and the other rejecting the “feminist” label, what difference would distinguish them?

Are anti-feminist women on average more “privileged” than the militant man-haters? I seriously doubt it. In fact, I think generally the opposite is true: One does not commonly encounter working-class women reading Judith Butler and ranting about the gender binary and the heterosexual matrix. Whatever the normal woman’s complaints about her relationships with men, she does not construe her problems in terms of academic theory and political ideology.


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