John Crawford

John Crawford III (1992-2014), father of two, was gunned down by police at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. Crawford was Black, the police officers were White. This was just four days before the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

On August 5th 2014, Ronald Ritchie, a White man at the Walmart, called the police saying that a Black man was loading a gun and pointing it at people, even at children. The police rushed in with assault rifles. They said that Crawford was waving the gun around in a threatening manner and refused to drop it, so they shot him dead.

The gun, it turned out, was a BB gun that he had picked up at the toy department.

Video from security cameras show that he pointed it at no one. When Ritchie said he was pointing it at children, Crawford was swinging it at his side absent-mindedly with the gun pointed at the floor.

When the police arrived he was not threatening anyone with the gun, as police claimed. Instead he was talking on his phone. The moment Crawford knew the police were there he dropped the BB gun. He said, “It’s not real.” They shot him – and then told him to “Get on the ground.”

Open-carry laws: Even if Crawford had had a real gun, he still would not have been breaking the law: Ohio law allows people to openly carry guns. Walmart, the biggest gun seller in the US, works with ALEC, which pushes just such open-carry laws (along with the infamous Stand Your Ground law).

The grand jury: After the police investigated themselves, the grand jury ruled that the police officers had acted reasonably and therefore did not charge them with a crime.

The Justice Department is looking into it.

No one has arrested Ronald Ritchie, the one who called police and flat-out lied about Crawford, getting two people killed. Knowingly “making false alarms” is a crime in Ohio. Crawford’s family is taking him to court.


  • James Holmes – compare and contrast: Holmes shoots 70 people,  is armed to the teeth, yet police arrested him without firing a shot. Holmes is White and still alive. This was in Colorado, another open-carry state, the scene of the Columbine high school shooting.



India: Delhi Commission for Women concerned with rise of false rape chargest

Frivolous rape cases are on the rise in the Capital, if the Rape Crisis Cell of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) is to be believed. According the data, 1,466 of the 2,753 rape cases registered with the women’s panel between April 2013 and July 2014 were found to be false. Chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women Barkha Singh said such “frivolous” complaints were worrisome. “We examine these cases very carefully.

Some women are using this as a tool to extort vulnerable men,” she said, adding that some women were taking it as ‘business’. Of the total cases registered, only 1,287 cases have been proven to be correct. As per the data, there has been a considerable rise in the registration of rape cases in the last seven months.

According to the data retrieved during the period June 2013-December 2013, as many as 525 false rape cases were registered with the women’s panel. The number went up to 900 between January and July this year. The kind of cases that generally turn out to be false are mostly filed by live-in partners, people who want to settle personal scores matters, those who want to implicate their in-laws in cases.

“In many cases, the complainant turns hostile, and revenge or extortion of money emerges to be the most common reason for filing a false complaint,” Sudha Tokas, DCW member and member in-charge Rape Crisis Cell told MAIL TODAY.

“A few months ago, a woman tenant had come to file a case of sexual assault against her landlord. While we recorded her statement and asked her about the expectation out of the case, she demanded Rs.32 lakh. She also refused to get her medical examination done and was reluctant to go to court when offered legal help. Over a period of cross questioning, it turned out to be a false case,” said Tokas.

Another case of false rape charges were pressed against a top hospital official by one of the women staffers. During the course of investigation, it has been revealed that she wanted to get her duty shift changed to to day time. She, according to women’s panel sources, admitted that she implicated the hospital official in the case.

To find out the probity of such cases, the rape crisis cell along the counsellors carried out a thorough investigation into the allegation. “These cases are extremely sensitive, so we work hard to ensure that acquittal does not happen easily. Speedy justice is given to the victim. We also help the victim collect evidence and give financial assistance for medical checkup,” Tokas said.

She said the complainant’s cross-examination often reveals the probity of such cases. The commission has the powers to penalise anyone or reprimand the person who registers false cases. The complainants are warned against pressing false charges.

College wrestling coach fired after calling the police to report a sexual assault tries to clear his name

is it me or are University feminists starting to act like Catholic Church in reporting sex crimes?  like the Catholic Church the femicunts don’t want to people to report sex crimes to the police.


Last week several local news outlets in  covered the story of former University of Wisconsin Whitewater (UWW) Campus wrestling coach, Tim Fader, who was suspended from the school’s athletic program in April and then denied another contract for the 2014-15 school year in August.

Fader, who had been coaching at UWW for ten years, had just finished up the most successful year in the program’s history. He had academic All-Americans and wrestling All-Americans, as well as being a three-time defending conference champion and the reigning conference coach of the year.

In April of this year a student’s mother approached Fader telling him that one of his recruits had sexually assaulted her daughter. Fader immediately called the police and had one of his assistant coaches drive the suspect to the police department where he cooperated with the police investigation fully.

The police never made and arrest.

Fader received a return call from the mother of the female student two days later during which she told him that she should have never called him and that she was wrong about the incident.

Two weeks later the school notified him that he was suspended from his duties as the school’s wrestling coach. He was told the reason was that he didn’t contact authorities at the school before contacting the police.

Snipers attack Danish police in Muslim ghetto, locals reluctant to witness…

Also notice how the police chief downplays this attack by just calling it “irritating”. He should have called in reinforcements and searched the area and interrogated every possible witness until the shooters were found, punished and hopefully evicted from Denmark. More on Vollsmose here .

“Saturday evening Funen Police went into Vollsmose (Muslim dominated area) in connection with a small fire on a balcony, when the bullets were fired at them from an air rifle.

