Police: mom said she was going to kill her three children so they could meet Jesus

Montgomery woman accused of trying to kill her three children told police she was sending her daughters to meet Jesus Christ, according to court records.The children were dressed all in white when Montgomery police arrived at the family’s Patron Lane home at around 10: 20 a.m. Sept. 25, after dispatchers received two hang-up 911 calls. When they arrived, police said Pamela J. Christensen, 47, answered the door wearing a white shirt covered in blood. She got down on her knees before police and told them she had tried to kill her children.

The girls were upstairs, and two had suffered stab wounds to the chest. According to Kendall County Court records, Christensen had also stabbed herself in the chest and abdomen.

Pamela Christensen, 47, was transported to Presence Mercy Medical Center in Aurora. She was not taken into custody and charged until Wednesday, after she was released. She faces three counts each of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery and aggravated unlawful restraint – all felonies, police said in a statement. Her bail was set at $1 million on Thursday. She is next scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 16.

In an affidavit to secure a search warrant for the family’s home, police said Christensen told officers that she was sending the girls home to “meet Jesus Christ.”

The three girls, ages 12, 16 and 19, told police that their mother held a knife to them and asked them if they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Two of the girls were stabbed.

Police recovered a poisonous liquid in the home’s kitchen, which Christensen said she had concocted out of dishwashing detergent in an attempt to subdue her children.

She told police she had hoped they would fall asleep so she could stab them. Police said the children refused to ingest the poison.

On the scene, police said they found a cell phone which belonged to Christensen. The woman told officers that her husband, Vaughn Christensen, had left messages on the phone telling his wife that the world was ending, and that she needed to prepare the family to meet Jesus.

Vaughn Christensen is a former pastor at a Sugar Grove church.

The three girls were taken to an area hospital for treatment, and released with minor injuries.

Montgomery Police Chief Daniel Meyers said the children are now in the custody of Christensen’s father, because it “was determined by the court” to be “the best place for the kids at this time.”

A month prior to the stabbings, Christensen had filed an order of protection against her husband, which was granted. The order was to be in effect until the end of October. According to records filed by Pamela Christensen, the two were going through a divorce, and Vaughn Christensen had become increasingly violent toward her and the children.

The order, filed on Aug. 29, stated Vaughn Christensen had become “increasingly erratic” over the last seven months, and had threatened to harm himself and the kids. He mentioned wanting to die on several occasions, she wrote.

Police said they had been called to the home within the last year for several suicidal incidents.Pamela Christensen wrote that her husband had kept her from leaving the home on numerous occasions, and on Aug. 25, she moved to her father’s Naperville home to escape her husband.

Robin Domalewski, who lives next door to the Christensens, called her neighbors “so quiet and reserved,” adding that the incident was “baffling to me.”

She and husband Eric Domalewskis said the Christensen children were home-schooled, and were rarely seen without their mother.

By Erika Wurst / Sun-Times staff



Anti-Heterosexual #Feminism by The Other McCain

Is #Gamergate the start of the public revolt against feminism?



My #GamerGate coverage had only just begun when @streever — who obviously doesn’t know me from Adam’s housecat — made the mistake of disputing my authority to describe feminism as “anti-male and anti-heterosexual.” This is not necessarily @streever‘s fault.

The whole point of my “Sex Trouble” series about radical feminism’s war on human nature is that the vast majority of people, including many otherwise normal women who naively call themselves “feminists,” don’t know the truth about feminist theory — its esoteric doctrine, as opposed to its exoteric discourse. Your typical ordinary “feminist” is merely a liberal whose ideological commitment is no more profound than this:“Vote Democrat — because vagina!”

