Should a Florida Court Be Able to Force a Three-Year-Old Boy to Get Circumcised?

boys have no right to genital integrity in this supposed male dominated, patriarchal society the feminize cunts like to whine about.

Ready for a co-parenting doozy? Dennis Nebus, the father of Chase, a three-year-old Florida boy, wants his son to be circumcised. Chase’s mother, Heather Hironimus, wants Chase to grow up with an intact foreskin. Now Florida’s courts are involved, and the case is turning the spotlight back on the contentious debate between pro– and anti–male circumcision activists.

Back in 2012, the two parents signed an agreement that said that Nebus would handle Chase’s circumcision, including making all the doctor’s appointments and paying for related medical expenses. But when it came time for little Chase to be snipped, Hironimus, who now considers herself to be an “intactivist”—someone who considers circumcision to be male genital mutilation and works to ensure that boys retain their foreskin—decided she didn’t want the procedure to take place. As a result, the warring parents ended up in court.