Reaction to the Hollaback video another sign that the tide is turning against feminism

by the antifeminist

You’re probably all aware of the viral ‘hollaback’ video that purports to show a moderately attractive white woman walking around ethnic areas of New York and smiling smugly as she receives cat calls and compliments from various bums and street punks, nearly all of whom are black. The video lasts for less than 2 minutes – less than 2 minutes of ‘harassment’ out of 10 hours walking around the most economically deprived parts of New York in figure hugging jeans and top, deliberately seeking to provoke reactions from low status males. Only one incident in the video appears to constitute genuine harassment – a soft spoken black male compliments her in the street and when she completely ignores him he allegedly walks silently by her side for two mintues. It’s possible that he did so because he could see that he was being filmed as he clearly looks at the camera even in the edited ‘highlight’ featured in the video.

The video already has 22 million views and has been featured throughout the MSM as an example of how all men are pigs (one article actually used that title). The video was made by the feminist campaign group ‘Hollaback’ which seeks to make it illegal for men to speak to, catcall, or even wink or look lavaciously at a woman in the street.

Despite the video gaining over 20 million views in the space of a few days it appears that the video has attracted so many downvotes that the ratings have been disabled. Not only that, but the comments section is dominated by anti-feminists, with the top comment made by our old friend the PUA ‘Squatting Casanova’ :

There is a fine line between flirting and sexual harassment. And that fine line is called being attractive. HAHAHA?

One thing to note about the video is its disturbing racism. A white (possibly Jewish) New York woman walking around the most economically deprived ethnic areas seeking reactions from low status black males to paint all men as pigs and all women as victims and to justify laws that will criminalize interacting with women in the street (unless you are rich or handsome). The life outcome disparity between white women and black males in the west is the largest of any two groups – from life expectancy to the likelihood of being homeless or incarcerated.

I’ve been thinking about the feminist assumptions behind ‘sexual harassment’ for a while now, and it seems to be a straightforward Sexual Trade Union case of unattractive women victimizing attractive women and shaming/criminalizing low status males in order to raise their own sexual market value. Although there is simple resentment at the attention that more attractive women receive in terms of looks and leers, the primary motivation of feminists is not to stop cat calling per se, but to criminalize pick up artists (who they see as ‘rapists’ for lowering the sexual market value of women and in particular the plain or ugly feminist demographic).

Attractive girls aren’t usually the ones who complain over harassment. Every PUA knows that it is the plain Janes who react to street approaches with the disgusted feelings of harassment, not the hot girls.

Feminists ignore the positive aspects of being an attractive female and ignore the negative aspects of being male (especially a beta male) :

  • Hot women get to passively choose between countless men.
  • Hot women are guarenteed the physical protection of virtually every man in their vicinity – these ‘harassers’ might catcall but they know they would get lynched immediately by other men if they did anything more.
  • Hot women obviously get the attention and desire from men, something which nearly all women spend years of their lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to obtain (attention which is then re-interpreted by feminists as ‘harassment’).
  • Men,on the other hand, have to approach women and face rejection or even being branded as a harasser or creep, and increasingly, arrested and imprisoned under present and future sexual harassment laws. They also risk being attacked by protective boyfriends and husbands, or by white knights if their approaches are clumsy or aggressively rejected by the female.

Feminists also of course ignore the fact that many men can face the same kind of ‘harassment’. A few years ago, I had a competitive bodybuilder’s physique. In the summer months, I would often get females from 11 – 70 making a point of licking their lips at me. I would also get verbal abuse if I didn’t make clear I enjoyed their show of interest, especially from groups of girls who would shout things like ‘wanker’ or ‘shame you’re a ginger’ or an insult based on some other aspect of my appearance if I ignored them.



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