Why Was This 10-Year-Old Boy Tackled By Police?

As exhausting as it is to write about the continued mistreatment of Black people — male, female, adult, and youth alike — and as tiresome as it must be to continue to read about it, let us never forget that it is even worse for those who have to experience it firsthand. Tracy Hamilton admits that her 10-year-old son, Kevin(pictured), has had some behavioral problems — enough to have him already enrolled at an alternative school. However, what exactly does a 10-year-old have to do to result in police officers not only tackling him, but proceeding to give him several visible bruises to his face?

Why Was This 10-Year-Old Boy Tackled By Police?

Femicunts hits K-12 schools

A Nebraska school district has instructed its teachers to stop referring to students by “gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls,” and use “gender inclusive” ones such as “purple penguins” instead.

“Don’t use phrases such as ‘boys and girls,’ ‘you guys,’ ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention,” instructs a trainingdocument given to middle-school teachers at the Lincoln Public Schools.

“Create classroom names and then ask all of the ‘purple penguins’ to meet on the rug,” it advises.





Dhimmi Nick Clegg: Teaching ‘British values’ in schools could upset moderate Muslims

Nick Clegg has expressed concern that the Government’s plans to promote “British values” in schools could alienate moderate Muslims.

The Deputy Prime Minister has written to the Muslim Council of Britain in an attempt to reassure it about the move, which followed allegations that a “Muslim agenda” was being introduced in some schools in Birmingham.

Mr Clegg is worried that some Muslims are offended because their religion is often singled out when ministers talk about “British values”. He believes that David Cameron and Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, may unwittingly anger Muslim community leaders the Government needs to tackle extremism and could fuel Islampohobia among the British public.

His concern echoes the dispute between Mr Gove and Theresa May, the Home Secretary, who feared that the hardline approach to extremism favoured by the Education Secretary could brand all Muslims as potential terrorists.

In his letter, the Lib Dem leader said: “Being Muslim does not contradict being British, nor is it in tension with it. A person can uphold their religious and cultural identity as well as British identity.”

A Lib Dem source said: “Singling out one faith in this way could give rise to Islamophobia, and ultimately could make our country less safe. Nick Clegg believes that moderate Muslims in Britain are the best antidote to extremism and much more effective than any number of decisions from Whitehall. He believes that moderate Muslims in Britain are key to safe and happy communities, and should be praised not singled out in an attempt to gain headlines.”




Jewish Leader Attacked at Brooklyn Nets Game by pro-palestinians

The Jewish leader of a Brooklyn community center says he was beaten by pro-Palestinian demonstrators in front of his children after a Brooklyn Nets game against Israeli champions Maccabi Tel Aviv at the Barclay’s Center.

Leonard Petlakh, 42, director of the Kings Bay Y, said protestors shouting “Free Palestine” and “Your people are murderers,” accosted him as he left the game in downtown Brooklyn. One of them struck Petlakh in the face, he said.

“It’s ridiculous,” Petlakh told The Forward. “It’s not about the Middle East, it’s about sports.

Petlakh suffered a broken nose and a cut that required eight stitches after the attack, which he said was being investigated by police as an anti-Semitic hate crime.

Petlakh said he hoped, “vile anti-Semitic hooligans masquerading as anti-Zionists will be caught soon.”

The Daily News reported that the dispute started inside the arena when protesters unfurled a Palestinian flag near Petlakh, who was with his family and friends. The argument continued outside when one member of Petlakh’s group tried to grab the flag, police told the News.

Around 100 pro-Palestinian demonstrators turned out to protest the Nets hosting a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces fundraiser during the exhibition contest, which the Nets won 111-94.

Several groups, including the New York chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, Adalah New York, and Direct Action Front For Palestine, took part in the protest, which blasted the Nets for hosting 12 wounded Israeli soldiers.

A Jewish Voice for Peace press release stated that it was “particularly offensive for the Friends of the IDF to hold a VIP reception and fundraiser at the Barclay Center in light of Israel’s brutal assault on the Palestinians of Gaza this summer.”

Petlakh said that the protestors were yelling obscenities and that he had to ask them to move out of his way after the game. That was when a protestor filming the scene on his camera phone punched him, causing a bloody scene.

He said he was angry that his sons, 10 and 14, witnessed the attack after the game, but hoped they learned a lesson about self-defense.

“I hope it sends a strong message to them to stand up for their values as proud Americans and as those who will eventually volunteer to serve in the Israel Defense Forces,” Petlakh said.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/207067/jewish-leader-attacked-at-brooklyn-nets-game-after/#ixzz3Ff1ecM7R