Understand what I mean when I say feminism is a journey to lesbianism: There are lifelong lesbians who aren’t feminists for the simple reason that they don’t need a theory to justify themselves and they don’t enjoy politically correct sex. Non-feminist lesbians include not a few stone butch dykes who refuse to listen to post-modern crypto-Marxist lectures about why their preference for masculine wardrobe, penetration and domination is the “wrong” way to be lesbian. Furthermore, there are many lesbians who just don’t hate men enough to be feminist. In fact, a lot of ladies who are “playing for the other team” (to use the famousSeinfeld phrase) have an ironic empathy for the problems of heterosexual men, as lesbians also have to deal with the typical woes of trying to get along with women. (Some ex-lesbians are “ex-” for this very reason: They can’t cope with the hormonal drama.) Anyone who looks at exit-poll data must realize there are more Republican lesbians than the mainstream media is willing to admit; if you’re pro-capitalism and pro-America, it’s kind of hard hard to be a feminist.

So, there are non-feminist lesbians and there are “heterosexual feminists,” but the latter category is rather timidly defensive within the field of Women’s Studies, where “raging lesbian feminists” prevail and gender theory necessitates problematizing heterosexuality. It is certainly no accident that the most widely assigned anthology of feminist literature — Feminist Frontiers, a common textbook for Introduction to Women’s Studies classes at American universities — is edited by three lesbians. The best and most recent research indicates that heterosexual women outnumber lesbian/bisexual women by a ratio greater than 40-to-1 (97.7 percent to 2.3 percent), but if you were to attend next month’s annual meeting of the National Women’s Studies Association, you would find theNWSA Lesbian Caucus accounts for far more than 2.3% of the faculty and graduate students in attendance, and nobody in the NWSA would dare challenge the Lesbian Caucus directly. The heterosexuals in Women’s Studies “know their place,” so to speak, and their metaphorical place is in the back of the feminist bus.


“If you consider sexual desire and romantic love between men and women to be natural and healthy, you are not a feminist. . . . There is nothing natural about sex, according to feminist ideology, no biological urge that causes women to be attracted to men.”
Robert Stacy McCain, April 10, 2014


Beyond this demonstrable phenomenon of the extraordinary lesbian influence on radical feminism as it is taught on our university campuses, however, beyond all the quotes I could produce to demonstrate that phenomenon, there is the simple truth: Feminist theory is incompatible with (and hostile to) the normal woman’s life of men, marriage and motherhood. A woman might be a heterosexual feminist, but she can never be a happy heterosexual feminist, because feminism’s core beliefs are that (a) all women’s problems are consequences of male oppression, (b) this oppression (patriarchy) is systemic and pervasive, (c) all women suffer from patriarchal oppression and all men benefit from it, (d) the nuclear family is the basic institutional unit of patriarchy, (e) both normal gender (i.e., sex roles, and our concepts of masculinity and femininity) and normal sexuality are “social constructs” produced to serve the interests and fit the prejudices of male-dominated patriarchal society, and (f) women cannot be equal until they destroy this system. Feminists must, as their slogan says, “Smash Patriarchy.”


Readers may ask, “What does #GamerGate have to do with #feminism as a journey to lesbianism?” Maybe not much. Or maybe everything.

Videogames are a male-dominated phenomenon, which is a bad thing, as far as I’m concerned. I lost interest in videogames more than 30 years ago simply because feeding quarters into a Pac Man machine was a waste of time and money. Our family has a little Pac Man console that we packed away the last time we moved and I haven’t unpacked it yet, but I occasionally used to plug in Pac Man and spend an hour or two racking up a high score, then toss it aside and dare the kids to top my high score. But I quit videogames before FPRP (First-Person Role-Playing) games became the norm, and so I never developed an appetite for “Mortal Kombat,” “Grand Theft Auto” or “Call of Duty.” My teenage son wastes hours playing “League of Legends,” much to my dismay. Time spent playing games is time that could be better spent on something useful and productive, and it is disheartening to see bright young people develop a habit of (or rather, an addiction to) time-wasting.

