‘We Will Not Apologize for and Not Regret the Struggle against Israel’

The Toronto-based Meshwar newspaper published an opinion article and caricature justifying the armed struggle against Israel 

The Meshwar newspaper which is published in Mississauga and is also distributed for free in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham and other cities in the Greater Toronto Area, published (Issue 107, June 27 2014, page 15), an article by Dr. Moustafa El Leddawi, entitled “Who should apologize to whom?”

Leddawi, who previously served as the representative of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in Lebanon, does not believe that the Palestinians should apologize to Israel for the armed struggle that has been waged throughout the years in order to bring about the release of all Palestinian territory. It should be noted that the Palestinian struggle, since the beginning of the conflict, has claimed thousands of victims on the Israeli side through the acts of terror directed against civilians, including suicide bombings and mass murders.




Institutionalized Misandry: a story of a feminazi mother who hate her sons

feminazi mother  engage in gender selection favoring girls.  the same people that like to accuse Asians of gender selection in favour of boys are silent on  couples here doing the same but favouring girls.  80% of Americans engage in gender selection favour girls. and fertility doctors are complicit in this institutionalize misandry



Simpson, a labor and delivery nurse at a hospital north of Toronto, was surprised when her first child, born in 2002, was a boy. That’s okay, she thought. The next one will be a girl.

Except it wasn’t. Two years later, she gave birth to another boy.

Desperate for a baby girl, Simpson and her husband drove four hours to a fertility clinic in Michigan. Gender selection is illegal in Canada, which is why the couple turned to the United States. They paid $800 for a procedure that sorts sperm based on the assumption that sperm carrying a Y chromosome swim faster in a protein solution than sperm with an X chromosome do.

Simpson was inseminated with the slower sperm that same day. Fifteen weeks later, she asked a colleague at the hospital to sneak in an after-hours ultrasound. The results felt like a brick landing on her stomach: another boy.

Simpson and her husband talked about getting an abortion, but she decided to continue with the pregnancy. In the meantime, she looked for a way to absolutely guarantee that her next child would be the daughter she had always dreamed about. She discovered an online community of women just like her, confiding deep-seated feelings ofdepression over giving birth to boys. The Web forums mentioned a technique offered in the United States that would guarantee her next baby would be a girl. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars, money Simpson and her husband did not have. Simpson waited until her third son was born. Then she began to make some phone calls.“I lay in bed and cried for weeks,” said Simpson, now 36, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy. She took a job in the operating room so she would no longer have to work with women who were giving birth to girls.

The conventional wisdom has always been this: Given a choice, couples would prefer sons. That has certainly been the case in places like China and India, where couples have used pregnancy screening to abort female fetuses. But in the United States, a different kind of sex selection is taking place: Mothers like Simpson are using expensive reproductive procedures so they can select girls.

In May 2008, Simpson and her husband traveled to California to undergo PGD at the Laguna Hills branch of the Huntington Reproductive Center. There, she met up with some of the women she had made friends with online. “We went shopping and picked out girly clothes and dreamed of the day we could have a baby to wear them,” Simpson recalled.

Three days after arriving in California, Simpson underwent egg retrieval surgery. Eighteen eggs were retrieved; of these, 11 were mature and were fertilized.

Her husband left after the surgery to return home and take care of their three boys. After resting for five days, Simpson returned to the clinic for her embryo transfer.

She was met with devastating news: all of her embryos were found to be chromosomally abnormal. None were useable.
“I cried. And cried some more,” recalled Simpson. “All that money, the drugs, the travel, time off work. The money.”

Despite the financial and emotional setbacks, she wanted to try PGD again, soon. Three months later, she was back in Laguna Hills. She had taken out $15,000 on a line of credit to pay for the second attempt.

She went through the whole process again. This time, the embryos were good to go. An ultrasound was used to guide a catheter containing the embryos into her uterus. Six days later, Simpson took a pregnancy test. It was positive.

When she was 15 weeks pregnant, she asked a friend at work to once again sneak her into an after-hours ultrasound. Simpson was anxious, haunted by the memory of her last ultrasound.

But this time, it was different. She was pregnant with a girl.

After nearly four years and $40,000, Simpson’s dreams of being a “girl-mommy” were finally going to come true.

Simpson gave birth to her daughter during a home delivery in her bathtub in 2009. “The moment she was born, I asked if it was still a girl,” she recalled.

Simpson had to work six days a week right up until the delivery and months afterward to repay the loan she took.

“My husband and I stared at our daughter for that first year. She was worth every cent. Better than a new car, or a kitchen reno.”

Much of the evidence that Americans preferentially choose girls is anecdotal, as no larger body tracks gender selection procedures. But data from Google show that “how to have a girl” is searched three times as often in the United States as “how to have a boy.” Many fertility doctors say that girls are the goal for 80 percent of gender selection patients.

tl;dr Husband and Wife with three sons spend forty thousand dollars they don’t have in order to have a daughter. She’s distraught, terribly distraught every time she gives birth to a son, so much so that she considers aborting him specifically because he’s male. She cries and cries.

And this is such a widespread issue that 80% of American couples that seek gender selection seek *female children*.

No mention is made in the entire article of the impact on her sons… because nobody hates males because they’re male, right? Misandry doesn’t exist? Nah.

Our society hates girls so much it is absolutely tripping over itself to make more of them.

These parents know what the tumblistas refuse to acknowledge. Our society treats boys as barely human second class citizens. The math is there right in front of you. From health to education, eventual earning power, to likelihood of dying violently.. tragically.. males are the ones getting the shit end of the stick.

Parents know it… so they’re selecting girls. You know, because they hate them, right?

Meet Feminism.