Canada: Two Terror Attacks in Three Days; More to Come?


By: Rachel Molschky

Two terror attacks in three days. In separate incidents, two Muslim converts in Canada have murdered two Canadian soldiers.

Islam is the perfect excuse to commit murder. Hiding behind so-called “religious” doctrine, terrorists find a way to justify crimes which no religion should condone. In the surreal world of multiculturalism, political correctness and liberalism of the modern West, where up is down and black is white, terrorists are victimized and their religion is a protected species like the California condor. As we protect the species, separating the religion from the violence it inspires, and we welcome more to become our neighbors and coworkers through immigration, allowing them to build houses of “worship” where terror is bred, with our helping hand, the process of our own demise begins.

The new friendly immigrants charm their way into converting our people to their “religion,” second and third generation immigrants (and sometimes first) are radicalized, and homegrown terrorists are scattered about, living among us, plotting whatever acts of terror they can against their hosts. And the result is two terror attacks in three days.


On Monday, a Muslim convert named Martin Rouleau mowed down two Canadian soldierswith his vehicle in Quebec. He killed one (Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent) and injured the other before taking off on a high-speed chase, which ended when Rouleau crashed his car into a ditch and was shot and killed by police. Rouleau was one of 90 being monitored by authorities, had links to other radicals and had the ISIS logo in a video on his Facebook page, which was under the name of “Ahmad the Converted” in French.

Of course Canadians were told the attack was linked to “terrorist ideology,” rather than Islamic ideology. (We’d best not offend the religion which inspires terror on our own soil. That would be “Islamophobic” after all.)

Then on Wednesday, another attack perpetrated by a Muslim convert at the Parliament building occurred in Ottawa, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was speaking. First the gunman killed a Canadian soldier guarding the National War Memorial before witnesses saw him moving onto the Parliament building, where a gun battle ensued, and the terrorist, identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was eventually killed, apparently by the Sergeant-at-Arms.


The victim was Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, and the man believed to be his killer, Zehaf-Bibeau, was considered to be a “high-risk traveler,” or in other words, likely to “travel abroad to engage in violent acts.” He was known to belong to a “radical sect” of Islam, though it is unclear what is more radical about this “sect” than others.

We can categorize the terrorists however we want, but while we perpetuate our own ignorance by putting the blinders on, pretending only a few Muslims are “radical” while “moderate” and “mainstream” Imams continue to preach violence in their mosques, and Western Muslims wanting to be obedient and dutiful to Allah listen intently, idolizing the savagery of ISIS and others like them, we are only fooling ourselves. More attacks will come.

In fact this is exactly what ISIS is calling for, and we already saw it in Oklahoma with the beheading by yet another Muslim convert. Just as Al Qaeda had called on devout Muslims to perpetrate “lone wolf” terror attacks in the West, so too is ISIS, and with its popularity on social media, it is finding success.

To make matters worse the US has “inadvertently” armed ISIS, when a cache of arms meant for Kurds wound up in the hands of ISIS, adding to millions of dollars of American weaponry the terrorists have already commandeered from Iraqi soldiers. It’s left ISIS jihadists thumbing their noses at the US and the allies, no doubt providing even greater motivation for Western fans of the terror group to strike on unsuspecting people in surprising places.

The days of safety are ending in Canada. PM Harper said that Canada is not immune to terror attacks. He was right. More Muslim immigrants, more mosques, more Islam- more terror.


muslim-canadian journalist say Ottawa Attack is Canada’s fault


Afghan-Canadian journalist Nelofer Pazira has told theIndependent that yesterday’s attack in Ottawa happened because the country’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper “pushed Canada into joining the US-led war in the Middle East”.

She claimed that the country had “become divided” when the government put a group of Muslims on a watch list, and suggested the running over of a soldier earlier this week was in retaliation.

Paziri said: “Harper’s pro-American policies appear to have turned Canada – and indeed the seat of political power in the capital Ottawa – into a target. Now Canadians will not only be worried about travelling to Europe, America or the Middle East – but wondering if they’re even safe inside their own homes.”

She was dismissive of uncovered plots against the Canadian state and instead focused on Muslims who had volunteered for the security services. She then went on to suggest that unless Canada dropped its opposition to ISIS the Muslim community might change its allegiance.

“Will Canada’s Muslim community – which has existed for more than 100 years – now have to ‘re-prove’ it is loyal to a country which is fighting in the Muslim world? There have been plenty of ‘plots’ uncovered in the past – in one of which Muslim extremists were apparently threatening to kill MPs,” she said.

“Since 9/11, many Muslims in the country have offered to work in government security in order to prevent incidents like those this week. How long this co-operation will continue now that Canada is in action in Iraq is another question.”

Her comments are likely to cause outrage as they both blame Canada for what has happened and also suggest that Muslim members of the security services might change sides unless the country drops its opposition to ISIS.

Although Paziri is generally accepted to be a moderate she did try to return to Afghanistan when the Taliban were in charge.