The Modern Rise Of Anal Sex by Oscar Zach

The popularity and prevalence of butt sex today could be aptly described by what is correctly pointed out here:

In 2014, the chances a woman was previously fucked in her asshole by an ex-boyfriend are greater than the chances that she washed and folded his jeans and t-shirts. 

With modern societies increasingly becoming unnatural today, it doesn’t seem surprising that even “unnatural” sex is now considered as natural.

And in the same societies which sometimes seem to be hypocritically hung up on sexitself, I find anal to be sometimes ironically over-hyped and pedestalized to the point of a modern day obsession, especially when it is increasingly becoming common among modern women today. Familiarity to anything over a period of time does breed contempt for it—and as predictable sex with the same woman gets boring over a long time. Anal is no exception to that rule too.



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