Nike drops Peterson; silent on Hope Solo DV case


Sponsors and teams continue to bench NFL athletes charged with domestic violence, but Hope Solo continues to play for the U.S. Women’s National Team despite her domestic violence charges.  On Thursday night Solo, a UW graduate, is scheduled to start at goalie in a nationally televised match versus Mexico.

This week Nike suspended its contract with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson based on child abuse charges, but the company has been silent about Solo’s domestic violence charges.

Police say on June 21st Solo repeatedly hit her nephew and half-sister.  KIRO 7 obtained photos showing bruising and bleeding from the boy’s ear.  The pictures also show scars on her sister’s neck.

Peterson is charged with abusing his son by punishing him with a switch.  Nike released a strong statement about Peterson saying “Nike in no way condones child abuse or domestic violence of any kind… We have suspended our contract with Adrian Peterson.”

KIRO 7 sought answers from Nike after finding out the company hasn’t said a word about Solo’s charges. This is a link to a Nike commercial featuring Hope Solo from 2011.

KIRO 7 asked Nike and the U.S. Women’s National team to comment on Solo’s charges.  As of Thursday afternoon we have not received a response.

Solo’s next court appearance in Kirkland Municipal Court is Nov. 4.  The judge agreed to move the date back due to Solo’s soccer schedule.

femicunts get man fired from his job


I could’ve told him, SJWs won’t stop because they can’t stop. They can never be appeased. It’s never enough for them. If I had called some asshole Feminist’s workplace the internet would’ve exploded in “Righteous Feminist Fury”.

But so long as it’s just a black male game developer that actually exists.. well, he’s a traitor to the SJW movement.

And sure enough the fucking Feminists found out where he worked, called his brimming with integrity female boss, and had his ass shitcanned.

Just, you know, in the event you were under the illusion SJWs gave a shit about freedom of speech, or… I dunno… black people… you can cut that shit out right now.

Incidentally, want to know what his grave sin was? He made a tweet with the hashtag #notyourshield.