Manila galleons



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Manila galleons (1565 to 1815) were large Spanish ships that sailed across the Pacific between New Spain (Mexico) and the Philippines. They allowed Spain to trade with East Asia without using Portuguese trade routes. They brought the first Asians to arrive in North America after Columbus.

In 1494, after Columbus confirmed the existence of the Americas, the Pope divided the Americas between Portugal and Spain, which they interpreted as applying to the whole non-Christian world. In effect, this gave Portugal the trade routes of the Indian Ocean, while Spain got any it discovered in the Pacific Ocean.

In 1521 Magellan discovered a westward route, catching the Pacific currents that go west along the equator. In the Philippines on the island of Cebu, Magellan commanded local chieftains to provide him with food and to convert to Christianity. Lapu-Lapu fought back and killed Magellan and most of his men. Only 18 made it back…

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Feminism: the war on men by youtuber Samantha Derrick



Feminism is an unnatural, artificial and abnormal product of contemporary social disintegration, which in turn is the inevitable result of the rejection of all trans­cendental, absolute moral and spiritual values. The feminists wish to abolish the very characteristics, which make man human and undermine the foundation of all his relationships and social ties. The result will be suicide, not only of a single nation as in the past, but of the entire human race.

The student of anthropology and history knows the abnormality of the Feminist movement because all human cultures that we know of throughout prehistorically and historic times make a definite clear-cut distinction between “masculinity” and “femininity” and pattern the roles of men and women accordingly.The disintegration of the home and family, the loss of the authoritarian role of the father have been directly responsible for the fall of every nation which these evils become prevalent.

Feminists assert the absolute and unqualified equality of men and women, not withstanding anatomical differences. They deny that there is any inherent biological distinction between men and women on the basis of sex which determines that the wife should be the housewife and mother and the husband the breadwinner and authoritarian head of the family. They demand the abolition of institutional marriage, home and family, the upbringing of a child should be a public responsibility.








China detains more than 200 in Xinjiang over terrorism videos

BEIJING (May 12): Police in China’s Xinjiang region, home to mainly Muslim Uighurs, have arrested more than 200 people over six weeks for “dissemination of violent or terrorist videos”, state media said Monday, amid a wave of train station attacks.
Police in the far western region, which is periodically hit by unrest, detained 232 people who “have circulated videos promoting terrorism through the Internet and on portable devices”, the state-run Global Times newspaper said, citing a Legal Daily report.
Xinjiang’s regional government announced a ban in late March on downloading, saving or spreading “terror-related” videos online.
The ban includes video and audio materials “advocating violence and terrorism, religious extremism and separation of ethnic groups”, according to the Global Times.
News of the arrests follows a series of violent incidents both inside and beyond Xinjiang which Chinese authorities have blamed on separatists from the area.
In April, assailants using knives and explosive devices struck at a rail station in the Xinjiang capital Urumqi, resulting in three deaths, including two attackers, and 79 wounded.
And, in March, 29 were killed and 143 wounded in a horrific knife assault at a railway station in the southwestern city of Kunming, which some Chinese media have dubbed the country’s “9/11”.
Beijing says groups including the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) and East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), influenced by Al-Qaeda, have inspired and even orchestrated violence in China from Central Asia, which borders Xinjiang.
Some experts, however, question the influence of the TIP, a shadowy organisation that has released videos praising attacks in China but has yet to explicitly claim responsibility for them.
Last week, a lone knifeman was shot and caught after a slashing attack that injured six people at a train station in the southern city of Guangzhou.

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Rape culture in Brazil

After a man in Brazil was accused of sexually abusing a 3-year-old girl, community members apparently decided to take action.

According to local media outlets, the accused was found on the side of the road with his penis severed less than 24 hours after the alleged abuse. The man, who police in Severínia identified as 66-year-old Francisco de Souza de Castro, also lost three fingers in the incident, Estado reports.

Police are now trying to determine the identities of the people involved in the attack.

An investigation has also been launched into the alleged rape of the 3-year-old, reports note. The girl’s mother reportedly noticed that something was amiss when she arrived home Sunday evening. Castro, who works on a farm where the child was staying with her grandparents at the time, was accused of sexually abusing the girl.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine examined the girl and determined she was not raped, Spanish-language news agency EFE reports. However, authorities have not released their final report.