“Too Asian”



Maclean’s , a weekly news magazine in Canada, printed an article in their November 10th 2010 issue called “‘Too Asian’?” It is about how “too many” “Asians” are getting into top universities in Canada.

Some Asian Canadians do not like how the article sees them through racist stereotypes. First, they are seen as narrow, soulless grade grinds. Second, and worse still, they are not even seen as Canadians but some kind of foreign threat (the perpetual foreigner stereotype).

The article has an “us against them” mindset where “us” means upper-middle-class white Canadians and “them” means Asians of any sort, whether from mainland China or suburban Toronto.

Maclean’s sees the interests of Canada and white people as being one and the same. It cannot separate the two. Anyone who is not white is some kind of threat.

And strangely different.

I was always taught that hard work and education were…

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