Muslim-only housing development in Barbados. No Christians or Jews allowed to purchase homes in new community.

in the comment section, Barbadians are familiar with Sharia enclaves and problems in Europe



One can only imagine the howls of outrage if a construction company announced that only Christians would be allowed to purchase new homes in a brand new Bajan subdivision… and rightly so. Can you imagine on a sign “No Muslim Buyers Allowed” ???

Yet this is exactly what our political class has agreed to in relation to Bajan Christians and Jews when it issued building permissions to the Muslim organisations involved in building Barbados’ newest housing development.

After hundreds of years of slavery, and then another hundred years of colonisation, exclusion and segregation based upon race, skin colour and class, ordinary Barbadians do not take kindly to being told they are not eligible to purchase a home because they are not of the proper religion. Bajans do not like being told that they are second class citizens in their own country.

The message from the Muslim spokespersons that “Barbadians have nothing to fear” is a statement that these people consider themselves to be outside of the wide and inclusive Barbados citizenship and community. Is this what we want for our Barbados?

Muslims wish to self-enclave, to not be part of the wider Bajan community

Muslim schools in Barbados teach our young people that “Hijab is compulsory… hide woman’s beauty as protection from rape” and “Beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings are Islamic rules, nothing wrong in it” (See BFP’s article about the Muslim Girls School.)

There can be no debate that these Islamic values and teachings are anti-Bajan, and destructive to our national character. They are against everything that this country stands for. Muslim teaching about the value of women is stuck somewhere before the dark-ages, but for some reason liberals excuse the fact that the Koran not only allows, but instructs, husbands to physically discipline their wives.

Yet, our so-called political leadership has agreed to allow the establishment of a community that excludes ordinary Bajans and upholds values that are foreign and destructive to our nation.

This is a dangerous precedent that weakens Barbados and undermines everything we have struggled for in the past 150 years. By all means, let people believe what they want to believe no matter how vile or outrageous. Freedom and democracy demands tolerance. But we draw the line when our government gives approval and support to an exclusionary enclave based upon religion and values that are in total opposition to the Bajan culture and national character.


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What values are taught at Al-Falah Muslim School?

“Hijab is compulsory… hide woman’s beauty as protection from rape.”

“Beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings are Islamic rules, nothing wrong in it.”

Help wanted: Doug Ford campaign advertises ‘unpaid internship’ positions

Doug Ford’s Toronto mayoral campaign is hiring unpaid interns to work at the candidate’s campaign office answering emails, conducting research, and taking part in “many areas of campaign execution,” according to postings aimed at Toronto-area university students.

At least two listings were posted on Toronto universities’ job banks in late September seeking staffers who would work 120 hours at the Etobicoke office handling a variety of tasks without remuneration, potentially in violation of Ontario labour laws.

“Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 15-20 hours per week at the campaign office,” reads a listing on the York University Career Centre website.

The announcement, posted Sept. 23, includes a list of required office skills including: proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, typing skills, research skills, and familiarity with online publishing and social media platforms.

“You will be involved with many areas of campaign execution and be exposed to the inner workings of how its [sic] all put together, gaining valuable experience and know how,” the posting promises.

A U of T job posting seeking three unpaid interns listed the positions as “political campaign organizer.”


Help wanted: Doug Ford campaign advertises ‘unpaid internship’ positions

The Jihad origins of the beheader’s Oklahoma mosque

At first, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC) had denied knowing or being familiar with alleged beheader Jah’Keem Yisrael, nee Alton Nolen. When pictures emerged of Jah’Keem praying at the mosque on his Facebook page, the mosque’s story radically changed.

The media seamlessly reported the morphing narrative without question. Then the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City went into full damage-control and victimhood mode. Their response? Leaders of the ISOGC wanted security protection from the phantom “Islamophobia” and the “backlash” that never happens.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nolen was a regular at Friday prayers at Masjid An-Nasr, a mosque in Oklahoma City that is part of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. Saad Mohammed, director of Islamic information ISGOC, said: “There was nothing about him that alarmed us at all.”

Like so many jihadists, Jah’keem Yisrael converted to Islam in jail. Prisons have long been recruiting centers for jihadists. According to one attendee, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma’s mosque reinforced the hate and violence in the Islamic texts and teachingsextolled by prison jihad recruiters.

It has also come to light that the Nolen’s mosque has close ties to Hamas and al Qaeda.

Mufid Abdel Qader, the younger half-brother of Hamas’ supreme political leader and world’s leading terrorist, Khaled Mashal, was the founder and incorporator of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City.

hollywood inspired racism in action: Racist reason to send back a letter

Whaaaaaaaaaat. Got this passed along to me, and dammit, what the hell is wrong with people? This is a letter, sent by an insurance company in Southern California, that was refused and sent back — return to sender. Why? A handwritten note on the envelope explains: “WE DON’T SPEAK GOOK.” Oh, hell no.

The letter was sent by an insurance company. owned and operated by an Asian American family, based in Westminster, California. As you can see, it was addressed to a Jennifer Workman, who apparently used to be a client of the insurance service. The returned envelope was never even opened.

The address is missing a suite number, so the letter may have gone somewhere else in the building… or perhaps Jennifer actually refused correspondence from the insurance company for, um, the reasons stated. At this point, there’s no way of confirming who is really responsible for writing the message.