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posted Feb 8, 2015



Black females are the absolute bottom economically and socially out of every race, gender, and creed. They’re the least married, least desired, most single, earn the lowest wages, are the poorest, highest in poverty, highest on welfare, etc.

And when black women do work and are not laying up collecting welfare and government assistance like they normally do, it’s some low wage job. Black women all overepresent low wage jobs and earn the lowest pay overall.

They also have the highest rates of breast cancer deaths.

Yes, cardiovascularar and obesity related illnesses are leading causes of death for black women.

Black women are going bankrupt:

Maybe it’s has something to do with this:

Black women make up 8% of the population, yet make up the largest consumers, despite being the most broke, powerless, poverty living, government assistance mooching females in the country.

Have a medium worth of $5.

And 10.6% of you bums are unemployed!

muslim convert Brusthom Ziamani ‘arrested on way to behead soldier’

A teenager was arrested as he made his way to behead a British soldier, the Old Bailey has heard.

Brusthom Ziamani, 19, had a rucksack containing a 12in knife, a hammer and an “Islamic flag” when he was held on a street in east London in August 2014.

He idolised the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby, researched Army cadet base sites and told an ex-girlfriend of a plan to “kill soldiers”, the court was told.

Mr Ziamani, of Camberwell, London, denies preparing an act of terrorism.

Jurors heard Mr Ziamani had converted to Islam in early 2014 and his arrest came after he had shown the former girlfriend the weapons and described Fusilier Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo as a “legend”.

Prosecutor Annabel Darlow told the court: “He didn’t say anything when he was arrested but he was remanded and told a security officer that he had been on his way to kill a British soldier at an Army barracks when he had been arrested.

“He said that he was going to behead the soldier and hold that soldier’s head up in the air so that a friend could take a photograph.

“You may think that his aim was to emulate the dubious feats of his hero Michael Adebolajo, who had murdered a British soldier close to the Woolwich barracks where he worked.”

The jury heard Mr Ziamani also put posts on Facebook under the name Mujahid Karim, supporting Sharia law and stating he was “willing to die in the cause of Allah”.

Mr Ziamani is charged with preparing an act of terrorism on or before 20 August 2014.




don’t go to university: City University of New York’s Graduate Center tells faculty to ‘eliminate use of gendered salutations and references’

City University of New York’s Graduate Center tells faculty to ‘eliminate use of gendered salutations and references’

Professors and other employees at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center have been forbidden from addressing students and prospective students with the title “Mr.” and “Ms.” because, campus leaders say, the terms may be offensive.

“Effective Spring 2015, the (graduate center’s) policy is to eliminate the use of gendered salutations and references in correspondence to students, prospective students, and third parties,” Louise Lennihan, interim provost, states to employees in a recent memo. “Accordingly, Mr. and Ms. should be omitted from salutations.”

Lennihan instructs staffers to interpret the new policy “as broadly as possible,” that it applies to “all types of correspondence, such as: all parts of any letter including address and salutation, mailing labels, bills or invoices, and any other forms or reports,” states the memo, a copy of which was provided to The College Fix by school spokeswoman Tanya Domi.

Rather than using “Mr.” or “Ms.,” staff are instructed to refer to students by his or her full name. The policy will “ensure a respectful, welcoming, and gender-inclusive learning environment … [and] accommodate properly the diverse population of current and prospective students,” Lennihan states in the memo.

The Graduate Center is the principal doctorate-granting institution of the City University of New York. It employees more than 140 teachers educating about 4,200 students in graduate and doctoral programs, according to its website.

School spokeswoman Domi told The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the new policy, that it aims to work “within a regulatory framework to comply with Title IX legal principles.”

But Ari Cohn, free speech lawyer and advocate at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, took issue with the spokeswoman’s suggestion that Title IX requires or even encourages a policy similar to the one the graduate center has implemented.

“Title IX prohibits discrimination—nothing more,” he said in an email to The College Fix. “Unfortunately, this problematic justification is emblematic of a pattern that FIRE is increasingly concerned by: Title IX is being turned into a Swiss army knife that can be used by colleges and universities to justify (and provide political cover for) virtually any academic or institutional policy even tangentially related to sex or gender.”

Cohn also questioned whether the policy will intrude on academic freedom.

“A strict mandate would impose on the way professors conduct their classes—traditionally the domain in which they have the most autonomy,” he said.

Several CUNY professors did not respond to emails from The College Fix seeking comment.

Professor Juliette Blevins, a linguistics professor at the graduate center, has voiced reservations about the policy. She told the Wall Street Journal that dropping gender-specific titles may not enhance respect and inclusivity as it purports.

On the contrary, in some cultures, it is disrespectful to address a person without a salutation, she argued.

“[T]he policy, as it now stands—which encourages use of first and last name, without title—enforces one particular view of what is or is not ‘gender-inclusive’ without considering the negative effects it could have cross-culturally,” she said.

The internal memo was sent Jan. 16. It has since prompted robust debate among academic circles across New York City and beyond.

“If a student asked me to call him ‘Godzilla,’ I would happily call him ‘Godzilla’ or whatever anyone asked to be called,” Joseph Borelli, a Republican state Assemblyman who teaches a politics course at CUNY’s College of Staten Island, told the Journal. “But we do not need another ultra PC policy change.”

The memo makes no mention of how professors should act if a student wishes to be addressed with a traditional salutation.

“It’s difficult to find a principled reason why the perspectives of those who prefer traditional salutations should be valued less than the perspectives of those who favor their abandonment, and that is precisely why language policing is best avoided altogether—it always entails making distinctions based on subjective preferences for a particular viewpoint,” Cohn said.

