litigation jihad: Niqab ban at citizenship ceremony struck down by court


The Federal Court of Canada has ruled it is “unlawful” for Ottawa to order new citizens to remove their face-covering veil when taking the oath of citizenship.

The federal government must immediately lift its existing ban allowing Toronto’s Zunera Ishaq to reschedule a new citizenship ceremony unless it appeals the ruling and receives the permission to suspend the order, the Federal Court said in a decision released Friday.

While it is not unusual to have government policies overturned in breach of Charter and constitutional rights, the court ruling is unusual because the decision was based on the finding that the ban mandated by the immigration minister violated the government’s own immigration laws.

“To the extent that the policy interferes with a citizenship judge’s duty to allow candidates for citizenship the greatest possible freedom in the religious solemnization or the solemn affirmation of the oath,” wrote Justice Keith M. Boswell, “it is unlawful.”

Ishaq was sponsored by her husband to Canada from Pakistan in 2008 and successfully passed the citizenship test in November 2013.

She was scheduled to be sworn in at a citizenship ceremony in Scarborough two months later but decided to put it on hold after learning she would need to unveil her niqab under a ban introduced in 2011 by then-Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. Her Charter challenge ensued.

“From the moment the minister announced the policy, many of us felt it’s illegal. The court confirms that it is the case. It is not a requirement in the law for someone to be seen in front of a (citizenship) judge taking the oath. Signing the paper is all (that’s) required,” said Ishaq’s lawyer, Lorne Waldman.

“Clearly, the policy was driven by Kenney himself. All documents found he was the driving force behind it.”

Ishaq, who started wearing niqab since she was 15, had no objection to unveil herself for the purposes of her identification before taking the citizenship test.

However, she objected to the requirement to remove the veil at the citizenship ceremony because it is public and unnecessary for the purposes of identity or security.

Immigration officials subsequently offered to seat her in either the front or back row and next to a woman at the ceremony, but she refused the arrangement since the citizenship judge and officers could still be male, and there could potentially be photographers at the event.

In refuting the government’s argument that the court challenge was premature because Ishaq’s scheduled ceremony had yet to happen, the court said part of the reason policies are published is so that people can know of them and organize their affairs accordingly.

“The policy in this case could be dissuading women who wear a niqab from even applying for citizenship. In such circumstances, a direct challenge to the policy is appropriate,” the 42-page decision said.

While the government also argued that the ban was only a guideline that is not even directed at citizenship judges, and which they were free to disregard, the judge found “no such permissive language” in the policy.

Internal correspondence between immigration officials and Kenney’s public statements, Justice Boswell noted, demonstrates the government’s intention to make the removal of face-covering mandatory, citing an email that read, “The minister would like this done, regardless of whether there is a legislative base and that he will use his prerogative to make policy change.”

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s spokesperson said they “will keep all available legal options open.

“New citizens are obliged to confirm their identity when taking the Oath of Citizenship‎, which is sworn or affirmed in public,” said Kevin Menard. “It is simply common sense to require removal of facial coverings or other items that hide new citizens’ mouths from view. The oath, knowledge and language tests, as well as years of residency, are among the basic requirements for joining the family of Canadian citizens.”

Kendra Sunderland Demonstrates The Typical American Female Mentality..

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Members of the feminastie hate sect, must be celebrating and promoting this narcissistic, flesh-flasher as their NEW POSTER ‘STAR’, surely. She is the epitome of feminist doctrine, behaviour and thought processes. Sunderland shows just how easy it is to get nationwide attention by being a sexual deviant, something the feminastie sect constantly deny.

If the guy below had of accepted the agreement, he could have been jailed as the female is NEVER guilty of procuring sex except maybe when banging underage students, that is.


