Does Dhimmitude in Denmark Describe Our Destiny?

Denmark is a tiny country half the size of Maine. Why should we care about what happens there?

Because it foreshadows our future. And without a major course correction, the picture is bleak.

First and foremost, Denmark (like most European countries) has allowed Muslim immigration to swell as the nation has embraced multiculturalism and dhimmitude.

The country is paying a heavy price for its shortsightedness.

Muslims comprise just under 5% of the population of Denmark. Five percent may not sound like a lot, but it doesn’t take a lot to wreak havoc on a nation


Per a series of Gatestone Institute reports (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), crime in Denmark has exploded. Muslim street gangs “have taken over large parts of Danish towns and cities.” Often wearing bulletproof vests and armed to the teeth, Muslim thugs are engaged in all manner of criminal activity, from illegal weapons trafficking to arson to human trafficking to car theft, vandalism, extortion, robbery, assault, rape, and murder. This in a nation that had one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

Coupled with rampant crime has been weak (at best) enforcement of the law. Muslim criminals are often portrayed as victims of circumstance. Few cases go to trial. It is rare for a Muslim gang member go to prison. In addition, the ineffective dhimmi police force is running out of man power to handle escalating crime.

Madness reigns supreme in numerous “no go” zones where non-Muslims enter at their own risk. Including the police. Meanwhile, Muslims are pushing for “Sharia Law Zones” where Muslims would operate autonomously with no obligation to obey Danish law. And if you thought Muslims in Muslim-majority nations were the strictest in obeying Sharia law, think again. Denmark ranks among the top ten nations in the world for the degree to which Muslims adhere to Islamic law.

But while they may not like Danish law, they surely do love the Danish welfare system, as a disproportionate number of Muslims live off government subsidies. Though Muslims comprise just under 5% of the population, they consume 40% of social welfare benefits. I presume some of those benefits purchase food, such as halal meat.

Speaking of which, Muslims in Denmark have forced the issue so that halal meat is now served exclusively in many institutions, including hospitals and schools, oftentimes non-Muslims having no idea that’s what they are eating.

Muslim intimidation + Western dhimmitude = Islamic victories.

And speaking of dhimmitude, Muslims overwhelmingly support far-left socialists (professional dhimmis) in elections, providing the slim voting margin that pushes socialist candidates over the top to victory. This decades-long trend was broken in 2001 when a center-right coalition won the majority of seats in Parliament. They won on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment. And then proceeded to do precious little about the immigration problems plaguing Denmark. (Sound familiar?)

Meanwhile, free speech is under attack. Literally. A cartoon can get you killed in Denmark if the cartoonist has insulted Islam in any way, shape, or form.

Also in the category of Muslims and hate is rising anti-Semitism. As one among a litany of examples: a few years ago a Muslim group offered a $30,000 bounty for the murder of several prominent Danish Jews. How far Denmark has fallen when you consider the nation saved the majority of its Jews from extermination by the Nazis. Now Jews in Denmark need to hide their religious identity to reduce the risk of attack.

Part and parcel with all of this madness is the proliferation of mosques that are breeding grounds for hate. Some mosques in Denmark have openly stated their support for the Islamic State while a mega mosque built in Copenhagen a few years ago was funded by Iran. The City Council felt the source of funding was of no concern.

In addition to hate preached in mosques, jihadists from Denmark fighting for ISIS have affirmed their commitment to wage war against Denmark as they march toward establishing the Caliphate.

This is a snapshot of how a minority population of Muslims can harm a country.

Though they won’t be the minority forever.

By the end of the century it is predicted that Denmark will become so overwhelmed with immigration from third world countries (including large numbers from Somalia) that Danes will be the minority demographic. At that point (if not before), all bets are off.

Denmark is Exhibit A for what happens to a society that has lost its moral footing; what happens to a nation when dhimmitude becomes the norm as Islamic “values” take hold. It is by now a predictable recipe. And we are following it to a tee. All the factors that make a culture ripe for ruin are in place in the United States just as they are in Denmark (and throughout Europe).

Harvard students claim America is a bigger threat to peace than ISIS

more reasons not to go to 4 year universities


students at Harvard University claimed America is a bigger threat to world peace than the radical terrorist organization ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) during a series of interviews at the prestigious Cambridge university.

“American imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the Middle East are destabilizing the region and allowing groups like ISIS to gain power,” said one student.

“As a western civilization we’re to blame for a lot of the problems that we’re facing now,” one student said. “I don’t think anyone would argue that we didn’t create the problem of ISIS, ourselves.”

GameJournoPros: joking about paid reviews and mocking Phil Fish

Even with the extravagant, all-expenses-paid parties, consumer electronics companies and games developers don’t hand out cash enough to pay the rent, whinges GameJournoPros founder Kyle Orland in another tranche of leaked emails from the game industry’s private mailing list.

The new emails show games journalists discussing how PR representatives pay for positive coverage. “When I did marketing and PR for ASUS (a Taiwanese company), one of my coworkers casually asked me how much I paid editorial outlets to write good reviews of the products for which I was responsible,” confessed William O’Neill, a frequent poster on the list.

The conversation, which we have received only in abridged summary form, pasted below, shows James Fudge, another journalist in the group, hinting that it might cost more to bribe journalists on the west coast of America than elsewhere.

Also featured in this latest leak are comments about developer Phil Fish, with some list members expressing doubt that Fish, who notoriously quit the games industry after receiving unpleasant tweets, was ever going to release another game regardless.

“Judging him based on everything the dude has ever said or done publicly, I personally believe that he is fully capable of a tantrum on this scale. Whether or not this was planned I have no idea,” wrote Michael Rougeau, a freelance writer published at Kotaku, Complex and GameSpot.

Fish will likely be dismayed to read the dismissive tone of many comments in the thread. “I think he maybe started fez 2 as a real project, then realized he just wasn’t feeling it for whatever reason, then used twitter drama as the public excuse,” writes Kyle Orland.

The conversation about Fish was started by Nick Chester, a developer and not a journalist, which will raise questions in readers’ minds about the privileged access some developers had to journalists by being members of GameJournoPros.