Unattractive, Obese Femicunt Lindy West claims men talking to women is “creepy”

this cunt is obviously jealous of other attractive women getting more attention from men than her. she decides to get attention she is not getting by claiming men talking to women they like creepy comparing normal human behavior to rape and murder.











more advertisers dumping feminazi runned Gawker

update: feminazi Gawker media is known to create hostile environments for women employees






Will one more advertiser abandon Gawker before the week is out? That was the question I had on my mind this morning. It turns out, the answer was yes. Today, Colgate-Palmolive announced that they had severed their relationship with Gawker. They didn’t currently have a relationship with them, but had run 3rd party ads on the site in the recent past. Once they were notified of the situation, and Sam Biddle’s support of bullying, they killed the ads. Today is just the day they told us about it in an email

Gawker is in serious danger right now. Big blue-chip companies no longer want to be associated with their brand. If this continues into the future, they will be forced to reevaluate their business plan and employee count. They still get a good amount of traffic, so someone will probably want to advertise. But, it’s going to be for less money. Also, you get less clicks with unknown brands, so if it’s based on that, they’ll lose money there as well.

All-in-all, this might be the best week we’ve had yet. I’ve put Zoe’s bullshit claims to bed, with the help of HTML detectives (and I’ll have more on that soon). Olympus, Adobe, Colgate, and Nissan, have all disassociated from Gawker. And we’re only one week into our anti-bullying campaign against them! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a quick response from advertisers. So, keep it up. Gawker is on the brink, and it’s up to us to push them over the edge.




Muslim Woman Attacks Muslims For Demanding Halal Food At Minnesota Food Banks

An organization representing Somali refugees in Minnesota is demanding more availability of halal products on food pantry shelves, asking local officials to reallocate part of their budget to accommodate Islamic dietary restrictions.

Emina Dedic could relate to the community’s struggle. The 25-year-old Muslim woman came to America more than two decades ago after her family escaped a concentration camp during the Bosnian genocide. While she remembers what it was like to struggle during her family’s resettlement in the U.S., the idea that a Muslim community was asking for government accommodation didn’t sit well with her.

“I’m about to put a smack down on my brothers and sisters,” Dedic wrote in her Facebook post on Oct 20. “Why on earth [do] they think it is okay to look into the eyes of the already generous US taxpayer and say your charity is not good enough for me. I demand special treatment.”

A political activist who holds conservative beliefs, Dedic added, “If you truly have trouble getting Halal foods, ask your mosque. Ask the Islamic community.”



Again: Primitives Refuse To Sit Next To People Of Opposite Gender, Delay Delta Airlines Flight By More Than One Hour

Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Delta Airlines flight #468 from New York to Tel Aviv was delayed yesterday after haredim refused to sit next to people of the opposite gender, Ha’aretzreported.

The haredi passengers refused to take their assigned seats and  chose to get off the plane when their demands could not be accommodated.

Because their baggage then had to be located and then removed from the plane’s cargo hold, departure had to be delayed by approximately 75 minutes.

The flight was supposed to arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport at 2:35 pm today, but it was late due the incident in New York.

A number of similar incidents have recently taken place on El Al flights, but instead of disembarking, secular Jews were either strongly encouraged to change seats to accommodate haredim or, in one incident, haredim did take seats next to people of the opposite gender but stood up soon after takeoff and stood in the aisles for much of the flight.