Oregon State Porn Star Extends 15 Minutes Of Fame By Showing Pizza Guy Reject Her Sex Offer

No doubt well on her way to a lucrative career in some sector of the entertainment industry, the 19-year-old woman who was busted for making a lengthy pornographic video in Oregon State University’s main library has now posted a video showing herself getting rejected for sex by some pizza guy.
The star of both shows is Kendra Sunderland.
The video of Sunderland’s latest stunt is available at It is in no way safe for work.
The latest video, which drones interminably on for a couple hours, shows Sunderland talking into a webcam for a long time. She bares her breasts. A lot.
Eventually a delivery guy shows up with pizza. She opens the door with her breasts exposed. She asks him if she can provide certain sexual perks instead of the usual cash tip, according to BroBible.


For reasons only the pizza guy knows, he flatly turned her down.
Sunderland does show a fair amount of sophistication — or at least compassion — in the video by shielding the pizza guy from her camera.
The library video that made Sunderland Internet famous was allegedly filmed at Oregon State — home of the Beavers. (RELATED: Teen Porn Star Got Naked, Got Busted In Oregon State Library Video Frolic)
In that video, a pink bubble gum-blowing Sunderland smirks into a laptop on a desk with library stacks clearly visible behind her. She then reportedly flashes and clutches everything she has.
In January, police cited Sunderland, a one-time student at Oregon State, for public indecency.
She faces up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $6,000 if she is convicted.

Flashing the Flesh – Women Only

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Jewish toymaker fired from Brooklyn company for refusing to convert to Christianity: $2 million suit

the rapture and the end times obsessed counter-jihad who claims to support the jewish people and Israel are silent!


Leonard Dvorin says working for Anna Nasary at Brooklyn toy company Lovable Lola was a living hell when she ‘began an unyielding campaign to promote Christian evangelism through her incessant conversations, emails and religious literature,’ his lawsuit claims. When he refused to sign a new personnel handbook that contained Christian prayers, he was allegedly fired.


An honest-to-goodness toymaker hired to design a talking, singing and dancing dog claims he was fired because he rebuffed his boss’ evangelical efforts to convert him to Christianity.

Leonard Dvorin, 70, who is Jewish, says working for Anna Nasary at Lovable Lola, a toy company named after her deceased boxer dog, was a living hell.

Dvorin was hired in February 2013 by the Brooklyn-based company and almost immediately, according to the $2 million lawsuit, “Nasary began an unyielding campaign to promote Christian evangelism through her incessant conversations, emails and the religious literature” she gave him.

“It’s shocking that in 2015, in the United States, an employer would force someone to abandon their faith to keep their job,” said attorney Andrew Stoll of law firm Stoll Glickman & Bellina.

Dvorin was also required to watch TV programs during business hours featuring Christian ministers or Christian musicians.

When he refused to sign a new personnel handbook that contained Christian prayers, he was fired June 18.

Nasary did not return a call seeking comment.


Muslim student group faces scrutiny after arrests

Muslim student group faces scrutiny after arrests

The trial of alleged terrorist recruiter Awso Peshdary promises to turn a spotlight on the Algonquin College Muslim Students Association.

Two of the three people charged this week with terrorism-related offences by the RCMP — Peshdary, 25, and Khader Khalib, 23 — are both former members of the association and took part in its events.

Khalib was charged in absentia because it’s believed the former Algonquin business student is now fighting on behalf of the Islamic State in Syria.

After Peshdary was arrested Tuesday by the RCMP, the Crown sought and received a non-communication order from an Ottawa justice of the peace. Such orders are normally used to prevent an accused person from communicating with victims and witnesses.

The order prohibits Peshdary from communicating with a list of 14 people.

The list includes the names of five other people — Khalib, John Maguire, Ashton Larmond, Carlos Larmond and Suliman Mohamed — whom the RCMP have identified as members of the alleged conspiracy to aid a terrorist group.

The non-contact list issued by the court also includes the names of three executives from Algonquin’s Muslim Students Association, and at least one other former MSA member.

One member of the association, who spoke the Citizen on the condition that his identify remain protected, said he was aware that several of the association’s members were on a Canadian Security Intelligence Service “watch list” last year.

