Florida female sex-offender who had relations with 16-year-old granted refugee status in Canada



Florida sex-offender who had relations with 16-year-old granted refugee status in Canada


A Florida sex offender who had sex with a 16-year-old boy and fled to Saskatchewan, where she claimed asylum, has been granted refugee status in Canada.

Denise Harvey, 47, was convicted in 2008 of five counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, a boy who was on her son’s baseball team. She is wanted in the U.S., where she is facing a 30-year prison sentence.

“The [Immigration and Refugee Board] granted Ms. Harvey protected person status. This status allows Ms. Harvey to apply for permanent residency,” wrote a spokesperson for Citizenship and Immigration Canada in an email to the National Post Thursday.

Such rulings involving Americans are rare: The IRB told the National Post Thursday that only three such claims were accepted in 2013.

Ms. Harvey, a mortgage broker, and the 16-year-old met at her son’s baseball practices. The two had sex five times at the boy’s father’s house and after hours in her office.

In November, 2009, Ms. Harvey, her husband and son, fled their Vero Beach, Fla. home and moved to Pike Lake, Sask.

One and a half years later, in April 2011, she was arrested by RCMP.




from 2010


The Knesset Law Committee on Tuesday decided to postpone a vote on second and third reading of a bill to add the crime of rape by a woman to the statute book after women’s organizations warned that it would lead to a situation where women would be afraid to charge men with rape.

According to the proposal, an amendment to the Penal Law, a woman who causes or makes it possible for a person to insert his (or her) bodily organ or an object into her sexual organ will be charged with rape, forbidden intercourse by consent, sodomy or sex offenses within the family, depending on the circumstances of the act.

The law applies to women who perform the above on adult men and women, as well as on minors of either sex.

Until now, the law has only defined rape as an act perpetrated against a woman. Although another paragraph of the Article on sex offenses appears to indicate that the offenses could be applied to women as well as men, it has not been used against women.

Two MKs – Zevulun Orlev (Habayit Hayehudi) and Ronit Tirosh (Kadima) – filed private members bills to change the law so that women could be indicted on charges of raping a minor. However, at the insistence of the Justice Ministry, Orlev changed his draft to include rape by a woman committed against adults. According to Orlev’s spokeswoman, the Justice Ministry told him it would not support his bill unless he made the change.

The Knesset passed the bill according to the wording demanded by the government in first reading and sent it back to the Knesset Law Committee to prepare it for second and final readings. But at Tuesday’s discussion, the legislation hit a minefield when representatives of women’s organizations unanimously opposed it.




in India only men can be charged with rape









Parties split with alliance end near

Parties split with alliance end near

Eddie Luk

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An alliance of pan-democratic parties to push for genuine universal suffrage is on the brink of breaking up just 15 months after its formation.

The Alliance for True Democracy, set up in March last year and comprising 26 of the 27 pan-democratic lawmakers, will meet today to discuss if it will be dissolved after Occupy Central’s public vote on political reforms next month.

The Democratic Party had earlier said it will withdraw from the alliance after the June 22 public vote on three political reform proposals. The party said the alliance’s historical mission will be completed with the vote and it should cease to operate.




did Amy Schumer confessed to raping a drunk man?



Wait A Second, Did Amy Schumer Rape a Guy?


Instead of outrage, Schumer received praise. Not only did people find her speech inspirational, they found it funny. She spends much of the time sex shaming the person she might have raped, and people thought it was both hilarious and brave. It’s not hard to believe, we’ve been laughing at men getting raped for a long time. Take a look at movies like Wedding Crashers, and Get Him to the Greek. Rape is simply a comedic tool when it’s placed upon men. More disturbingly, maybe society doesn’t believe men can be raped at all.