College Fix contributor Alexandra Zimmern is recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

don’t go to university: University of Michigan spend $16k to mind control students

Dozens of posters plastered across the University of Michigan caution students not to say things that might hurt others’ feelings, part of a new “Inclusive Language Campaign” at the state’s flagship public university that cost $16,000 to implement.

Words declared unacceptable through the campaign include “crazy,” “insane,” “retarded,” “gay,” “tranny,” “gypped,” “illegal alien,” “fag,” “ghetto” and “raghead.” Phrases such as “I want to die” and “that test raped me” are also verboten.

University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told The College Fix in an email the campaign aims to “address campus climate by helping individuals understand that their words can impact someone and to encourage individuals to commit to creating a positive campus community.”

Students have been asked to sign a pledge to “use inclusive language” and to help their peers “understand the importance of using inclusive language,” according to campaign materials.

Though only in existence for one semester, the Inclusive Language Campaign has maintained a strong presence throughout the university. Students roaming the campus frequently encounter posters of all sizes reminding them: “YOUR WORDS MATTER,” and asking questions such as: “If you knew that I grew up in poverty, would you still call things ‘ghetto’ and ‘ratchet’?”

Representatives of the Inclusive Language Campaign did not respond to repeated requests for comment from The College Fix.

Junior Kidada Malloy, who helps promote the program on campus, told the Michigan Daily the campaign “is a great program because it will improve the day-to-day language of students on campus by providing education around words that are offensive.”

Fitzgerald told The College Fix the university budgeted $16,000 for the campaign. The program comes at a time when the university has raised tuition and fees for the last two consecutive years.


Obama eliminating Funding for Prostate Cancer



Men, you don’t count!

You have NO VALUE!

That is the absolute truth according to President Obama.

Just released budget documents from the President proposed budget for 2016 recommends that ALL CDC funding for Prostate Cancer be eliminated!

Let me make this clear, no, the President is not recommending that Prostate Cancer funds be cut, he is recommending that they be entirely eliminated (by 100%) from the CD’s budget! That’s right I said eliminated, gone, no money at all.

President Obama has lost sight that prostate cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death among men but his budget request entirely eliminates prostate cancer funding at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Malecare is shocked to see this request, no I mean attack on men. Malecare will advocate not for a reinstatement of the CDC budget, but for an increase so that there will be a greater awareness of prostate cancer. Given the current state of the PSA test as a diagnostic tool it is ever more important that discussions continue between patients and their healthcare providers regarding screening decisions.

The work of the CDC to educate both patients and providers is pivotal to insure that fair and balanced discussions take place.

Information on the proposed FY 2016 budget for prostate cancer can be found at:

Malecare will strive to reverse this budget request. Malecare is reaching out to all cancer advocacy organizations as well as the prostate cancer organizations to work together to protect the CDC’s prostate cancer budget.

Please let me know if you are with Malecare. Please send an email, including your city, state and zip code to:  We’re asking for your location to help us understand which Congressional districts we might have influence.

Write to your congressional representatives and to your Senators.

Protect the prostate cancer CDC budget.

Not sexy enough? The plight of Asian American male actors

When was the last time an Asian American actor starred in a major Hollywood film as the handsome romantic lead? Exactly. Sadly, that’s been the missing scene, if you will, in U.S. studio-released motion pictures. Certainly, there’s no shortage of attractive actors of Asian ancestry in America to play those romantic roles. Yet, Hollywood studios continue ignoring them as leads. Speculation points to institutionalized racism of studio executives who still stereotype Asian men as too emasculated to play sexualized or romantic characters.

Writer/director Steven J. Kung was so troubled by the obvious exclusion of Asian American actors as leads that he made a movie about it. In A Leading Man, Kung pontificates about disparity in the film industry through a young, urbane actor named GQ Qi (Jack Yang). While GQ considers himself leading-man material, he can’t seem to convince casting directors of it. That’s not surprising given that he’s Taiwanese American. He can look glamorous in a white collar, cuffs, and tie. He can sip elegantly from a wineglass without spilling a drop. He can even “get the girl.” But how come the suave and sophisticated GQ can’t get a role that doesn’t require speaking heavily accented broken English?

After winning the role of a foreign exchange student on a TV series, GQ is elated until he learns that the producer sees his character as a caricature. After all, what student from China meets his American host family dressed in a Chinese silk jacket and coolie hat? But that’s what producer Bruno Oliver (Mitch Lebowitz) requests of GQ. In fact, he demands that GQ be “more Chinese” by bucking his teeth and talking as if he were illiterate. With the name Kung Pao (yes, as in the spicy stir-fried dish), GQ’s character seems to endlessly bow and scrape to the white family he lives with. When GQ protests a scene where Kung Pao erects a shrine to his ancestors at the dinner table, Bruno is livid. As far removed from a leading man as he can get, GQ finally loses his cool and is promptly fired.

Already under pressure by his mother to get a real job with the family business in Taiwan, GQ is ashamed to admit he’s no longer employed. At restaurant gatherings with his extended family (that seem to be disproportionately comprised of Harvard grads), he’s already the butt of their jokes over his inability to pick up the tab. Seriously considering his options, GQ begins dating a powerful white female casting director, Rachel, very capably played by Heather Mazur. Although GQ’s intentions aren’t all that honorable, Rachel is sincere about her feelings, which makes their situation a sticky one. Hoping Rachel can salvage his career, GQ soon moves in with her.