He did not know the identity of those of interest to the authorities, he said, only that there were concerns expressed after a March 2014 event known as Islamic Awareness Week.

“I was informed after that there were several people who were heavily involved in that event that were on the watch by CSIS,” he said.

The former MSA member said he was never approached by anyone about supporting the Islamic State or travelling to Syria.

“I was always clear about my views, and he (Peshdary) always agreed with me: that it’s not legitimate to kill innocent people,” he said.

Samr Farhat was also listed in the non-communication order. In 2010, Farhat collected money to help pay for Pedshary’s legal fees after he was arrested in Project Samossa.

When reached by the Citizen, Farhat said he had no comment but did offer that the RCMP never approached him before the non-communication order was put in place.

Jack Doyle, the general manager of the Algonquin College Students’ Association, said his organization provides funding to the student groups on campus.

Doyle said the MSA received just over $1,000 for the 2013-2014 school year for events such as Islam Awareness Week. So far in 2014-2015 the MSA has received around $500.

The MSA doesn’t receive funding from the college administration.

 The Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada (MSA National) was launched in January 1963 to support international students studying in North America. The association’s first Canadian chapter opened 50 years ago at the University of Toronto.

In the U.S., the student associations came under intense scrutiny in the aftermath of 9/11 as potential sources of radicalization.

The New York Police Department regularly monitored MSA websites and placed undercover officers at student association events for more than a decade after the terror attacks.  In 2012, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne defended the approach by noting that 12 people arrested or convicted on terrorism charges in the U.S. had once been members of Muslim student associations.

terrorists tied to muslim brotherhood linked muslim students association

Bail denied for muslim man accused of threatening to burn wife’s genitals, rape

QUEBEC CITY – There will be no bail for a Quebec City man who is accused of threatening to burn his wife’s face and genitals with acid, forcing her to have sex and citing the Koran to justify beating their children.

The 40-year-old man was arrested on Jan. 26 after his wife filed a complaint with police, alleging that he had threatened her in a Walmart.

“The accused is possessive, he feels his wife belongs to him. He invokes the Koran when he hits his children. He tells his wife that if she leaves him, he will burn her face and genitals with acid. Today, his wife has left him, and she in danger because of it,” Judge Bernard Lemieux said in his ruling Friday.

In ordering that the accused remain behind bars, Lemieux cited alleged threats by the man that he would flee to Morocco with his children.

After the initial complaint was filed, the man allegedly emptied the joint bank account and took the family’s passports and the children’s health insurance cards.

“Although the accused has said the money would be used to pay the mortgage and that he did not know where the kids’ papers are, the court does not believe him,” said Lemieux.

In her statement to police, the woman said that since her husband’s arrival in Quebec in 2003, she has repeatedly been a victim of his violence, including being forced to have sex every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She also said he had repeatedly struck their children as a form of punishment.



stop attending universities: false rape claim at Purdue University

avoid college bitches

Disturbing false rape claim at Purdue University

There is a disturbing false rape claim at Purdue University that isn’t getting much attention. The false accuser was found “pants down, hysterical, and scratches all over her chest,” but a police investigation determination it didn’t happen (not that there was no evidence for it — it was “untrue”). The following stories were taken from the Purdue Exponent:

January 26, 2015

Sexual Assault reported outside of Wiley Dining Court 

Saturday night, Purdue police responded to a report of sexual assault outside of Wiley Dining Court. The caller advised police that “she was on the phone with her friend and that she heard a male voice before the phone went dead. There was no answer on call back for about 10 minutes,” according to the police log of events that night. 

The caller advised police that she knew the area her friend was in and upon searching, found her friend with “her pants down, hysterical, and scratches all over her chest by Wiley Dining Court.” The victim refused medical attention. 

Later that night, a resident assistant notified police that “a couple of her girls had observed a suspicious white male in a black hoodie out behind Wiley Dining Court.”

Police later determined that Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Gamma Delta chapter has cameras that face north, which is the direction that leads to the walkway of Wiley Dining Court.

Police are still investigating the incident, with the suspect still at large.

