#PeakBitching New York MTA starts an anti-male, misandry campaign against “man spreading”

fat ugly bitches(feminists) war on men continues…..


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Most of the agita about “manspreading” and “men taking up too much space on the subway” comes from the poor socialization of Millennials, Millennial girls in particular.AnonymousBosch and Days of Broken Arrows have talked about this before: Millennial women are uncomfortable with male sexuality and men in general. They grow up in age-segregated, gender-segregated cocoons, listening to female singers, consuming grrl-power entertainment, and only interacting with other girls. As a result, they have no clue how to deal with men and how men behave.”Rape culture,” Tinder, the whining about “catcalling,” all of it stems from the fundamental social retardation of Millennial women. They’re so entitled and retarded that they think they have a fundamental right to not have to come into contact with any man they don’t want to… even in a crowded, public environment like the subway.
The Personal Space Box is the perfect visualization of how Millennial girls think. Narcissism and poor socialization combine to create a monster. She exists in her own reality, oblivious to the humanity of those around her… and woe befall any fool who punctures her bubble.




How Zoe Quinn And Margaret Pless Tried Getting Mike Cernovich Killed

How Zoe Quinn And Margaret Pless Tried Getting Mike Cernovich Killed

 Several weeks ago I heard about an interesting case raising First Amendment issue. In that case, Zoe Quinn, an online agitator and professional panhandler sought to silence her ex-boyfriend for sharing his tale of emotional abuse.

Although relationship drama is nonsense I don’t care about, something interesting happened. Zoe Quinn obtained a protective order against Eron Gjoni that prevented him from talking about her. At all.

The protective order seemed clearly unconstitutional. I obtained the court records to learn more. Since then my life has been permanently altered.

I have had:

  • The State Bar called on me.
  • The police have been called on me.
  • My home address and pictures of my home posted.
  • Threats about hacking my site were made.
  • False accusations that I have threatened women with rape were made.



Strict religious diet cause of Calgary infant’s death, parents charged

Calgary – Police have charged the parents of an infant who died over a year ago.

14-month-old John Clark was brought to a local hospital by his parents on Nov. 28, 2013. He died the following day.

An autopsy found the child was suffering from a staph infection that was complicated by malnutrition and as a result, the infection was untreatable.


Police add the majority of staph infections are treatable by antibiotics, if caught early.

Jennifer Clark, 38, and Jeromie Clark, 34, were arrested on Friday and charged with criminal negligence causing death and failure to provide the necessities of life.

“We believe the family followed a strict dietary regimen based on their faith and nutritional beliefs,” said S/Sgt. Doug Andrus.

Police say the investigation was a long and complicated process, which is why it took time to get the results.

“We have no indication that he (the infant) had seen a doctor since his birth and the child was not born in hospital,”  said S/Sgt. Andrus. “And the family took steps to conceal his condition from family members. And it was only after the realization by a family member that the infant was sick [that] they were advised to take him to hospital.”

Police would not discuss the condition the child was in once he was brought to hospital.

Strict religious diet cause of Calgary infant’s death, parents charged

India: Post graduate student throws acid on lecturer for not marrying her

GUNTUR: A post graduate student allegedly threw acid on her former lecturer outside a government polytechnic college at Nallapadu in Guntur district on Saturday, apparently to take “revenge” from him for reneging on his promise to marry her, police said.The incident occurred when the young woman, who is currently pursuing PG in mathematics at Andhra University in Visakhapatnam, threw the corrosive substance on Venkataramana at the college gate. The girl, clad in a burqua to conceal her identity, was identified as Soujanya, police said.

“Wearing ‘burqua’ to hide her identity, Soujanya waited at the gate of the government polytechnic college at Nallapadu, where Venkataramana is a lecturer and threw acid on him when he came out during lunch hour,” Guntur (South) DSP, K Narasimha, told PTI.

He said Venkatramana suffered burn injuries on his face though he tried to fend her off by holding her hand.

“In the process to resist her bid, some drops of acid fell on her cheek,” the officer said, adding that the duo are admitted to a hospital.

The DSP said that Soujanya was earlier a student of Venkataramana when he was teaching in a degree college in Narasaraopet, where they developed intimacy and agreed to enter into wedlock.

But thereafter, she left to do her post graduation in Andhra University in Visakhapatnam and Venkatramana to Nallapadu.

“Venkataramana got married to another woman last year, and he was avoiding Soujanya,” Narasimha said, adding that a case will be lodged soon.


Denzel Washington blacklisted? Producer says racist foreign moviegoers a reason to reconsider black actors, Sony email hack alleges

racist hollywood strikes again. more racism revealed in the sony hackings. trying to export hollywood racism overseas.


“The Equalizer” – and equality – are under fire.

An unnamed producer questioned whether two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington should be cast in films dependent on foreign box office returns because those moviegoers are racist.

That’s the latest damning Sony email leaked by North Korean-backed hackers after Washington’s role in “The Equalizer” grossed a hefty $191 millionworldwide, but fell short of total ticket sales overseas, Radar Online reported.

“I believe that the international motion picture audience is racist — in general pictures with an African American lead don’t play well overseas,” the producer wrote not long after “The Equalizer” debuted Sept. 26. “But Sony sometimes seems to disregard that a picture must work well internationally to both maximize returns and reduce risk, especially pics with decent size budgets.”

The producer sent the email to Sony Chairman Michael Lynton, suggesting the motion picture company avoid black actors such as Washington to appease international markets, according to Radar Online.





Czech villagers: Kuwaiti colonists go home!

Prague, Dec 16 (ČTK) — The inhabitants of Modlany protest against the planned establishment of a Kuwaiti colony in this north Bohemian village because they are afraid of Arabs becoming their neighbors, daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today.

Most recently, Kuwaitis bought another 30 plots from former Modlany Mayor Pavel Rajčan, who advantageously purchased them from the Land Fund in 2006.

“Originally, the plots were agricultural land. After the zoning plan was changed in 2011, they became construction plots,” Modlany Councilor Karel Secký told MfD.

Earlier this year, the local landscape charmed the Arabs visiting the nearby Teplice spa, who decided to build their summer villas in Modlany, the paper writes.

Local people and politicians protest against the plan.

“I have no personal experience with Arabs, but when I saw how they behave in the Sanov park, I don’t want to have them for neighbors,” said Modlany Councillor Lukáš Paťha.

He alluded to the situation in the center of Teplice, where the spa guests, mainly Kuwaitis, left piles of garbage behind them in the streets in summer, made noise at night and ignored traffic rules. Not even Arab-language signs helped, MfD writes.

People have asked Rajčan to stop the ongoing transfer of his plots to the new owners.

If completed, the deal will cause “an irreversible devastation of the landscape, peace, cultural and national values. We want to preserve the typical Czech style of our village, its European life style and the healthy and calm environment for our families and children,” says a petition distributed by activists.

Read more: http://www.praguepost.com/realty/43315-czech-villagers-kuwaitis-go-home#ixzz3MS8iR2Z6