Chronic false accuser PZ Myers’ new defamatory smear

PZ myers’ rape obsession is getting out of control and have a weird obsession with Michael Nugent


PZ Myers has again shown his inability to behave ethically, and his willingness to trivialise rape by casually making serious unsubstantiated allegations, by upgrading his already serious allegation that I defend and provide a haven for rapists, to the even more serious allegation that I also support rapists.

Coincidentally, PZ did this shortly before the Freethought Blogs Executive Committee investigated and took disciplinary action against one of its bloggers for repeated plagiarism. In light of this, I have now emailed Freethought Blogs to ask for details of the procedures by which I could ask the Executive Committee to investigate this complaint against PZ.

PZ’s new defamatory smear that I support rapists

It is now three months since PZ Myers falsely accused me of defending and providing a haven for rapists, and said that the evidence for this is that certain people comment on my blog.

He said this in response to my highlighting of the hurt that he had caused to other people, and the harm he has caused to the atheist movement, by earlier smears and misrepresentations.

Not only has PZ refused to withdraw and apologise for this defamatory smear, but yesterday he has actually intensified it.

He has now gone beyond accusing me of defending rapists, by saying it is accurate and forthright to accuse me of defending and supporting rapists.


Princeton Columnist: Criticizing How I Say “Cool Whip” is a “Microaggression”

In an article called “The history of “wh”: a microaggression,” a Princeton student has called out those who question his pronunciation of “cool whip” as offensive and perpetrators of a microaggression.

The piece was written by “Newby Patton,” who is listed as a Contributing Columnist by the paper.

In “The History of ‘wh,’” Patton explains the pain he has gone through during his life when people notice that he pronounces “wh” with a heavy “h” sound.

He never questioned how he pronounced “wh” before he came to college. Now, according to Patton, he is being mercilessly mocked by class students.

How Sharpton gets paid to not cry ‘racism’ at corporations

This sounds like a plot for a mafia movie



Want to influence a casino bid? Polish your corporate image? Not be labeled a racist?

Then you need to pay Al Sharpton.

For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton’s National Action Network. What they get in return is the reverend’s supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence.

Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal met with the activist preacher after leaked emails showed her making racially charged comments about President Obama. Pascal was under siege after a suspected North Korean cyberattack pressured the studio to cancel its release of “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of dictator Kim Jong-un.

Pascal and her team were said to be “shaking in their boots” and “afraid of the Rev,” The Post reported.

No payments to NAN have been announced, but Sharpton and Pascal agreed to form a “working group” to focus on racial bias in Hollywood.


Sharpton notably did not publicly assert his support for Pascal after the meeting — what observers say seems like a typical Sharpton “shakedown” in the making. Pay him in cash or power, critics say, and you buy his support or silence.

“Al Sharpton has enriched himself and NAN for years by threatening companies with bad publicity if they didn’t come to terms with him. Put simply, Sharpton specializes in shakedowns,” said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal & Policy Center, a Virginia-based watchdog group that has produced a book on Sharpton.

And Sharpton, who now boasts a close relationship with Obama and Mayor Bill de Blasio, is in a stronger negotiating position than ever.

“Once Sharpton’s on board, he plays the race card all the way through,” said a source who has worked with the Harlem preacher. “He just keeps asking for more and more money.”

Urban Outfitters has been forced by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to remove a photo of a model with a “thigh gap”

a fat ugly unwoman probably make the complaint.  this is the result of the fat slobs’ fat acceptance aka fat coercion movement


the picture in question

a woman’s livelihood is in danger thanks the the fat fuglies



Anglo-American Men Are Being Institutionally Oppressed



Successful political and social agitation by the progressive movement has cemented such gains that men can now be considered institutionally oppressed in America, even according to feminist definitions of oppression. Here are three definitions:

From a Slutwalk Wiki:

Institutional oppression is the systematic mistreatment of people within a social identity group, supported and enforced by the society and its institutions, solely based on the person’s membership in the social identity group.

