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What’s in a Name? “Arrow” and Whitewashing


Chasing Sheep

(With special thanks to Daggerpen.)

When the people behind Arrow cast The Killing’s Bex Taylor-Klaus on a recurring basis as The Canary’s best friend and confidant Sin, comic book fans called foul. The comic book character that inspired Taylor-Klaus’s role, Dinah Lance’s adopted daughter, had been a woman of color, born and raised in a village in Asia. The TV character was not.

Cute?   Bex Taylor-Klaus.  Cute?  Yes.   Fantastic in the role?  Sure.  Asian?  Not even a little bit.

If recent events are any indication, it may appear that the producers heard the criticism, but did not listen.

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Israel bans Islam Relief Worldwide (IRW), which has a Canadian affiliate, for funding Hamas


Israel designated (June 19, 2014) the British-based NGO “Islam Relief Worldwide” (IRW) as an unlawful entity. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon explained the banning of its activity in Israel and the West Bank by saying that “Islam Relief Worldwide is one of the sources of Hamas’ funding and a means for raising funds from various countries in the world. We do not intend to allow it to function and abet terrorist activity against Israel.”


Ya’alon also said in his official statement that some of the charity’s chapters, including those in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, were run by Hamas members. The order empowers Israeli authorities to seize any funds the group might send to Palestinians in the West Bank.


In response Islamic Relief Worldwide published (June 19, 2014) the following statement:

“Islamic Relief Worldwide is surprised and extremely concerned by media reports that have appeared on June 19 2014 indicating that Israel has banned Islamic Relief Worldwide from operating in the West Bank because of alleged ties with Hamas.


“Islamic Relief Worldwide categorically denies having links with Hamas. We have heard nothing about this decision from the Government of Israel or any official sources. All we know is what has been reported in the media.  We cannot comment in detail on this matter until we hear directly from the relevant authorities.


“Islamic Relief Worldwide is one of the world’s most respected relief and development organisations, and has been working in the Palestinian territories for the past 16 years fully legally and with no impediment from the Israeli authorities.


“Islamic Relief Worldwide receives support from various UN agencies including UNICEF, WFP, FAO, UNDP, UNFPA and UNHCR and other institutional donors such as the European Commission, the European Commission Humanitarian Office and numerous government aid donors.”


According the official website of “Islamic Relief Canada” [Registration No. 821896875RR0001]:

“Islamic Relief Worldwide is a United Kingdom charity that serves as a catalyst, coordinator and implementer of the Islamic Relief family’s relief and development projects around the globe.


“Islamic Relief Worldwide has 15 legally separate and independent affiliates (also referred to as “partner offices”) around the world, located in: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Middle East, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.”

Texas: The U.S flag is a threat to the muslim community

When Duy Tran moved into his apartment a few days ago, he wasted no time in hanging an American flag from the balcony.

“It means a lot to me,” he told KHOU-TV in Houston.


But Tran said the manager of the Lodge on El Dorado apartments doesn’t see it that way, and told him he had to take down his flag because it’s a “threat to the Muslim community.”

Tran said the reasoning “stunned him,” adding to KHOU that “I’m not a threat toward anybody.”

Connecticut woman tries to hire man to viciously attack ex-husband: police



A Connecticut woman was arrested Tuesday for trying to hire a man to brutally assault her ex-husband for $2,500, authorities said.

Cynthia Hannon, 59, who wanted the man to break her ex’s jaw, nose and ribs, was charged with first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit first-degree assault, according to local media.


The person Hannon attempted to hire turned to the police and became an informant, reported the Hartford Courant.


A Florida mom has been branded a criminal after she allegedly marked her children with burns so she’d know they were hers.

Port Charlotte police said 23-year-old Kayla Oxenham used a lighter to heat up a stick and then branded her 5- and 7-year-old daughters.

Oxenham, a medical assistant, was arrested for child neglect Monday, but police said the burning attack happened in March.

Staff at the little girls’ day care noticed scabs on their bodies and called in authorities, WFTX reported.


