Graham Linehan trying to get laid

Graham Linehan likes women. He really likes women. So much so, that he thinks we need rescuing. From ourselves.

The comedy writer has become embroiled in GamerGate recently, with his tweets turning increasingly hysterical in recent days. His descent into the absurd is perhaps compounded by the movement’s refusal to die, despite a number of premature funerals by the gaming media (the earliest was in October).

Linehan initially proclaimed that GamerGate is nothing but a misogynistic hate groupwhile steadfastly refusing to believe that any woman could support it. He then stepped things up, comparing them to the KKK, arguing that they deserve to be harassed.

(Thanks Graham. I’m sure all the people who had their families threatened for supporting GamerGate will be thrilled to hear that a washed-up comic thinks they were “asking for it.” I certainly feel better about being told to “off myself” now!).

Like most bigots, Linehan has very little interest in discussion, blocking anyone who asks for evidence of his hyperbolic accusations against GamerGate.  Any attempt to engage hisdemonstrably false claims or the lack of a link to GamerGate results in either a block or insults. If you’ve really caught him out, expect both.

Early on Thursday, Linehan broke from his usual routine to acknowledge that women who support GamerGate do actually exist – they’re just “stupid and ill-informed.”  Naturally, a number of these “stupid, ill-informed women” took issue with this statement:

School Made 11-Year-Old Girls Pull Down Their Pants for Disgusting Inspection

first they go after boys….


Parents are furious with administrators at a public school in Gustine, Texas, after learning that their kids were subjected to a partial strip-search and a humiliating, feces-related inspection.

School officials at Gustine Elementary routinely find that the gym floor has been smeared with human waste, and in an effort to unmask the culprit they went way too far. Boys were sent to one room, girls to another—and then administrators ordered both groups to pull down their pants. One parent told that the officials were checking  “to see if they could find anything,” pertaining to the crime, which obviously implies a significant breach of the students’ privacy, let alone basic dignity.

Indeed, 11-year-old Eliza Medina told local reporters that she felt violated, but didn’t have a choice in the matter: “I felt uncomfortable and I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to, but I had to because all the kids had to.”

The district superintendent has called these actions “not appropriate” and promised an investigation. He did clarify, however, that the kids only had to drop trow a little.

Medina claimed it was more than a little: “To like, where your butt is.”

While the specific details of this story are uniquely disgusting—as far as I can recall—there’s nothing unusual about a public school treating its students like inmates rather than autonomous human beings. Zero tolerance rules have gradually promoted a school environment where young people’s fundamental rights are routinely disrespected. And every day brings more stories of kids who were abused by school authorities forinoffensive behavior, pointless adherence to protocol, or artistic expression.

Shouldn’t parents have the right to make a different choice for their kids? To select an educational path that nurtures, rather than dehumanizes, their children? Or, at the very least, to pick a school not run by Guantanamo Bay prison guards?

Iran Invades the ‘Forgotten Continent’

In terms of U.S. foreign policy priorities the label fits nicely; our gaze tends towards the Middle East and Asia. Besides the occasional trip to sign a trade agreement, the world’s fifth largest landmass is generally absent in the annals of American diplomacy

That might be changing, however. The recent suicide of an Argentinian prosecutor by the name of Alberto Nisman should give us pause when considering the importance, or lack thereof, of our oft-overlooked Latin neighbor.

Nisman was shot point-blank in the forehead one day before he was due to testify to the Argentinian National Congress on the results of a decade-long investigation into the deadliest terror attack in that country’s history. 

In 1994 a bomb ripped through the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, or AMIA, a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, killing 85 and injuring 300Plenty of analysts point the finger at Iran via Hezbollah, and though Hezbollah has denied involvement, the circumstantial evidence says otherwise. Not only had Argentina recently began reneging on an agreement with Iran for the transfer of nuclear technology, but Hezbollah had previously taken credit for an attack on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires only two years prior (while there is some dispute as to the status of the deal, it appears it was at least in jeopardy).

To date not a single person has been brought to justice. Subsequent investigations all resulted in the standard Latin American chicaneryNisman, however, must have uncovered something someone didn’t like

By all early appearances his investigation implicates Argentine President Cristina Kirchner in a cover up of Iran’s involvement to facilitate an oil-for-grain trading agreement: Argentina would supply Iran with food for the body while Iran would supply Argentina with fuel for its struggling economy. 

Whichever the case, the optics are terrible. In fact, the State Department has now begun an official inquiry into Iran’s motives in Latin America in response to Nisman’s death, the tardiness of which would be comical if the implications weren’t so severe.

While South America has the unfortunate label of the “Forgotten Continent” in U.S. foreign policy, in Iran it has been anything butHezbollah has been an active player in the region’s drug trade since the 1980sThat’s right, the tentacles of Iran’s favorite proxy terror organization extend far beyond Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, deep into the heart of the Amazon. 

Hezbollah first set up shop in the Tri-Border Area, where the strained municipalities of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina lack the resources to effectively combat large-scale drug trafficking and, by extension, the funding of Islamic terrorism (if you’re wondering how devout Muslims justify drug trafficking, the answer is simple: just issue a fatwa).

While its early forays into narco-trafficking seem to have been financial in nature, analysts now believe that Hezbollah’s presence on our side of the world may be more operational in nature; the organization has found fertile recruiting ground in South American mosques and likely has the potential to strike American interests in the region.

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5 William Paterson University students cleared in campus rape case


Sexual assault charges against five William Paterson University students have been dismissed, but the students’ status at the school remained unclear on Thursday as defense attorneys criticized the school’s internal investigation and statements made by its president.

A grand jury declined to indict the students, all of whom are 18 years old, after hearing the case on Monday, according to court officials and a defense attorney. The five men, who had been accused of taking part in the sexual assault of a woman in the Overlook South residence hall on Nov. 25, have not been allowed back to the school since shortly after the alleged incident. The woman’s identity has never been made public and her role in the investigation is unknown.

Ron Ricci, an attorney for one of the students, Jahmel Latimer of Hoboken, said the grand jury made its decision after a one-day presentation. He said defense attorneys had presented evidence to prosecutors that cleared their clients and that the prosecution had then “presented the case honestly” to grand jurors.

Ricci declined to discuss details of that evidence but said: “The facts demonstrated that this was not a sexual assault, and the actions of those young men were not in violation of the law. It clearly wasn’t a crime.”