From Wikipedia:

Institutional Oppression occurs when established laws, customs, and practices systematically reflect and produce inequities based on one’s membership in targeted social identity groups. If oppressive consequences accrue to institutional laws, customs, or practices, the institution is oppressive whether or not the individuals maintaining those practices have oppressive intentions.

From (cited in feminist papers):

Oppression is the inequitable use of authority, law, or physical force to prevent others from being free and equal.

Before I make the argument that men are oppressed, I want to first ask if you can document or describe any oppression that women are facing today. Is there a place or environment in America where capable and qualified women are actively discriminated against while men are not? I can’t think of a single example. We have completely solved female oppression, because as I’ve documented in the past, women are coddled at every stage of their lives and given more opportunities and leeway to fail than men while having the full backing and support from every single institution in America (besides the manosphere).

Females are so privileged in America that a degenerate woman can pop out three kids from different men and have free money automatically deposited in her bank account, have a wide variety of mainstream corporations (even men’s organizations) fight for any future disease women she may contract, and have feminist-friendly writers on sites like Huffington Post and xoJane explain how men should man up and marry her because she’s strong and independent, regardless of the fact that she’s dependent on her government husband. If you believe women are oppressed in America, it’s possible you’re mentally ill (i.e. a social justice warrior) or living in a sheltered echo chamber with an allergy to truth and facts.

We’ve arrived at the point where men are so consistently oppressed from birth to adulthood that any notion of female oppression can be immediately laughed at on its face. Here are some examples:

— Young boys are drugged and zombified with methamphetamine based pharmaceuticals at three times the rate of girls, all for exhibiting normal male behavior. [1] [2]

— Young boys are methodically excluded from programs that can aid them in science, math, and computer programming, leaving them to fend for themselves. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

— Young girls are encouraged to invade traditionally male spaces like gaming and sports while men are excluded from female spaces. [1] [2] [3] [4]

— College males are presumed guilty when a female accuses him of rape and then subjected to a kangaroo court that can eject him from college without due process. [1] [2] [3]

— Media spreads propaganda against men by lying about their propensity to commit rape and violence while completely ignoring male victimization at the hands of women or while serving as custodians of the state in prison. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

— Women are being college educated at greater rates, leading to the relative economic impoverishment of men. [1] [2] [3] [4]

— Women live longer than men. [1]

— State legislation like California’s “Yes Means Yes” bill and New Jersey’s proposed “Rape By Fraud” law explicitly target and punish men for deeds that women will be given a pass for. [1] [2]

— The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) elevates the worth of a woman’s life above that of men while making every man a hostage in his own home when it comes to his wife being able to imprison him with a single phone call to the police by fraudulently claiming domestic abuse. [1] [2]

— Media treats a woman’s word as sacred truth, far more valuable than the word of a man. This allowed a case like the UVA rape hoax where the media establishment bought a completely fictitious 7-man gang rape story that was wholly invented by an privileged white woman. [1] [2] [3] [4]

— Men are publicly shamed as “sexist” and “creepy” for exhibiting a preference for young beautiful women while women are empowered when they state their male preferences, whatever they happen to be. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

— Divorce laws and courts give children to the mother by default even if the father showed he was more responsible. The court will also imprison the man if he’s financially destitute and unable to make payments while dragging its feet when the mother is shown to be unfit. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

True equality between the sexes, in terms of women not being oppressed greater than men, was achieved decades ago, but we have massively overshot to where it’s absolutely clear that men are treated as inferiors, criminals, and biologically deficient when compared to women.

All major institutions in America treat men like second-class citizens while elevating women no matter how intellectually challenged they are or how many mistakes they make in their lives or to the lives of their children. In other words, all boys born today will see less fairness, due process, and economic opportunity compared to girls with the same birth date. A boy born today will be institutionally, systematically, and deliberately oppressed by all facets of society while a girl born today will be given undeniable preferential treatment over him.

