Silicon Valley millionaire writes essay about abuse at the hands of ex-girlfriend

Tech entrepreneur and millionaire Ben Way has opened up about how his ex-girlfriend unleashed physical abuse upon him.

The woman punched the 33-year-old in the jaw, among other vicious acts, leaving him with bruises, cuts and other markings.

British-born Way described the abuse in an essay on, at first leaving out the fact he was a male, knowing most people assume domestic violence is often perpetrated by men.

“I was in bed, and despite begging you to let me sleep because I had work in the morning you would not stop shouting,” Way wrote.

“Moments later you had straddled me, your weight forced against my chest, the next thing I know you deliver three hard blows to my jaw. You would later pretend they were slaps, but the blue bruises on my jaw in the morning told a different story.”

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Crazed Feminists Strip Naked at Spanish University (Graphic Video – Warning) •

A group of feminist students at a leading Madrid university have been videoed stripping naked in protest at alleged sexual harassment by their professors. The feminists, wearing masks to hide their repulsive visages, stripped naked inside the university whilst reading out a list of their grievances. Describing themselves as members of the ‘feminist assembly of the University of Complutense’, the frightful banshees wailed that a proposed law against sexual harassment had not yet been implemented, and that staff at the University regularly ‘put their hands around the waists of students’ and often ‘asked questions of a sexual nature’.

The type of feminist who protests against ‘sexual harassment’ by stripping naked, protesting topless, or engaging in ‘slut walks’, is usually so remarkably ugly that it must be obvious to any sane bystander that the feminists are in fact protesting at men ‘sexually harassing’ better looking women and completely ignoring them.


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How did they know? Omniscient narrator proves Jesus a myth!

Even a child can see that there are problems with the truthfulness the of gospel yarns.



An increasingly frantic effort is being made by certain scholars to defend the “historical Jesus” — yet their weak, apologetic case is more than ever threatened by rational argument across the globe


The events of the ministry of Jesus pivot around a shallow Levantine lake. The original story teller, the author of Mark, gave it a new name, Sea of Galilee, and even the very places of Jesus’s mighty deeds were mere fictitious overlays on the true geography. Later Christians built churches and renamed older towns to give physical form to a terrain that hitherto had existed only in a religious fantasy.


Not just Nazareth but all the Jesus venues owe their existence to theological myth-making, pious optimism, and outright fraud. Take the tour — in the footsteps of Jesus in Wonderland!



Neither original nor profound, the famous discourse supposedly given by Jesus on a mountain illustrates both the fabricated nature of his “teachings” and their failure as ethical guidelines.


All is not kosher about the saint who towers like a colossus over early Christianity. Who or what was the real man from Tarsus?











Sexual assault in America: Do we know the true numbers?

Sexual assault is a terrible problem that America must solve. The CDC claims that 1-in-5 women in the US will be a victim of rape in their lifetime, a substantially different figure than Department of Justice crime statistics. Christina Sommers says that the CDC’s exaggerated numbers get in the way of genuine solutions to the problem, and calls for accurate data and real solutions to help end the scourge of sexual violence.