In her book Men on Strike, Dr. Helen Smith criticizes the stereotype of male gamers as stunted, puerile losers. However, (a) it’s hard to see how playing “Madden” all day is compatible with a fully functional adult life, and (b) couldn’t those endless hours of gaming be better spent on some income-generating activity, or at least something with real-life utility? But having spent my own adolescence in a haze of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, maybe I shouldn’t be so harshly judgmental of the arguably less harmful recreations available via XBox and Playstation.

Yet if teenage boys (and adult men) would rather spend time playing “World of Warcraft” than working, educating themselves, or pursuing the companionship of females, why? Isn’t it a fact — as I believe Dr. Smith would agree — that the workplace and schools have become hostile to men in many ways, and that relationships with women are less satisfying to men because of the anti-male attitudes feminism has encouraged women to adopt? If universities now treat normal male sexuality as a sort of hate crime waiting to happen, if a man can lose his job for even daring to flirt with a female co-worker, and if any potential girlfriend would bring to a romantic relationship a towering stack of resentments against males, what options are left to the young bachelor? Why bother? Instead he spends all weekend in a “Call of Duty” gaming marathon, an emotionally satisfying activity he perhaps interrupts only to (a) sleep, (b) order a pizza, and (c) jack off to some porn.

This is sad beyond words, but there is obviously a reason that videogames are a multibillion-dollar industry, just as there’s obviously a reason a vast amount of the Internet is nothing but porn.

Now, however, as a result of #GamerGate, this poor fellow discovers that one of his few remaining pleasures in life — the games that occupy such a large part of his leisure hours — is threatened by feminists whining about the need for “diversity” and “inclusion,” complaining about“objectification” and “sexualization” and of course, THE MALE GAZE!

You expected these dudes to meekly accept your feminist lectures?

Not just no — hell, no. When you back men into a corner and terrorize them with threats, don’t be surprised to learn that the patriarchy knows how to smash back.






UMass Amherst investigates racist messages in dorms

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is investigating racist vandalism that targeted students in their dormitories over the past week.

Three messages, all found inside dorm buildings in the Southwest residential part of campus, called for killing black and Mexican people, according to The Daily Hampshire Gazette.


“Such expressions of hate and intolerance have no place on our campus,” Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy wrote in a campuswide e-mail this week. “We condemn language intended to marginalize or make any member of our community unsafe, and we will aggressively investigate this matter for criminal and administrative reviews.”

Campus spokesman Edward Blaguszewski said Thursday the racist graffiti was first reported to university police on Saturday. A second case was reported Monday, which prompted Subbaswamy’s e-mail on Tuesday. Discovery of a third racist message was reported to police Wednesday.

It is unclear whether the messages were written by the same person or persons, Blaguszewski said.






Trinidad Muslim Terrorist leader refused landing in Jamaica

LEADER of the radical Trinidadian Muslim movement Jamaat al Muslemeen, Yasin Abu Bakr, was refused landing in Jamaica yesterday after he was declared a threat to public safety.

Abu Bakr was detained at the Norman Manley International Airport after he arrived on a flight from the twin-island republic.

His detention was confirmed by deputy commissioner in charge of the crime portfolio Glenmore Hinds.

“Yes, I can confirm that,” Hinds said in response to a query from the Jamaica Observer.

A release issued later by the Ministry of National Security explained that Abu Bakr was refused leave to land under Section 4 (1) h of the Immigration Restriction (Commonwealth Citizens) Act.

“The following Commonwealth citizens (not being persons deemed to belong to the island as defined by sub section (2) of section 2) are prohibited immigrants… any person who, from information or advice which in the opinion of the minister is reliable information or advice, is deemed by the minister to be an undesirable inhabitant of or visitor to the island. The decision to refuse leave to land is in the interest of national security, given the present threat posed to public safety. Plans are being made to return him to Trinidad and Tobago,” the release stated.

Abu Bakr reportedly became heated and started shouting after he was not allowed to leave the airport. The Observer understands that the Caribbean Airlines crew expressed concern about him being allowed to board the return flight home.

