Study Links Circumcision to Personality Trait Disorder

Researchers find circumcised men have higher alexithymia scores than intact men. Alexithymia is the inability to process emotions.

The International Journal of Men’s Health has published the first study of its kind to look at the link between the early trauma of circumcision and the personality trait disorder alexithymia. The study, by Dan Bollinger and Robert S. Van Howe, M.D., M.S., FAAP, found that circumcised men are 60% more likely to suffer from alexithymia, the inability to process emotions.

People suffering from alexithymia have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions. This translates into not being able to empathize with others. Sufferers of severe alexithymia are so removed from their feelings that they view themselves as being robots. If acquired at an early age, such as from infant circumcision, it might limit access to language and impede the socialization process that begins early in life. Moderate to high alexithymia can interfere with personal relationships and hinder psychotherapy. Impulsive behavior is a key symptom of alexithymia, and impulsivity is a precursor to violence.

The idea for the investigation came when the authors noticed that American men (for whom circumcision is likely) had higher alexithymia scores than European men (for whom circumcision is unlikely), and that European men had about the same scores as European and American women.

The study surveyed 300 circumcised and intact men using the standardized Toronto Twenty-Item Alexithymia Scale checklist. Circumcised men had higher scores across the board and a greater proportion of circumcised men had higher scores than intact men.

A common reason fathers give for deciding to circumcise their son is so they will “look alike,” but these authors speculate that perhaps a subconscious motivation is so that they will “feel alike,” in other words as equally distant and emotionally unavailable as themselves. It was beyond this study’s design to test for this, and yet the comments received from circumcised participants speak to a vast psychic wounding, which, if unresolved, might lead to an unconscious desire to repeat the trauma upon others.

The authors recommend that more research be conducted on this topic, but in the meantime, parents considering circumcising their infant son should be informed that circumcision might put their son at risk for alexithymia, including difficulty identifying and expressing his feelings, and for impulsive behavior. Psychologists counseling alexithymic patients should investigate the patient’s childhood and neonatal history for possible traumatic events, including circumcision.

If this pattern of men suffering from circumcision-related trauma holds true for the general populace, this would constitute a significant mental health problem and, considering that three-fourths of the U.S. male population is circumcised, a public health problem, too.

Alexithymia is from ancient Greek meaning, “having no words for feelings.” It was coined by psychotherapist Peter Sifneos in 1973 to describe a state of deficiency in understanding, processing, or describing emotions. Alexithymia tends to be persistent and chronic; it doesn’t diminish with time. This is unlike other trauma-based reactions, like post-traumatic stress disorder, which typically dissipate soon after the trauma.


Deeply disturbed man kills 6 men and 2 women and then himself, and is declared a violent misogynist because the deaths of men don’t count?



By now you have probably heard of the Isla Vista Shooting, carried out by a disturbed young man named Elliot Rodger.  Elliot, who may have had autism and/or Asperger’s Syndrome, was living in a facility designed to help him address awkward social skills.  Elliot was part of an on-line community called PUAHate, a website devoted to revealing ‘the scams, deception, and misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community to deceive men and profit from them.’ Elliot posted some very disturbing videos on YouTube in which he rails against the women who rejected his advances and muses about killing all the men on the planet except for himself.

‘If you could release a virus that would kill every single man on Earth, except for yourself because you would have the antidote, would you do it?

‘You will be the only man left, with all the…

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Christian slavery: Director of Cathedral Bible College, with campus in Myrtle Beach, faces federal labor charges

Reginald Wayne Miller, the president of Cathedral Bible College, was arrested Thursday on accusations that he forces foreign students at his school to work long hours for low wages and then threatens to revoke their student visas if they complain or fail to comply with his demands.

The 65-year-old Miller — whose school recently moved from the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base to Marion, where Miller now lives — was booked into the Florence County Detention Center shortly after 2 a.m. on Thursday.

Miller made an initial appearance in federal court Thursday afternoon, where Magistrate Judge Thomas Rogers appointed a public defender to represent him. A preliminary hearing will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday in Florence to determine whether Miller should be held in jail pending further proceedings. He will remain in jail at least until Friday’s hearing.

Agents with Homeland Security Investigations filed a criminal complaint against Miller saying they have probable cause to charge him with forced labor, a felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years for each count.

A telephone call to the college seeking comment was not returned Thursday. In addition to Miller’s arrest, federal investigators are seeking a warrant to search the Cathedral Bible College campus.

Investigators this week interviewed eight Cathedral Bible College students who “described a pervasive climate of fear in which their legal status as non-immigrant students was in constant jeopardy, at the sole discretion of Dr. Miller, who threatened expulsion and therefore termination of their legal presence in the United States for noncompliance with his demands,” according to an affidavit included with the complaint.

The students told investigators that the classes offered at Cathedral Bible College “were not real” and the main focus of the school is having students work full-time hours at the campus and at Miller’s home, according to the affidavit. Federal law limits those on student visas to a maximum of 20 hours of work per week and that work must be an integral part of the student’s educational program.

