The Modern Rise Of Anal Sex by Oscar Zach

The popularity and prevalence of butt sex today could be aptly described by what is correctly pointed out here:

In 2014, the chances a woman was previously fucked in her asshole by an ex-boyfriend are greater than the chances that she washed and folded his jeans and t-shirts. 

With modern societies increasingly becoming unnatural today, it doesn’t seem surprising that even “unnatural” sex is now considered as natural.

And in the same societies which sometimes seem to be hypocritically hung up on sexitself, I find anal to be sometimes ironically over-hyped and pedestalized to the point of a modern day obsession, especially when it is increasingly becoming common among modern women today. Familiarity to anything over a period of time does breed contempt for it—and as predictable sex with the same woman gets boring over a long time. Anal is no exception to that rule too.



UBC’s Vantage College: Canadians need not apply

2nd reason not to ago to a university. they only want money.  1st is misandry



The University of British Columbia is building an exclusive new college at a cost of more than $127 million, but Canadian students need not apply. The college will house only high-paying international students, most of them from China.

It may only be a big hole in the ground right now, but the Vantage College project has already angered many university students who say the money could have been better spent to improve student housing and limit tuition increases.


“It’s very disrespectful, said UBC student Aspen Dirk, “and a bit of a slap to the face.”

Students say UBC is spending $127.5 million at a time when money is tight to build a stand-alone college complete with its own residential tower for 1,000 international students.

The website for the college, which targets wealthy overseas Asian students, promises “round the clock support,” a “custom curriculum,”  and lower class sizes.

It allows students whose English-language test scores don’t meet UBC’s standards (but whose academic standards do) to enter a special first-year program designed just for them. If they complete the first-year program successfully, then they are able to continue into their second year at UBC.

Students will pay more than $50,000 a year for the privilege which includes tuition, accommodation and health care.

The New Rape Rules Which Will Infantilise Women And Criminalise Innocent Men

Anglo-American women are not worth the trouble


Pathetic, juvenile Privileged Princesses, incapable of looking after themselves. Must increase laws to STEAL all rights and freedoms from the rest of us. But only from Men, of course. Meanwhile just sit back on your hands and pretend you are not being screwed over again, by these neurotic female ‘lawmakers’ whose only interest is their own sex and how they can destroy every male on the planet. Just keep voting women into office and just keep sitting in front of the screen and pretending that this is not going on. EASY isn’t it!



good news Sexwork is legal in the U.K.







Jihadi Hamza Chaoui’s Islamic community centre won’t get permit

Controversial imam Hamza Chaoui will be denied a permit to establish his Islamic community centre in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a borough in Montreal’s east end.

Chaoui is a Moroccan-born imam in Montreal with controversial views on sharia law and ties to suspected radicals.


Borough mayor Réal Ménard, who spoke at Montreal City Hall along with Mayor Denis Coderre on Saturday morning, said Chaoui was never given a certificate of occupation to begin holding meetings at his community centre.


Chaoui did apply for a transformation permit in January to renovate the building in question, Ménard said. However, he began promoting his community centre on Facebook before ever being granted a permit.

Ménard said it was part of his job as borough mayor to prevent Chaoui from carrying out his activities, a position Coderre agreed with.

“I don’t want to stigmatize the Muslim community. This is the work of one person,” Coderre said. “This man is an agent of radicalization.”

Coderre used the news conference on Saturday as an opportunity to voice his support for Bill C-51, the federal government’s new proposed anti-terrorism legislation. He said he asked the federal government to expedite its passage.

The anti-terrorism bill unveiled Friday by Prime Minister Stephen Harper includes a section that gives his government the power “to order the removal of terrorist propaganda” from the internet.


Chaoui has connections to radical Islamists.

He has preached at the St-Jean-sur-Richelieu mosque attended by Martin Couture-Rouleau, the Muslim convert who killed warrant officer Patrice Vincent in October.

Chaoui was also the leader of a Muslim association at Laval University. One of that association’s member, Chiheb Esseghaier, is about to be tried on charges related to a plot to derail a Via Rail train travelling between Toronto and New York two years ago.


unwoman and troublemaking Rudrani Sarma




Sometimes you just can’t win for losing.

Bryn Mawr College students are planning a demonstration next week to protest what some described as an insensitive e-mail sent to women with “elevated BMIs” – that is, a little overweight.

The e-mail was an invitation to participate in a free, individualized fitness program.

The list of 100 recipients was generated from records compiled by the college’s health care center.

“There were truly good intentions behind this,” said Bryn Mawr spokesman Matt Gray. “It’s a program that includes individual counseling, nutritional advice, and group support.”

The program, launched in October, has had 12 students go through it. Outside of one critical blog post in October, no one complained, Gray said.

This time, the invitations hit a nerve.

Rudrani Sarma, a pre-law junior from Colorado who is not obese, received one of those invitations and said she was mortified.


that Sarma Bitch crying fat shaming at a college for giving a shit about the health of their students(colleges normally don’t)