Global human rights advocates condemn ‘war on women’ first-world problems

Abortion-on-demand, free birth control, the word “bossy” — these are things American so-called feminists regard as the civil rights movement of our time. But if you step back from the world of outrage, get some perspective and see what women in other parts of the world face, you’ll see that those issues are more like first-world problems.

Manda Zand Ervin, an Iranian political refugee who founded theAlliance of Iranian Women, said she was “ashamed” of what women in America complain about when there are such greater risks to women in other countries.

“I mean, when I sit here and watch television and a bunch of women are screaming and yelling in front of the Supreme Court for free birth control pills – $9 a month – I feel ashamed,” Zand Ervin told the Washington Examiner. “I’m so embarrassed.”


India: man having sex with a woman he don’t want to marry is rape

SC: Consensual sex on false promise of marriage is rape
Legal Correspondent

New Delhi, November 22
The Supreme Court has ruled that having consensual sex on the false promise of marriage amounted to rape and awarded life sentence to a man for having an affair for two years and impregnating the victim, a relative of the convict.

The convict, Naushad, a resident of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, “brazenly raped her for two years or more giving her the false assurance that he would marry her, and as a consequence she became pregnant…We find the accused-respondent guilty of the offence of rape as defined under Section 375 IPC,” a Bench comprising Justices SJ Mukhopadhaya and V Gopala Gowda held.

The Bench noted that Naushad had taken “undue advantage” of his relation to visit her house often during 2001-03 and committed a breach of trust she had in him.

“He thus invaded her person by indulging in sexual intercourse with her in order to appease his lust, all the time knowing that he would not marry her. He committed an act of brazen fraud leading her to believe that he would marry her.”

The apex court further held that “a woman’s body is not a man’s plaything and he cannot take advantage of it in order to satisfy his lust and desires by fooling a woman into consenting to sexual intercourse simply because he wants to indulge in it…

“The accused in this case has committed the vile act of rape and deserves to be suitably punished for it.”