‘- It is annoying that we can not carry out normal police business in Vollsmose without being exposed to something like this,’ says Hans Jorgen Larsen from Funen Police. …

‘- We do not get much information from residents of the area…'”

Queen’s Faculty Incites Hatred Of Male Students – Administration Looks The Other Way

Queen’s Faculty Incites Hatred Of Male Students – Administration Looks The Other Way

In March 2014, Queen’s University, in Kingston Ontario, exploded with fear and anger towards men. The university’s newly formed, and only, men’s group, the Men’s Issues Awareness Society (MIAS), scheduled a lecture by University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo titled “What’s Equality Got To Do With It: Feminism’s Double Standards.” Campus feminists were furious and intended to block it at all costs.

How do you go from zero to full-blown hysteria in a few short weeks?

It helps to have the full support of university faculty, and the small, but very vocal, group of feminists head-quartered in the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre knew they had it. Only with that kind of support can a few hundred zealots confidently dominate a campus with well over 20,000 other, generally open-minded, students, and create havoc.

Campus feminists began by whipping up hysteria against Fiamengo and anyone who questioned feminism. Thousands of comments poured onto the Facebook event page for Fiamengo’s talk, many of which were fearful, angry and hateful towards men and anyone who dared question feminism. The posts included:

  • The Fiamego lecture will attract “Queen’s Most Likely To Rape”
  • “Kingston is now known as The Most sexually violent city in Canada”
  • “MRAs are shit to female safety”
  • “I do not know a woman that hasn’t been attacked.”
  • One male student, Steve K., was subjected to over 200 hateful comments from feminists when he dared to share his story of sexual assault at the hands of an abusive female

The feminist group quickly submitted a motion to the Alma Mater Society (AMS) todisband the MIAS in an effort to block the Fiamengo lecture.

In the lead up to the de-ratification debate, the feminist cabal attacked students who refused to join their opposition to the MIAS and the cabal’s vilification of male students. Irfan Tahiri, Vice President of the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS), was one of those who refused and this turned him into a target. But Tahiri stood firm, and at the AMS meeting of March 20, stated “I will not stand here and be demonized because I spoke out and say that I’m opposed to this motion.” Tahiri was not a member of MIAS, but had merely defended their right to exist.

AMS member and promoter of the “free speech wall” (which, incidentally, was banned by Queen’s administrators), Tyler Lively was also targeted. At the assembly, Lively revealed “I haven’t wanted to speak due to the reasons that Tahiri said. I have been called out on Facebook regarding this when I haven’t even said anything. I have been called a rape apologist, a victim blamer, and a misogynist.”

The feminists even filed a motion to block Lively’s ratification as Chief Returning Officer of the AMS at this very same meeting because of his refusal to join them in vilifying their fellow students. The feminist cabal was sending a clear message to anyone who would not join their crusade to silence those who dare criticize feminism: “we will crush you too.” This is typical mob behavior, and the only bright spot in this silly, small-minded affair is that there are still a small number of principled students like Tahiri and Lively who have the backbone to stand up to tyranny like this. No such backbone has yet surfaced among Queen’s faculty. In fact, as you will see, faculty made it quite clear that they stood hand in hand with the feminist bullies.

Both motions failed, but the desire to block the Fiamengo lecture only intensified and other strategies soon emerged.

Where Are You From?

“Where are you from?”

This is one of the most common questions hurled my way in public. My quick response is: from right here in the U.S.

For many this is not a satisfying response, so they prod further. But where are you from really?

Okay, I am from all over. Born in Washington, DC, I spent my childhood in India, went to college and graduate school in California, then moved to the East Coast.

So you are from India?

— No, my parents are, but I am American.

That’s the end of this discourse in just about all instances.

The innate urge on the part of many of my fellow Americans to somehow place me firmly in the “foreign” category is amusing and frustrating at the same time. There is no such thing as an American “look,” yet the juxtaposition of beard and turban in our contemporary times seems to mark me as the ultimate “other.”

How much can you tell about me by just looking? Not much. Most Americans misplace me in a geography more indicative of our collective programming through war engagements in the Middle East. A few who do guess my ethnic heritage might pat themselves on the back for accurately placing me, but they are not that far removed from the ignorant ones.

Then there are the multitude of labels I place upon myself. I am a cartoonist, a writer, a costume player, a software enginee, married, turbaned, bearded, American, Sikh — just to name a few. While all of these identifications are true, they don’t contain the essence of who I am. What defines me are not the identifications — be they social, cultural, national, religious, or professional — but the neverending transitions that breathe life into my existence.

These demographic labels might seem natural, useful to helping us understand the march of human history into the future, but they are often stale in their perspective. They highlight our enormous diversity, our differences, all the while hiding the transformative impulses and actions that bind together us as a species.

These perceived differences over time have contributed to the discourse of “us,” “them,” “high,” “low,” “citizen,” “alien,” etc. Violence has been inflicted in the name of these denominations. Mythologies have been constructed to feed this perpetual tale of divisions. Power has been wielded to benefit from this chauvinism. Ideologies have been canonized to solemnize these so-called unions.

So perhaps next time you see a stranger and have the impulse to ask, “Who are you?” or “Where you are from?” instead try, “What is your story?”

Then you just might hear a tale of movements, journeys breathing across time and space that won’t seem foreign, but rather like an intriguing tale of fiction that connects with you at a personal level. The characters might be of a different hue, but the arch of their stories might intersect with your own personal saga.

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