Millionaire actress Emma Watson’s New Campaign to infantilize Women denying them agency

what is it with women who are the top of industry earning millions of dollars a year.acting like permanent victims?  we see this with the failed ban bossy campaign.  now Emma Watson who i lost every respect for  and will not watch any future movies she will appear in held a speech at the U.N  and started a #heforshe campaign, asking men to empower women they don’t know continuing the tradition of male disposability where men are asked to better the lives of women risking thier lives and expenses.  this after femicunts for the last 100 years whine about patriarchy and gender roles and stereotypes. and like any typical femicunt deny that humans are a sexual dimorphic species

“When at 15 my girlfriends started dropping out of their sports teams because they didn’t want to appear ‘muscly’”

yes how dare girls maintain their natural, biological femininity

femicunts are sick in the head!

Similarities between Feminism and Nazism


Feminism and Nazism have both …

  1. discriminated against individuals on the basis of their genetic code.

  2. promoted the view that the targeted group was inferior genetically and behaviourally, e.g. see  biologist Professor Steve Jones Men Bear a Striking Resemblance to Slugs.

  3. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being labelled as ‘parasites’, e.g. see Professor Steven Jones – ALL Men Are Parasites

  4. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being constantly ridiculed e.g. see What A Piece Of Sht Is Man

  5. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being laughed at even when mutilated e.g. Bobbit jokes; e.g. see What A Piece Of Sht Is Man.

  6. demonised the target group by labelling them as perverts and sexual criminals, e.g. see Home Office Rape Statistics Are False

  7. sought to break the target group away from their families e.g. seeThe Trojan Horses Of Feminism

  8. promoted the view that the targeted group was responsible for most of the major ills in society. e.g. see Do Not Respect Them

  9. disseminated lies and disinformation about the targeted group in order to further promote their own ideology, e.g. seeMsinformation by Professor Christina Hoff Sommers

  10. disseminated lies and disinformation about historical matters, e.g. see AH’s Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work?

  11. used intimidation, threats and coercion to prevent their opponents from speaking out e.g. see Feminists are nasty things.

  12. promoted the lie that the privileged group consisted of innocent ‘victims’ of the targeted group e.g. “women have been oppressed throughout history.” e.g. see Dr Lewis Wolpert: The Differences Between Men and Women

  13. demanded special privileges in the workplace for members of the privileged group e.g. preferential job placements for women

  14. discriminated against the targeted group in educational matters and in the workplace e.g. see Well Done the Girls?

  15. perverted the justice system so that members of the targeted group were easily discriminated against in the law e.g. in family courts; e.g. see Are Our Family Court Judges Fit To Be Judges?

  16. arranged matters so that accusers from the privileged group could be shielded by anonymity in the courtroom e.g. in sex-assault cases.

  17. arranged matters so that defendants from the targeted group had to ‘prove’ their innocence e.g. in sex-assault and domestic violence cases; e.g. see Kevin Driscoll Is Innocent Of Rape

  18. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group could capriciously define what, legally, was to be deemed ‘a crime’, e.g. where nowadays the ‘feelings’ of women rather than the behaviours of men are the determinants of what constitutes ‘a crime’ e.g. see The Real Goal Of Feminism by Antonia Feitz – 18 min

  19. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group could capriciously define how the law was to view certain matters e.g. a fetus inside a woman can now be deemed by her – at her whim – to be a worthless piece of tissue or a prospective baby – with all the ramifications of this – regardless of how the father might feel about it all e.g. see Rant Against the Child Support Agency. (Also sexual harassment etc.)

  20. arranged matters so that the law punished members of the targeted group more severely than members of the privileged group for the very same crime e.g. in domestic violence and murder cases.

  21. arranged matters so that members of the targeted group were made responsible for the choices and behaviours of members of the privileged group e.g. in paternity fraud cases where duped fathers still have to pay child support e.g. see Paternity Fraud – A terrible violation, but no punishment.