School chaplains funding struck down by high court

Australia’s high court has upheld a legal challenge against federal government funding arrangements for the national school chaplaincy program, prompting the finance minister to waive $150m in debts that providers would otherwise be forced to repay.

Payments by the federal government to chaplain provider Scripture Union Queensland to deliver chaplaincy services in Queensland schools were unlawful, the court decided on Thursday.

It unanimously decided legislation passed by the federal parliament in 2012 – intended to provide the commonwealth with the authority to make funding agreements and payments after a previous successful legal challenge – was “invalid in its operation with respect to a funding agreement between the commonwealth and Scripture Union Queensland”.

The attorney general, George Brandis, said it followed from the judgment that federal payments to persons under the school chaplaincy program had been invalidly made.

“The effect of the decision is that these program payments totalling over $150m are now debts owing to the commonwealth under the Financial Management and Accountability Act,” Brandis told the Senate.

“However, under that act, the minister for finance has the power to approve a waiver of debt of an amount owing to the commonwealth which totally extinguishes that debt. I’m advised by my friend, Senator [Mathias] Cormann, that he has today agreed to waive the program payments made to date. That decision will provide certainty to funding recipients these debts will not be recovered in consequence of that decision.”

A leading constitutional expert, Professor Anne Twomey, said the rulingleft the federal government with only one option to keep funding chaplaincy services. This would involve giving tied grants to the states and territories, rather than directly to providers such as Scripture Union Queensland.

The prime minister, Tony Abbott, said the government was “carefully studying” the judgment to determine an appropriate response, but he strongly signalled his determination to find a way to ensure the chaplaincy program continued.

The government allocated an extra $245m in last month’s budget to extend the national school chaplaincy program and also decided toremove the option for schools to appoint a non-religious welfare workerunder the scheme.

The judgment is the latest instalment in the long-running battle waged by a Queensland father, Ron Williams, against commonwealth funding arrangements for the national school chaplaincy program. He is opposed to religious chaplains in secular state schools, including the one attended by his children.

2 Texas Men Arrested on Terror Charges

Two men have been arrested in Texas and separately charged with terror-related offenses after federal agents said they planned to travel halfway around the world to engage in violent jihad.

One of the men, a Bangladesh-born U.S. citizen named Rahatul Ashikim Khan, allegedly wanted to join al-Shabab, a Somalia-based terror group linked to al Qaeda. For the other, Michael Todd Wolfe from Houston, learning to fight in Syria was allegedly the goal.

According to charging documents, Wolfe’s wife met an undercover FBI agent in August 2013 and told the agent she and her husband wanted to “perform a violent form of jihad” outside of the United States. She said Wolfe “just wants to hop into Syria. He’s just ready to die for his deen [religion]. He’s ready to die for someone, for something,” court documents say.

Over several months, another undercover FBI agent met with Wolfe, and they discussed Wolfe’s plans for going overseas, according to the court documents. On Jan. 22, both undercover FBI agents met with Wolfe and his wife, and Wolfe “indicated that he had learned that al Qaeda in Syria was training brothers from other countries (foreign fighters) and then sending those fighters back from Syria to their home countries to conduct terror attacks,” the FBI says in court documents. A month later, one of the FBI agents allegedly watched a YouTube video about foreign fighters in Syria with Wolfe and his wife.

They were planning to use some of their estimated $5,000 tax refund to pay for their travel, prosecutors say.



“Sunni kids should not play with Shias”


“My friend’s little brother says that some children won’t play with him because he is a Shia. Parents are teaching their kids that Sunni children should not play with Shias,” al-Bazoon told Yle.




‘One country, two systems,’ not on equal footing, says Chen

‘One country, two systems,’ not on equal footing, says Chen

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It will take “one to two generations” to bridge the gap in understanding the “one country, two systems” arrangement, retired Beijing official Chen Zuo’er said.

Chen, the former deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, was speaking in a television interview in Beijing days before he is due to address a forum here on “opportunities and challenges for Hong Kong’s economic development.”

“`One country’ and `two systems’ are not on equal footing,” he said.

“Socialism and capitalism are not on equal footing too.”

He went on: “A number of Hong Kong people may have difficulties in understanding `one country, two systems’ and even misunderstand because of their education, culture and values.”