Some time after he was whisked away by the police, who did not disclose where he would be held until he is escorted back to his homeland on a private plane.

In 1990, Abu Bakr led more than 100 of his followers in a coup attempt against the ANR Robinson-led National Alliance for Reconstruction Government.



KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Jamaican Government has confirmed that it paid US$36,000 for a private plane to take leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen in Trinidad and Tobago Yasin Abu Bakr back to the twin-island republic Thursday morning.






TRINIDAD, (Trinidad Express)—At least 50 Trinidadians have flown to Syria to join the terrorist organisation Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) within the last several months.

Intelligence sources as well as those in a certain religious sect have confirmed the local fighters have been leaving the country to head to Syria over the last few months.

Minister of National Security Gary Griffith, when contacted about this several weeks ago stated, “ I will neither confirm or deny this”.

On TV6’s Morning Edition yesterday, Griffith, however, said, “Trinidad and Tobago must never be seen or believe we are isolated in any way from global terrorism”.






Anita Sarkeesians ‘MASSACRE’ threats, real, or FAKE?




So the number of people who covered her ‘massacre threats’ is almost embarrassing. BBC, Time, New York Times, and so the list goes on. Sadly, none of them seem to have bothered to check Sarkeesians history on this sort of thing, or check with the police to see if the threat against her was even remotely credible, or if she was just pulling the damsel in distress act for attention.

Police: NO THREAT TO STUDENTS (Yes, its quoted as all caps!)

Sarkeesian “Threat Not Real” Says Utah State University Official

Police charge ‘Award winning’ liberal blogger with faking her own rape threats on Facebook

Award winning liberal blogger is outraged by Anitas ‘death threats’

Jihad Crow in America



FP: So let’s get to “Jihad Crow.”

Enzi: “Jihad Crow” is my term for Arab racism against black people here and abroad. Some Arabs don’t even consider American black Muslims to be Muslims and refuse to even return the traditional Muslim greeting of “Asalaam Alakum” (God’s peace be upon you). They open stores in the inner city and sell Islamically-prohibited goods like pork products, alcohol, lottery tickets and even use the stores as centers for illegal activity like EBT fraud; fencing stolen merchandise and drug dealing.

Black leftist activists ignore how these stores rarely hire black employees, despite complaints about the same directed toward businesses owned by other ethnicities. A YouTube commentator, David Carroll, has a campaign challenging black leftist men to protest how some Arab store owners prostitute neighborhood women in exchange for free food items. Jihad Crow is Jim Crow with an Arab accent and no foreseeable expiration date. Even Louis Farrakhan has commented on the racism in Mecca, the Muslim holy city.

FP: Can you share a story of your own personal experience with Jihad Crow or a friend’s experience?

Enzi: I’ve seen Jihad Crow at work when Arab clerks take pains not to touch my hand when giving change, refuse to donate to worthy community causes while making 100% profit off of black patrons and politically always recruiting us to support their causes while always being MIA in return when solicited to support an issue important to us. A Muslim friend who’s an American black man tells me the Arabs at his mosque move away from him while kneeling in prayer and won’t give him a key to open the place of worship, something commonplace among Arab parishioners.

FP: Leftists pretend they are against racism. If they are so much against it, where is their concern about and protests against Jihad Crow?

Enzi: They feel that darker skinned people can’t be bigoted. Plus, so long as conservatives are spun, by Left and even Right sometimes, as enemies of Muslims, terrorists and otherwise, expect the Left not to utter a mumbling word in opposition. Leftists also overlook how heads would roll like bowling balls if their jihadi buddies get their hands on gay rights and other activists considered anathema to extremist Islam.

FP: So then what would you say about the Left in this regard?

Enzi: The Left is the last frontier of white supremacy. They’ve taken traditional values out of the modern black male identity, demonized black, traditional marriage, use our felons as a cash cow and our vote as a foot stool. The only free black person is one who’s a sock puppet for their ideology.