  22. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group who harmed, or even murdered, members of the targeted group were shown undue leniency – and were often actually applauded for their actions, e.g. see Killer given domestic violence award and Loose Women.

  23. arranged matters so that the law punished members of the targeted group severely for even trivial offences – e.g. domestic violence, sexual harassment; e.g. see Ignoring Relationships In Rape

  24. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group earned a right to the property of members of the targeted group for no other reason than that they were members of the privileged group e.g. alimony, child custody.

  25. arranged matters so that certain speech or attitudes directed against the privileged group were criminalised e.g. biased ‘hate speech’ laws.

  26. punished those who protested against the prevailing ideology; e.g. for being politically-incorrect.

  27. effectively controlled the mainstream media and the academic institutions and arranged for them to present a dishonest and dishonourable point of view in support of their ideology; e.g. see BBC Injects Political Correctness Even Into Science Programmes

  28. consistently highlighted and exaggerated the achievements and the suffering of the privileged group while downplaying the achievements and the suffering of the targeted group e.g. see Oxford Ladies

  29. ran government-funded educational courses in universities (e.g. Women’s Studies, Title IX) and in schools to promote the privileged group at the expense of the targeted group.

  30. persisted in a long term campaign of hatred toward the targeted group, e.g. “A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” “Men think about sex every 15 seconds.”; e.g. see Permanent Menstrual Tension?

Bar the heavy violence and the gas chambers – which came towards the end of the Nazis hold on power – feminism and early Nazism are surely very similar indeed.

The Escapist #GamerGate Forums Brought Down In DDoS Attack

Earlier this week, Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart London published an article containing emails between a group of video game journalists, all members of an email list called GameJournoPros.

The Breitbart piece suggested collusion between these journalists to provide a specific spin on news during the early days of the Zoe Quinn scandal, which has now blossomed into the broader #GamerGate movement, and to clamp down on discussion of the topic across sites and forums.

Yiannopolous also published the full exchange of emails, which provided a more nuanced look at the situation. In the emails various game writers discuss the Quinn scandal and how to approach it. Some suggest sending a note of solidarity, while others push back against this idea, citing the need for professional distance between journalists and their subjects.

All told, it appears to be a largely civil conversation between professionals. But two moments in the thread ought to raise eyebrows. In one, writer Ryan Smith asks questions about where other writers and publications draw the line on writing about the private lives of subjects. He is quickly shouted down.

More important is an exchange between Polygon writer Ben Kuchera and The Escapist’s Editor-in-Chief Greg Tito. Kuchera urges Tito to shut down The Escapist forum where the discussion of Quinn was occurring, but Tito refuses, arguing that a place for discussion is a healthy thing.

“The conversation may be distasteful to some of us,” Tito writes in response to Kuchera and others, “but I don’t know if the answer is to delete the thread. The Escapist is not giving harassment a home, but allowing civil discussion on a matter that people are emotional about.

Since these emails took place, #GamerGate has been born and even the release of Bungie’s popular video game Destiny hasn’t dampened the voices on both sides.

However, it appears that many forums where discussion of #GamerGate has been occurring have been clamping down. Both reddit and 4chan have been banning users and shutting down forums related to the topic. One of the only places outside of Twitter where any discussion has been occurring has been at The Escapist.

This morning The Escapist came under a DDoS (denial of service) attack, according to the co-founder and GM of the site Alexander Macris.

“A DDOS attack is currently underway against @TheEscapistMag. The attackers are specifically targeting the GamerGate forum thread,” Macris tweeted this morning. After a brief interlude the attacks began again, and eventually the publication was forced to take down the forums temporarily. The attack consists of “a large number of IP addresses targeted the GamerGate thread for reload many times per second.”

At this point there is no information of the perpetrator of the attack though The Escapist is working to find out. The timing of the attack, following the revelations in the GameJournoPros emails, does raise questions.

We will continue to follow this story and update as more information comes to light. If anyone has information about the attacks please don’t hesitate to reach out.