Pro-Palestine teen pleads guilty to role in violent Calgary protest

CALGARY ─ One of four pro-Palestinian protesters charged in connection with a dust up with Israel supporters in Calgary pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday for sucker-punching a woman.

The offender, who was 17 at the time and can’t be named, admitted striking Samantha Hamilton once in the face as she went to assist her brother, who was being attacked.

Defence counsel Rame Katrib entered a guilty plea on behalf of the now 18-year-old.

Crown prosecutor Carla MacPhail, who said she will not be seeking any jail time, read in a statement of agreed facts signed by Katrib and his client.

She said the altercation took place during a rally supporting Palestine in the early evening of July 18.

“In view of the protesters, the Israeli military action in Gaza was unjustified and had resulted in the deaths of innocents, including women and children,” MacPhail said of the highly charged event.

Hamilton, 22, and her brother Shane, 19, were part of the group of about 15 “counter-protesters,” who supported the Israeli government, the prosecutor said.

A heated exchange ensued between people other than the youth and the Hamiltons, which resulted in a pro-Palestinian grabbing an Israeli flag and stomping on it.

“At one point Shane Hamilton … was on the ground being struck and kicked by a number of individuals,” said MacPhail, adding the young offender was not alleged to be involved in that assault.

“As Samantha Hamilton went to her brother’s aid, she suffered one blow, a punch, to the front left side of her face which was delivered by (the teen),” she said.

“She then felt another blow to the back of her head and had her hair pulled.

“These were not delivered by (the teen).”

MacPhail said the physical violence, which resulted in three adults also being charged, lasted less than two minutes.

She said Calgary police were not in attendance as a previous protest by the Palestinian group had ended peacefully.

A sentencing hearing is set for Jan. 26.

a public service anouncement: A group that wants to ban all sex work in Ireland is making fake Tinder profiles


Tinder is no longer just a way to quickly swipe through a bunch of photos of prospective mates: it’s now also a place for opponents of sex work to promote their cause, at least in Ireland. Irish advertising agency EightyTwenty just launched a controversial new campaign on Tinder that uses several fake profiles of actresses portraying women supposedly forced into sex work in the country.

The first few photos on these profiles are nothing out of the ordinary, but interested parties who swipe right to see more photos soon come across images of the women showing startlingly realistic simulated injuries and other signs of abuse. The final two images on each fake profile include a message decrying sex trafficking and a link to another organization, Turn Off The Red Light, which seeks a full ban on all forms of sex work throughout all of Ireland. Up until recently, sex work was technically legal under Irish law, although public solicitation was not. Yet politicians in Northern Ireland recently passed a bill that makes any exchange of money for sexual services illegal, even when the exchange is consensual.

There are several big issues with this campaign: the first and most obvious being that creating fake profiles would seem to go against Tinder’s own user guidelines. It’s also an odd tactic to take to rally support for any cause: tricking people into believing what they’re seeing are actual potential dating matches, only to find out they’ve been duped by a political campaign.

But most problematic is the conflation of human trafficking with consensual sex work. The group linked to in each of these fake Tinder profiles, Turn Off The Red Light, claims that “very few women choose to willingly engage in prostitution. Most who are involved have had very few real choices.” Sex trafficking is a very real and pervasive problem, but it is not the same as consensual sex work, as the Human Trafficking Center notes. And the fact is that the overwhelming majority of sex workers in Ireland are opposed to the ban on their services, and say that criminalizing their business — driving it out of the public regulatory framework — will only make it more unsafe. (The use of the term “prostitution” is also considered derogatory by many sex workers, so it’s probably not the best choice for a group that claims to support women.) I’ve reached out to Tinder for a response to these actions and will update when I hear back.

Intel memo shows NYC ax attacker’s online obsession with radical Islam

EXCLUSIVE: The suspect in the Oct. 23 hatchet attack on two New York City cops had been searching online for jihadist propaganda and foreign terror organizations — as well as information on martyrdom and suicide bombings — in the weeks leading up to the assault, according to a city counterterrorism bureau intelligence assessment obtained by Fox News.

While initial reporting from unnamed sources suggested Zale Thompson may have been motivated by anti-government or black power sentiments, the four-page document provides new details that speak to Thompson’s self-radicalization. They show his online obsession with the “message” of terror groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

The intelligence assessment, further, said he “may have held a long-standing interest in violent jihad.”



Ohio: Walmart creates sharia section & immediately orders halal meat after Muslim Brotherhood group request

via Walmart to sell halal meat option | The Miami Student. h/t Iron Burka

Upon the request of Muslim students at Miami University, Walmart recently made the decision to provide halal-certified meat at the Oxford location.

Store manager Elijah Woodard made a formal announcement on Oct. 21 that the store would be accomodating these requests.

“I appreciated the students bringing this interest to our attention,” Woodard said. “I am pleased to announce that we have set a halal meat section in the store.”

An entire section just for Muslims?

According to Woodard, the order for the halal meat was made immediately and would only take a few days for the first shipment to arrive.

According to visiting assistant professor Tareq Hasan Khan, there has never been a location in Oxford that sold this type of meat.

“For halal meat, we needed to drive from Oxford to Cincinnati, around 40 miles one way, almost every week,” Khan said. “This long drive is very tiresome and takes about two hours only to go to Cincinnati and return back.”

Who are the Muslims behind the sharia demands? The Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Student Association.

Between Khan and members of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), efforts were made to convince Walmart to provide the Halal meat. Many students reached out directly to the management at Walmart. In addition, a petition was passed around on the Internet. The petition acquired nearly 50 signatures and was directed at all Oxford grocers including MOON co-op and Kroger. Thus far, Walmart is the only provider who has responded to the requests of the Muslim students.

Just 50 signatures? Do you think Walmart would jump so high and so fast for any other group of 50? Or did Walmart fear a backlash?

“It is already hard to live in the United States as a Muslim, sophomore Rami Abu-Attiyeh said. “I would like to see halal food offered to students making it more convenient for them to have more options when it comes to eating at Miami University.”

If they want to live under sharia, why did they come here? Because Muslims are here to change America. Don’t let them tell you differently. Watch their actions.

According to Khan, the number of Muslim students and staff who come to Oxford to attend Miami University increases every year. Many of these people also have families with children to provide for, which is hard to do when meat is so unavailable. For Muslim students living on campus, many have found it to be increasingly difficult to find halal options.

Senior Saara Khalid said that as a Muslim, it is hard to find halal options on campus, especially for those students who do not wish to be vegetarians.

In addition, students requested specific brands of halal meat to be provided in Oxford grocery stores.

“Since the Halal chicken and meat has to be certified, we strongly recommend the local stores to sell chicken products from Crescent Foods and beef products from Midamar,” Khan said.

 Apparently Muslims don’t know that, like most things Islamic, there is nothing halal about Midamar – it’s a fraud.

And about that MSA group. Ohio State’s Muslim Student Association President is rotting in an Egyptian prison for his participation in the banned Muslim Brotherhood. And he’s just one of the MSA jihadi alumnus.