male privilege in action: The Carnage pub crawl girls who attacked a homeless man

In Cardiff city centre, a drunken mob of girls are asked for change by a homeless man as they walk down the street.

Turning on him, they shout ‘get a f****** job’, but it does not end there.

A fight breaks out and the women drag the man to the ground and punch him in the face and body.

As he cries out in pain, a young woman with long blonde hair kicks him in the face, while others yank down his trousers and underpants.

It is all the more shocking because the assailants are not typical thugs, but university students dressed for a ‘Brazilian beach party’ in denim hot pants.

The attackers were all on a bar tour called Carnage UK, Britain’s biggest student pub crawl, and, on Sunday night, it lived up to its name.

Posing as students, the Mail witnessed the assault at 10pm as revellers left the second of six scheduled bars.

The victim escaped with a bloodied nose, but these appalling images will fuel the controversy around Carnage, which has attracted a reputation for binge-drinking and anti-social behaviour since it began in 2004.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of university students take part in these events across 50 towns and cities.

In Cardiff – where its 42,000 students make up 20 per cent of the population – revellers flock from universities across south Wales.

Some even admitted they were not students at all, and had bought t-shirts from undergraduates.