Elite upbringing does not protect Black kids from racism



Lawrence Otis Graham on November 6th 2014 confessed to the Washington Post, and therefore to the nation, that, “I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong.”

He is a New York lawyer with degrees from top universities – Princeton and Harvard Law. He works for a top law firm and lives on the Upper East Side, a rich, White part of Manhattan.

He and his wife taught their children the ways of upper-class White folks, dressed them in preppy clothes, gave them perfect diction and “that air of quiet graciousness”.

He gave them rules like:

4. Never leave a shop without a receipt, no matter how small the purchase, so that you can’t be accused unfairly of theft.

5. If going separate ways after a get-together with friends and you are using taxis, ask your white friend to hail your cab first, so that you will not be left stranded without transportation.

8. If you must wear a T-shirt to an outdoor play event or on a public street, it should have the name of a respected and recognizable school emblazoned on its front.

No hoodies. And no sunglasses, ever!

And yet, somehow, his 15-year-old son was still called the N-word by Whites! In broad daylight! At a leafy New England boarding school! The White gentlemen were not even drunk. His son had done nothing wrong. Nothing!

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