The first step any oppressed group must make is to be aware of their oppression. This awareness among men has accelerated in the past three years where more men have begun speaking out and putting their foot down at their further marginalization by American institutions. The only question that remains is what these men will do when the enemy, who will not voluntarily give up the power it has gained in the past three decades, decides to put down his revolt for good.

Mosques in Canada inciting hatred against the country


Canada is a key ally of the United States of America in the war against terrorism in general, and ISIS in particular. In Afghanistan, Canadian forces were engaged for nearly a decade countering Al Qaeda’s threat and helping to establish Afghanistan’s return to normalcy. Canada also has been an important constituent of the Western forces combating the ISIS terrorism in Iraq and the Middle East. However, the Canadian military involvement in these Islamic majority regions has also led to a manifold rise in religious extremist leaders. In a concerning revelation, several mosques in Canada have been found to incite hatred against the Canadian government’s involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East, for assisting the US in killing fellow Muslims. In recent times, there has been a proliferation of extremist Muslims becoming the religious in-charge of Mosques in Canada. Most of Muslim religious leaders in Canada openly say that their religious affiliations are much superior to their nationality and openly speak of an Islamic brotherhood. Such Islamic leaders with communal and fundamentalist dispositions have made easy inroads into a number of mosques in Canada. An apt example of such a figure is Imam Aly Hindy of Salaheddin mosque in Toronto. The Toronto imam has long been known for his controversial comments. He called the 9/11 attacks a joint CIA operation, refused to join other imams in signing a statement condemning the 2005 London bombings and referred to the Toronto 18 terrorists as good people.
In Ottawa, the Canadian capital, there has been a slew of extremist preaching in the Mosques. Many such mosques have propped up even in the vicinity of the Canadian Parliament. There have been reports that Saudi Arabia is funding radical Islamic extremism in non-Muslim nations, including Canada, where the Saudis have contributed millions of dollars. Many such dubiously funded Mosques have propped up in the Canadian capital which openly preach the Wahabi ideology and advocate unifying all Muslims, forcibly if necessary, under a single fundamentalist theocratic government. It may be mentioned here that Wahabism is one of the major extremist ideologies and considers all non-Muslims as its enemies. There have been reports by the intelligence and security agencies in Canada that the religious heads of these mosques glorify and revere Islamic fundamentalist figures like Laden, and call upon the Muslims to extend their full ideological support to extremist terror organizations such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. On a more concerning note, these mosques also indulge in vilification of the Canadian government for its military action and other forms of co-operation in the war against terror.
Thus, at many mosques in Canada, Muslims hear anti-Canadian jihadist sentiments from their Imams. Such jihadist sentiments are primarily disseminated in the Friday prayers, predisposing young impressionable Muslims and even children to perceive the world through militant Islamic eyes and pay heed to the call of Jihad. The mosques mainly disseminate this information in their Friday prayers and are often seen to be using pre-written language , as the Imam is seen to be reading specific lines from a piece of paper.
The content of this pre – written paper has been found to be nearly the same in all the mosques, from where such practices have been located. The Canadian police, despite being aware of the malicious jihadist and anti-Canadian propaganda, has its hands tied down. The local police for some reasons is not allowed to enter the mosques, so they are not able to conduct their investigations properly.
The Canadian government is seen to be quite aware of these threats originating from the mosque, but due to the principles of multiculturalism and the associated laws that govern in Canada, the local law enforcement agencies are not able to do much to curb the growing terrorists in Canada. However, Canada can ill – afford to ignore or take these developments lightly. If necessary, the government of Canada should use back door access into the mosques in order to get information and ensure the security of the country. Canada has no choice but to take strict action against every mosque that preaches jihad and incites anti-Canadian sentiments.

Muslim Supremacist Leaders Go After Facebook and Twitter Demanding Islamic Speech Restrictions

While jihadists in Nigeria, Congo, the CAR, the Philippines, Syria, Iraq et al wage their bloody holy war against freedom, individual rights and the “other,” their stealth counterparts are waging the same war insidiously but just as fiercely in the West.