Random anti-male feminist actions


Feminists threaten to kill woman for saying men need abuse shelters.

Feminists prevent a meeting about male suicide.

Feminists stage mock murders to scare men. 

Feminist attacks male cartoonist and is hailed a hero of feminism.

Feminists shut down forum for battered husbands.

Propaganda campaign against male fathers wanting custody.

Feminists wish to slander accused names before convicted. 

Try to shut down female prisons.

Create rape laws that exclude female rapists.

Make it impossible to charge women with rape.

Feminists against equal custody.

Female felons should serve home sentences.

Told judges to be lenient on women.

Feminists cover up female domestic violence.

Feminists don’t want the gov to help unemployed men.

Feminists launch campaigns to help girls only while boys are doing worse in every facet of education.

Males who were raped as a child still have to pay child support.

Women should have the right to put a child up for adoption before the father gets custody.

Feminists against beyond reasonable doubt when it’s male rapists.

5 rights feminism ignores for men.

Feminists blame males for their abuse.

The primary aggressor clause where only men get charged with abuse.

Shame men into going to war.

Feminists dismiss female child rapists.

Feminists say men can’t talk about domestic abuse.

Feminists mock a man who has his dick cut off.

Strawmanning MRA members.

feminists attack church.

Feminists transphobia

Feminists slander the MRM


And again, 

Call them terrorists.

Feminists say Men can’t be raped. 

Feminists defend female raping minor.

Feminist defends why fucking an 8 year old boy isn’t rape.

Feminists primary aggressor clause discriminates against males.

Feminists cover up female domestic abuse stats.

Woman smashing bottle in mans face in public. Nobody gives a fuck.

Jezebel mocks men who are abused.

Feminists make sure the gov doesn’t spend money on male shelters or male research.

Female on male abuse in public is at best ignored, and at worst celebrated.

Public stops a man from abusing a woman in public, same crowd laughs when the roles are reversed. 

No funding for male shelter. 

Founder of Canadas only male shelter for abuse forced to close due to lack of funding before committing suicide. 



Is David Futrelle covering for violent feminists?

David Futrelle has made a name for himself in the blogosphere by tracking down what he defines as misogyny for the purposes of mocking it.  Futrelle insists that the “manosphere” is rife with hatred of women and he is relentless in exposing that hate.  How well does he deal with the hatred within his own movement?  Let’s take a look.


Back in 2011 an intrepid explorer by the name of Agent Orange infiltrated the private forums of radical feminists at RadFemHub and he screen-capped their conversations.  RadFemHub has since been turned into an archives, but the original Hub was “a collective radical feminist blog and its purpose was to post fresh, original radfem content, provide a male-free and safe platform for women to discuss, and promote radical feminist perspectives and interests.” The Hub delightedly proclaimed half a million page views, so these were not one or two crazy cat ladies in the basement, but actually a rather large group of like-minded women.


When Agent Orange posted the files, Futrelle went about gleefully mocking them, as he promised he would do.  He writes “these files are apparently so vile and incendiary” and wonders “what dastardly secrets do these files expose?” and he proceeds to mock the supposed violence and hate by reproducing a few comments about a midwife and a woman who would like to castrate men who create computer viruses. Nothing particularly violent or hateful about castration, right?  Futrelle downplays the comment by writing “That does seem a little excessive. Though I don’t think she means it literally”.


Let’s think about that for a moment.  This is a man who harps relentlessly on a single comment Dr. Warren Farrell made, that was misquoted, back in the 1970’s insisting that Farrell meant something he did not mean.  This is the man who insists that every word of satire written by Paul Elam is to be taken as the gospel truth.  This is the man who insists every word ever written on any blog he doesn’t like is to be interpreted literally and all other interpretations are just pure misogyny. And just to reiterate, once again, the Bash A Violent Bitch article was a satirical response to an article at Jezebel called Have You Ever Hit Your Boyfriend, Cause…Uh, We Have, in which three editors and numerous commenters giggle over punching, kicking, hitting and slapping their male partners, often with a sense  of pride and cheerfulness that is alarming to say the least.