January 25, 2015:

Purdue WL has a report of sexual assault in the area of the 400 block of north Martin Jischke Drive. Avoid the area.

The incident occurred around Wiley dining court. The suspect was a white male, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. He was last seen heading in an unknown direction.

January 28, 2015:

The Purdue University student who reported being sexually assaulted on campus Saturday, Jan. 24 has retracted her account of the incident, according to Purdue University police.

Purdue police chief John Cox on Tuesday, Jan. 27 said the department’s investigation concluded the initial report was untrue. It was initially alleged that the student was sexually assaulted late Saturday night in the 400 block of North Martin Jischke Drive in the area of Wiley Dining Court.

“This is an unfortunate case, but we wanted to make sure the campus community was aware that there is no ongoing threat and allay any concerns the initial report might have caused. This case is now considered closed by the Purdue University Police Department,” Cox said. “At the same time, it’s important to reiterate that, as a community, we need to remain vigilant and continue to report any suspicious activity to police. Especially in the case of crimes of a physical nature against another person, the sooner we are notified, the sooner we can provide aid to the victim, make the campus community aware and begin our investigation.”

stop attending universities: Another college “rape” that didn’t happen


A woman who reported she was raped at a local fraternity house actually engaged in a consensual act, the Greenville Police Department reported Wednesday.

“After careful review, it has been determined that the incident in question was consensual,” a statement from the police department said. “The case is now considered closed, and no charges will be filed.”


On Jan. 25, an 18-year-old woman reported at 2:29 a.m. that she had been raped at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The rape allegedly occurred between 1:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., according to the police report.

The fraternity at 505 E. Fifth St. was having a party that night and the woman and the man met at the party, according to police.

Police spokeswoman Kristen Hunter said that investigators took her report seriously and interviewed her and interviewed the man.

Hunter declined to say why the woman would have reported she was raped.

“Our investigators often receive reports from individuals who may not be sure what has happened,” Hunter said. “We take these allegations seriously, and it’s our job to investigate them thoroughly and that’s what we do.”

Drugs and alcohol were likely a factor in the incident at the fraternity, Hunter said.

The woman will not be charged with filing a false police report, Hunter said.

“We did not believe that her report was meant to be malicious or deceitful in any way,” Hunter said. “She wasn’t trying to deceive officers, and it was something we took seriously, and after talking to both parties involved, that was the conclusion we were able to reach.”

Police worked alongside the Pitt County District Attorney’s Office to conduct the investigation, Hunter said in the statement.

Hunter would not release the name of the woman Wednesday.

The fraternity’s national office suspended the chapter temporarily on Jan. 31 pending the results of the investigation by East Carolina University.

Rob Jepson, communications manager for the national office of Sigma Phi Epsilon, said members hope information they provided to Greenville police helped the investigation.

On the night of the alleged assault, members asked two uninvited guests to leave the premises after finding the couple engaged in a sexual act, Jepson said in an email on Wednesday.

When fraternity members realized that the description of an alleged attacker matched that of the man they had escorted from their home, they immediately contacted the police, Jepson reported.

“We are happy that we were able to assist in the investigation, but we are still shaken up by the whole ordeal,” Chapter President Whit Beebe said in the email. “We want students to feel safe when they visit our house.”

The InterFraternity Council at ECU agreed to a self-imposed moratorium on all social events at their member fraternities after the incident.

Chris Stansbury, director of marketing and communications for Student Affairs, could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening. Beth Velliquette can be contacted at and 329-9566.

— An alleged sexual assault at a fraternity house at East Carolina University last month prompted the suspension of all fraternities there, but Greenville police concluded an investigation Wednesday, saying no assault occurred.

Police had been investigating a report of a sexual assault in the early morning hours Jan. 25 at Sigma Phi Epsilon at 505 E. Fifth St. in Greenville. The university quickly sent out an emergency alert, saying the victim had been taken to the hospital and describing a brown-haired male suspect in a plaid button-down shirt.