Islamic attacks across Africa and the Middle East are not condemned by Muslim leaders in the West. Who is in their crosshairs? Those who oppose the ideology that inspires those attacks. What are they demanding? Imposition of the blasphemy laws under the sharia — “do not offend or criticize Islam.”

Muslim gunmen storm a building in Libya and go”room to room” in their residence at 2:30 a.m. Saturday and asked for identification papers to separate Muslim workers from Christians….the gunmen handcuffed the Christians and drove away.

Just this week:
–Yesterday, Muslim gunmen storm a building in Libya and go”room to room” demanding identification papers to separate Muslim workers from Christians….the gunmen handcuffed the Christians and drove away.”
–Over the past two days, scores of Christians in Nigeria were slaughtered in jihadi attacks.
–Muslims torched close to 1,000 cars in France on New Year’s eve.
–Jihadi commanders in Russia pledge allegiance to Islamic State’s Caliph al-Baghdadi.
— Iranian police arrested 50 women for “un-Islamic” dress.
–Jihad hostage murderer Man Haron Monis delivered chilling religious lectures to packed Sydney mosques.
— A hijabed homicide bomber killed many in a New Year’s triple jihad bombing Kill 7 in Nigeria.
–An instruction manual was published for devout Muslim mothers in the Islamic State: How to raise a jihadi-baby.
–A Muslim brutally tortures and honor murders his 10-year-old daughter for “adultery.”

Here’s the headline in The Evening Standard: “Twitter and Facebook slammed over huge increase in Islamophobic postings.”

And this is what Yahoo News and multiple news outlets are running today without comment. These newspapers will suffer the same censorship they are demanding of us, the individual. Freedom of the press is the first casualty of the sharia.

It is stunning and stupefying. Discredited liar and Muslim extremist Fiyaz Mughal is given an extraordinary platform by the largest and most influential media outlets to promote the sharia and defame the few who dare speak of jihad and its victims.

Mughal and leading Muslims organizations in the US, UK, Canada and Australia want to destroy free speech. Going after Twitter and Facebook would essentially do that. The only place to get news the media won’t cover is here and on websites like this — Jihadwatch, The Religion of Peace, Blazing Cat Fur, Creeping Sharia, etc and YOU: YOU share these news stories on Facebook and Twitter. YOU get the word out. YOU are the soldiers in the information battlespace. YOU are fighting the great fight. Islamic supremacists knows this. They have enormous funds and fanatics pounding away at the freedom we love.

Targeting Facebook and twitter is targeting YOU.

The article is all in Islamic codespeak. “Anti-racism groups” — Islam is not a race. These are Islamic supremacist groups who mean to impose the draconian blasphemy laws of the Shariah on free societies.

Do you think this can’t happen? The UK banned Robert Spencer and me merely because we speak against jihad and sharia. It can happen and will if we don’t fight back. Look at how Facebook and Twitter are kowtowing and groveling to the discredited liar Fiyaz Mughal: “By working with community groups like Faith Matters, we aim to show people the power of counter speech and, in doing so, strike the right balance between giving people the freedom to express themselves and maintaining a safe and trusted environment.”

Leelah Alcorn’s Cowardly Suicide Proves That Transsexuals Are Ill Human Beings

On December 28, 2014, Ohio teenager Leelah Alcorn committed suicide by waltzing in front of an eighteen-wheeler. Born Joshua Ray Alcorn, he’s become a cause célèbre among SJWs and LGBT types because he was a transsexual who blamed his suicide on his Christian parents. In a suicide note posted to his (now-deleted) Tumblr blog, Alcorn expressed his hopes that his death would spark a revolution for trans rights:

…My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please.

I’m just going to say it: Josh Alcorn was a selfish coward. In killing himself because of his parents’ unwillingness to let him wear dresses, he’s proven that transsexuals are mentally ill narcissists. His blood is on the hands of not his parents, who tried to raise him to be a happy and successful man, but on the social justice warriors and LGBT activists who fed his personality disorders.

And unless society recognizes that transsexuals need mental treatment, not sex change surgeries, the number of confused teenagers committing suicide will only grow.