Kendrick Lamar Sued For “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)”

4 hacks sued for stealing others’ music in a month.


Kendrick Lamar sued by Woolfsongs Limited for failing to get a sample cleared on his 2011 fan-favorite.

According to a report by The Hollywood ReporterKendrick Lamar is being sued by Woolfsongs Limited for not getting a sample cleared for his 2011 song “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain).”

Woolfsongs Limited, which manages the works of progressive rock artist Eric Woolfson and his band The Alan Parsons Project, is seeking an injunction and an award of compensatory damages for what they believe is an improper sample of their 1982 single “Old and Wise.” While their music hasn’t exactly carried to modern times, The Alan Parsons Project actually released four platinum albums in the 1980s; their biggest hit in the US, “Prime Time,” cracked the top five on the Billboard charts.

The lawsuit says that the parties discussed the matter in April, but that it was not settled.

“Keisha’s Song” is a fan-favorite off of Kendrick’s critically-acclaimed debut album Section.80. The album has sold 130,000 copies since it was released on July 2nd, 2011.

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In Malaysia, Sharia advances


Malaysia is one of those countries that have been cited, along with Indonesia and Turkey, as evidence that a predominantly Muslim country can have a secular government and can, in general, be modern. A prominent commentator wrote some years ago that the Arab world may be hopeless, but the Islamic world isn’t. That didn’t sound overly optimistic at the time, but with hindsight, it may have been.

We all know what has been happening in Turkey. In Malaysia, Reuters reports that Islamic Sharia courts are increasingly coming into conflict with secular law. You can guess who is winning. Reuters begins with a story about a Hindu family in which the husband, after leaving his wife, became a Muslim and purported to convert his children. This resulted in his gaining custody of them, contrary to orders of the “regular” Malaysian courts:

In Subramaniam’s custody battle, and another similar case, Malaysia’s national police chief, Khalid Abu Bakar, has declined to act on judges’ orders for children to be returned to their mothers, citing competing orders from the civil courts and state shariah courts. His stance has been backed by the home minister.

Legal experts say that is an unprecedented challenge to the secular courts’ authority.

Unprecedented in Malaysia, perhaps.

Shariah courts operate at the state level and have been limited to Muslim family matters.

But the family that is the subject of the story was a Hindu family, at least until the absent father’s likely opportunistic conversion.

Law experts say they had been recognized as subordinate to civil courts, but the legal lines have become blurred as shariah courts have expanded their powers in recent years to areas such as homosexuality and gambling.

Got that? Homosexuality. America’s Democrats liken Republicans to the Taliban because they mostly oppose gay marriage (as Democrats did too, of course, until a year or two ago). But in places where Sharia governs, the question is not, What do you think about gay marriage? But rather, what do you think about gay stoning?

“The civil courts have totally abdicated whenever there is a whiff of an Islamic issue,” said Shad Faruqi, a law professor at Malaysian university UiTM. “We are witnessing a situation where a silent re-writing of the constitution is taking place.”

But don’t worry. It couldn’t possibly happen here. One more thing: it turns out that there are a few more areas of the law over which Sharia asserts jurisdiction:

In January, state Islamic authorities raided the office of a Christian group and seized more then 300 copies of Malay language Bibles because they contain the word “Allah”, which Christians here say they have used for centuries.

My advice would be to start calling him “God.” But don’t think that is going to have any effect on Islamic authorities’ hostility to the Bible.

The heart of the problem, of course, is that Islam doesn’t recognize any such thing as a “secular state,” or equal liberty among religions. If you didn’t know better, you might almost think that there is some sort of clash of civilizations going on.


Man arrested in Utah bomb plot wanted anti-gov’t uprising

SALT LAKE CITY — A man with a history of creating explosive devices is facing a new charge after police say he intended to sell an explosive device to an undercover officer and possibly use it to injure officers.

John Huggins, 44, of Weber County, was arrested Friday and charged in U.S. District Court with possession of an unregistered destructive device following a four-month investigation into his activities.

Police said they received a tip in February that Huggins had bombs buried in Ogden and intended to blow up a Bible group. Additional investigation suggested his target was not the Bible group, but police officers, the Tremonton Police Department and bridges and infrastructure to hinder any pursuit, the tipster said.

“Huggins stated that he thought that this action would cause the community to rise up against the government,” an affidavit in support of the arrest warrant states.

With help from a confidential informant, local detectives and the FBI Domestic Terrorism Squad built a case against Huggins, including searches of his home and undercover work that resulted in the charge.

“On May 12, 2014 … the (confidential informant) purchased a USB thumb drive from Huggins that contained data that consisted of instructions on how to manufacture drugs, explosives, booby traps and other documents,” the affidavit states.

Two months prior to the undercover buy, the Box Elder County Strike Force had conducted a search of Huggins’ residence and said it discovered spiral notebooks with potentially damaging information.

“Inside these notebooks were notes written by Huggins that were surveillance logs of the activities of Tremonton police officers including their call signs,” according to the affidavit. “It is known that Huggins had manufactured explosive devices in the past that had to be detonated by the Cache County Bomb Squad.”

During the past week several meetings were conducted with Huggins and an undercover agent who posed as a buyer for explosive devices. Investigators Friday said they found incriminating evidence in Huggins’ trailer.

“… While an explosive chemical was not inside the device for detonation, there were chemicals inside the trailer that could easily be combined with the device to produce an IED,” the affidavit states.