MTR fare increases met with protests

Monday, June 30, 2014

Travelers groaned as MTR fares became more expensive yesterday. More than half of passengers will now pay an extra 20 HK cents or less, and 20 percent 50 HK cents more.

A mother living in Tung Chung said the increase makes her burden heavier than before “because I cannot benefit from any one of the new schemes.”

She said: “Each time I bring my two kids to Kowloon Tong, then back home, my fare is HK$30 and my two kids pay HK$15 each.

“If my whole family, including my husband, go to Kowloon Tong, it will cost hundreds of dollars a week.”

Another passenger who traveled to Kowloon Tong from Tseung Kwan O said: “I think service quality should be relative to the fare increase.”



Hundreds of members of the Concern Public Transportation Affairs Alliance protested at Admiralty MTR station, calling on the government to freeze fares until a review of the Fare Adjustment Mechanism in 2017.

Twitter feminazi Debora Zombie @AreaEightyFour advocating murdering men

on twitter a feminazi piece of shit is using the Hobbylobby  #hobbylobby U.S supreme court case case as an excuse for misandry. I was reading on the latest on the Tory bill C36 under the hashtag #c36 #billc36.  this feminazi decided to use c#36 along with #hobbylobby to incite hate against men calling them misogynist (feminazis call men misogynist if they don’t follow the feminazi party line)



If were a man dying on the side of the road (and it is man) instead of helping him I’d run the misogynist piece of shit over.

I do hate men. If 2500 men called against , it would be in the trash tomorrow. 2500 women? Ignored. is a misogynist country.

To hell with every single man out there. You have to do more to protect a woman’s right to her own body. Fuck Fuck

nobody is reporting her to twitter. nobody is asking to contact her employer, nobody is asking to fire her from her job. NOBODY said anything.  but if the sexes reversed  it will become national news in 24 hours

but “insert your god here” help you if you are  man and dare to disagree with these vile creatures you risk losing your jobs and livelyhoods or the feminazis in question want to contact your commanding officer if you are a veteran/in the military.

 and they wonder why MRA and MGTOW sentiment is on the rise.