A Rule of Thumb: don’t believe feminists


Not only do academic feminists lie, they use public funds to do it. In exposing the fraud of law professor Elizabeth Sheehy, the fun begins on page 1 paragraph 2. That’s how long a feminist can go without becoming dishonest. Two paragraphs.

A report of the case of Shelden Hawley vs. George Ham, tried before Chief Justice Campbell, at the Midland District assizes, September 1826

Download of Henry Ansgar Kelly’s “Rule of Thumb and the Folklaw of the Husband’s Stick”

Midland District Assizes Hawley v. Ham from the Kingston Chronicle Sept. 15, 1826

Stabbing at an Australian Mall




Shoppers were thrown into chaos when Kazem Payam, an Iranian asylum seeker sought revenge against a fellow Iranian national at Westfield Parramatta last Tuesday plunging a knife into Nabil Naser’s chest. Apparently there was a long running dispute between both Muslim men who agreed to meet at the shopping centre to resolve their differences however Kazem bought a knife at the centre which was used in the murder of Nabil.

Graphic scenes were met with screams from dismayed onlookers to intervene as Kazem kept plunging the knife into his victim’s chest. After the victim fell to the ground, the accused calmly removed his shirt, lit a cigarette and made a phone call as he waited for the Police to arrive. When the Police arrived, Kazem taunted them saying, “What are you scared of?”
It has been reported in the media that Neda Esmaeili, girlfriend of Kazem Payam and former partner of Nabil Naser were all involved in a bitter love triangle that has ended in murder.

Kazem was an illegal that arrived in Australia by boat in 2009. He was granted a protection visa by the then Labor government in 2010. From 2007 to 2013 over 50,000 illegal boat people breached our shores seeking the keys to Centrelink. These asylum seekers who arrived by boat are a crime and welfare ridden demographic with over 85% of asylum seekers still on welfare after 5 years of residence in Australia.

Kazem joins a long list of Afghan, Iranian, Sudanese and Tamil asylum seekers or refugees charged with a range of offences, including people smuggling, paedophilia, rape and murder in Australia. There are currently 21 Muslim men who are incarcerated for terrorism or related charges posing a huge and growing threat to our national security.

Last year, a failed Sudanese asylum seeker went on a murderous rampage on a bus in Norway killing two Norwegians and one Swede. This random act of hate and murder was seen as retribution for Norway Immigration Department’s decision not to grant the Sudanese asylum seeker refuge.

Western governments including Australia have a moral duty to protect our citizens from third worlders but this is not happening with current humanitarian programs. Again, the Australian public are the ones who have to pick up the pieces of a policy that has only brought misery, division and chaos to our shores. This is just another example stating some of the obvious problems third world asylum seekers bring to Australia.

It is long overdue for our government to round up the existing asylum seekers in ‘Labor-Green’s community detention’ and deport them immediately to safeguard citizens from possible acts of violence, rape, murder and terrorism.


Tears in court as Kazem Payam appears charged over brutal murder at Westfield

Scott Morrison intervenes over fatal stabbing involving asylum seeker

Three killed in Norway bus hijack

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Bob Beckel Uses Racial Slur On Live Television

the yellowperil stereotype on American tv.  did Bob watch the last 2 yellowperil movies released in the last 2 years. Red Dawn and Olympus has fallen?




Fox News host Bob Beckel used a racial slur in a rant about China on ‘The Five’ Thursday.

“The Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national security of the U.S.,” he said. “They have been, they will be and they can wait, they’re very patient. Do you know what we just did? As usual, we bring them over here and we teach a bunch of Chinamen — er, Chinese people — how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us.”

The other ‘Five’ hosts gaped in disbelief.

“That is going to end up on ‘The Soup,'” Andrea Tantaros said.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Beckel has made an offensive comment about Asian people.

Last year, he said that, after he went swimming, his “eyes blew up, and it made me look Oriental.”

He’s also used the term “crackers” to describe white people.


‘Feminism’ Vs FACTS (Anita Sarkeesian DESTROYED!)


The basic word game feminist play to tell you everything is sexist, is they say everything is objects or subjects. They then ignore, that by this method, you can class everyone in society as objects, and just claim that they have shown that women are objects.

They then proceed to claim that women are treated like objects (something which is obviously not true) and is therefore sexist.

This is particularly evident in Anita Sarkeesians new video where she actually thinks that if you classify someone as an object, then its permissible for you to physically attack them.


She also seems to have a problem with sexy women being used to sell things without realizing that the reason that sexy women are called sexy is primarily because of evolution.

Trying rewire human biology because of your political aspirations is doomed to end in failure. Just look how well ‘abstinence only’ worked!