Feminist Governance: Woman dreamt of a rape, man in question goes to Jail

it’s official: Men and boys have no rights. a woman’s dreams and fantasy about rape can put a man in jail


  • A woman in her 20s dreams a dream in New York. The dream is outrageous: her father had raped her. She wakes up and quickly jots it down and recalls other times this had happened.
  • Years later, she comes to Israel and presses charges.
  • She has no evidence except the dream and her “repressed” memories.
  • The court proceedings are long, and eventually the father after appeals gets convicted at the age of 75.
  • She has no concrete event, not even one in the 10 years of alleged rape, other than a claim she was raped while her mother was in the bed. The mother does not recall such an incident.
  • Her sister claims she is a highly manipulative person and backs the father up. She says that her sister is capable of being very convincing and manipulative when she wants to be.
  • Her past therapists (she has previous mental problems) claim she had never exhibited signs of post trauma or repression of any kind.







Did Anita Sarkeesian Commit Felony Wire Fraud?

Two independent journalists have confirmed with the San Francisco Police Department that Anita Sarkeesian, a video game social justice warrior, may have used false pretenses to raise money for her non-profit entity. The police have said that she has not contacted them as she claimed after receiving a Twitter death threat in August. Under Federal law, this may put her on the hook for felony wire fraud.

Two weeks ago we presented the case that Sarkeesian faked death threats against her in an effort to raise money and gain attention to her videos.

Immediately the gaming press community rallied to her defense, publishing article after article discussing harassment and misogyny in the gaming community. The only problem? The death threats against Anita Sarkeesian are cleary fake, and most likely made by Anita herself.

She used the death threat against her to publish several tweets that simultaneously marketed her work while also raising money donations:





Only one hour of time separated her request for money from revealing the alleged death threat. It doesn’t take a professional marketer to see that Sarkeesian timed the tweets to maximize the amount of donations she would receive. The legal problem for Sarkeesian is that fundraising through public deceit is against the law in America, as Mike from Danger & Play helpfully pointed out.






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Say What Now? ‘Django Unchained’ Star Daniele Watts Wrongfully Detained After Being Mistaken for a Prostitute [Photos]

Django Unchained star Daniele Watts was wrongfully detained as a result of more racial profiling.

Studio City police mistook Daniele and her husband for a prostitute and her “trick”.

If you recall, Daniele played “CoCo” in the hit film Django Unchained and has a role as Martin Lawrence’s daughter on the FX show Partners.

Here’s what happened: She was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and shoes — you know, a normal outfit…especially considering the fact that Los Angeles is in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures above 98º this week.

Daniele and her HUSBAND had a brief public display of affection and that’s when the police rolled up. She refused to show them her ID (which according to the law, she doesn’t have to do), and she was handcuffed.