public service announcement to men: Do not attend Columbia University


Columbia University may be compelling students in the next month to complete a sexual assault education program or else lose the ability to register for classes or even receive their diploma, according to the Columbia Spectator.

The initiative will reportedly be announced next week, but has been leaked by several of the school’s undergraduate residential advisers, who have already been briefed on the program.

Students will have a host of options for how to complete the requirement, including attending an hour-long workshop, watching and discussing a series of short films on the matter or even crafting works of art and poetry to engage with the topic. They will be expected to have complied with the school’s demand by March 13, just one month following its announcement.

The requirement is planned as the first of what could be several “community citizenship initiatives.”

Initially, it appears the university planned for the sexual assault education to be optional, though strongly encouraged, but this provoked oppositions from some of the RAs.


“Someone who doesn’t understand what rape is and thinks this is bullshit would most likely not participate—and those are the people that need to be reached,” one anonymous RA told the Spectator.

Those complaints appear to have made the university re-evaluate, and RAs who attended later briefings on the initiative say it is now being described as mandatory.

Notably, while participation is expected of all students in Columbia’s undergraduate and graduate programs, students at Barnard College, Columbia’s all-women affiliate, will not be required to take part, suggesting the target of the initiative is actually Columbia’s men.



feminist eugenicist and male genocide advocate ‘Lana” abort male son

eugenics was and is part of the feminist movement. there is no difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd waves of feminism.  the goals are the same. the dehumanizing, genocide and the subjugation of men and forcing women to become lesbians.



A revelatory posting by a hate-filled, radical feminist calling herself “Lana” recently appeared on the extremist website called “Injustice Stories.” The story ostensibly tells the tale of how “Lana” aborted her baby because she found out that the child was a boy. “Lana” says she killed her baby because she didn’t want to bring another male “monster” into the world. And she is proud of her decision.

The posting detailing Lana’s story on what led her to abort her baby is disgusting, certainly, but it does nicely describe the logical end game of feminism: the genocide of the male of the species.

The story appears on a site where “hatred is not allowed” but this is obviously a convenient lie because “Lana’s” post is entirely based on abject hate for men. Of course, we know why the story was allowed. It’s because “Lana” claims to be an oppressed female who is fighting “injustice” when in reality all she is, is a proto Nazi advocating a form of eugenics.

In any case, what we have here is the story of a mentally ill woman who murdered her baby for the sole reason that he is male. Sadly, her reasoning is poof that feminism has nothing at all to do with “equality” and ultimately simply breeds unthinking hatred for men.

One caveat. Since this is all essentially anonymous we must acknowledge that the whole story may be a fraud. The main reason I believe it is real, though, is that the story is shot through with perfectly formed feminist foolishness and reeks of the words of a woman who has been immersed in the sort of clap trap that passes for feminist intellectualism taught in our useless colleges. If this piece is a scam it was written by someone who is thoroughly familiar with feminist theory and its buzzwords. But the casual way in which it was written leads me to believe it is real. Still, be warned about what we have here.

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Edmonton imam spreads the word of al-Qaeda’s Anwar al-Awlaki alongside his supplication to Allah to give victory to all mujahideen around the world


Imam Jamac Usman Hareed, a native of Somalia, studied Islamic studies and Shariah law in New Castle, South Africa and Arabic in Yemen. He serves as the Imam of the MAC Islamic Centre (Rahma Mosque) in Edmonton, Alberta and regularly is invited to lead prayers in many mosques across Canada.

In its mission statement the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) states its adherence to the message of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, sees the Muslim Brotherhood movement as a source of inspiration and praises its founder, Hassan al-Banna, for his “core messages of constructive engagement in society, focus on personal and communal empowerment, and organizational development.”

MAC Islamic Centre runs several schools in Edmonton: MAC Islamic School (grades 1-6), Creative Minds Preschool(ages 3-5) and Al Huda Academy (weekend Saturday school, weekend Sunday school, evening School, adult programs and children programs).

Imam Jamac Hareed recited in recent years supplications to Allah to support the mujahideen (jihad fighters). In one of these videos bearing the the title: “WAKE UP MUSLIMS!” Imam Jamac Hareed said (translated from Arabic 05:09-05:23): “O Allah, protect the mujahideen around the world, who are waging jihad in His [Allah] path and striving to make His word supreme.” He also asked Allah to give victory to the mujahideen in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Burma.

This video ends with a recorded message of the American-born al-Qaeda’s terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki. The message starts with the following slides: “A Message to the Muslim Ummah. If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Then Awlaki is addressing the American Muslims: “How can your conscience allow you to live in a peaceful co-existence with a nation that is responsible for the tyranny and crimes committed against your own brothers and sisters? How can you have your loyalty to a government that is leading the war against Islam and Muslims? My advice to you is this. You have two choices: either hijra [emigrating to the Islamic State] or jihad. You either leave or you fight.”

The video was produced by M2Mproductions100 and was uploaded to its YouTube channel on December 4, 2012. This YouTube channel, which shows the picture of Imam Jamac Hareed on the top of its page, contains mainly videos of him (approximately 150 videos). Imam Jamac Hareed repeatedly called his followers to subscribe to M2Mproductions100 YouTube channel for promoting the message of Islam, and shared on his Facebook page the aforementioned video “WAKE UP MUSLIMS!.”










Ezra Levant and Jonathan Halevi continue their investigation of jihadis operating out in the open within Canada.



The Tragedy of Lesbian Divorce


Rosie O’Donnell and her wife, Michelle Rounds, have split, and O’Donnell will leave “The View” next week to concentrate on her family’s well-being, Page Six can exclusively reveal.
Sources close to O’Donnell told us that she and Rounds, her wife of three years, have been living apart for months, and that O’Donnell feels she must leave the ABC daytime show to focus on her five kids.
Rosie’s rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed the marital split, as well O’Donnell’s departure from “The View,” in a statement Friday night: “I can confirm that Rosie and her wife Michelle split in November. Rosie has teens and an infant at home that need her attention. This has been a very stressful situation. She is putting her personal health and family first. ABC has been wonderfully understanding and supportive of her personal decision to leave ‘The View.’ Next week will be her last.”
O’Donnell, 52, married her second wife Rounds in private in June 2012. In 2013, they adopted a baby girl, Dakota. She has four other older kids.

Notice that this is O’Donnell’s second lesbian wife. Her first marriage to longtime girlfriend Kelli Carpenter ended in 2007. Carpenter now has her own second wife, and the four O’Donnell-Carpenter children seem closer to Kelli than to Rosie. Nobody in the world of media is allowed to say a word about the unnatural weirdness of all this — two boys and three girls without fathers, one of them (Kelli’s youngest) conceived by artificial insemination — because equality!

This is the Feminist Dream Life™ of women free from the heteronormative oppression of male supremacy, and we are all required to believe that it’s a utopia of undimmed bliss. Nor are we permitted to point out that some women who once lived as lesbians are now happily married to men, because this contradicts everything we are supposed to “know,” about both (a) the alleged permanence of homosexual identity and (b) traditional marriage as patriarchal slavery for women.