The students also told investigators that their living conditions at the college were substandard, including long periods of time without any hot water, heat or air conditioning. They also stated that the food provided by the college “was expired or insufficient for consumption and nutrition,” according to the affidavit.

The Sun News is not naming the alleged victims because of privacy concerns in an ongoing investigation.

One student told investigators he had been promised $100 per week as part of a work-study program with the college. That student said he only makes $50 per week and regularly works between 46 hour and 56 hours each week. The student also said he worked for two weeks without any pay.

Another student told investigators that he was paid $50 per week for about 32 hours of work.

“Dr. Miller told [the student] if he did not like this work, he could go home or he [Miller] would call the Immigration and Naturalization Service,” the affidavit states.

Another student at the college said he earns $50 per week for 40 hours of work.

“At one point, Dr. Miller told [the student] he needed to work harder in order to receive the necessary paperwork to return back to the United States” after visiting his family in a foreign country, the affidavit states. “When Dr. Miller finally gave [the student] the paperwork, Dr. Miller told him that when he returned . . . he would then work 28 hours per week, but get paid $25 per week until his work improved.”

Investigators said the students’ work is subject to U.S. minimum wage and hour laws and that Miller does not have an exemption or authorization to pay the students at the below-minimum wage rates they described.

Cathedral Bible College markets itself via the Internet to foreign students and purportedly offers degrees in theology, divinity, Christian counseling, Christian ministry and a diploma in Bible studies. The college maintains a satellite campus at the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base for American and former military students.

Investigators said Miller misrepresented the school’s education, working and housing situations to foreign students who applied to attend Cathedral Bible College.

Miller, who said on his website that he earned a doctorate of divinity degree, also was the former pastor at Grand Strand Cathedral church, located on the former base.

Miller has had a past run-in with law enforcement. In 2006, the Horry County Police Department charged Miller with lewdness and prostitution after Miller exposed himself to an undercover police officer in a bath house at Myrtle Beach State Park, according to a police report. Miller entered into a pre-trial intervention program and the charge ultimately was expunged.

Cathedral Bible College originally was founded as Tabernacle Bible Institute in 1975 in Florence. Miller moved the school to the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base in 1995, purchasing property at a reduced rate under a federal program that gave incentives to educational facilities relocating to closed military sites.

In addition to the college, Miller initially operated a non-accredited, Christian-based school for elementary through high schools students. That school eventually closed and Miller began focusing on attracting foreign students to his college in 1999 when the federal government approved Cathedral Bible College for the visa program.


The Astrotheological Foundations of Christianity

In this episode, Doug discusses the foundations of Christianity, which he points out is based upon astrotheology, or the worship of the heavens. He also mentions the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, headed by the Roman Emperor Constantine, which laid the foundation for the new state religion. All images contained herein are for educational purposes only and are in accordance with the Fair Use Act.




ching chong


rosie_odonnell Rosie O’Donnell, 2006

“Ching chong” (by 1864) is a racist slur used in the English-speaking world to put down people from East Asia by mocking Chinese. Often it comes with other racist acts, like pushing someone off a playground slide – or burying them in a mine shaft.

It is not just ignorant, insensitive schoolchildren who say it. So do grown people in the US in the 2000s and 2010s. For example:

  • Rosie O’Donnell,
  • Stephen Colbert,
  • Shaquille O’Neal,
  • Rush Limbaugh,
  • Amy Sedaris,
  • Dave Chappelle,
  • Adam Carolla,
  • Al Roker,
  • Kathie Lee Gifford,
  • Alexandra Wallace (UCLA student),
  • Capitol Steps,
  • CVS,
  • Chick-fil-A.

Not only children and Republicans laugh at it. So do supposedly liberal newspaper editors.

In the US it is applied to all East Asians – even though 82% of Asian Americans do not know Chinese.

They say it not just to Asians who know little English but even to Asian Americans with degrees from top American universities, whose families have lived in…

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Muslim Uighur terrorists kill 31 in Urumqi, China market


URUMQI, China (AP) — Attackers hurled bombs from two SUVs that plowed through shoppers at a busy street market in China’s volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang on Thursday, killing 31 people and wounding more than 90.

The early morning attack in the city of Urumqi was the bloodiest in a series of violent incidents over recent months that Chinese authorities have blamed on radical separatists from the country’s Muslim Uighur minority.

Texas Man Says He’s Sickened After Hearing Chicago Arab & Muslim Community Praise His Brother’s Terrorist Killer

Arab and Muslim American organizations – along with radical left-wing academics and a Quaker group – are closing ranks behind a convicted Palestinian terrorist who on Wednesday rejected a plea deal that would have allowed her to avoid a 10-year prison sentence for failing to disclose her terrorist past to U.S. immigration authorities.

The groups, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), and the United States Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), insist Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, a 66-year-old Chicago woman who was convicted for taking part in a 1969 terrorist bombing that killed two students in Jerusalem, is a simple victim of government profiling and prejudice.