Bethlehem fakery no proof that Nazareth was genuine

The gospel absurdities that get the holy virgin into Bethlehem for a birthing provide no proof that JC was a resident of Nazareth.

  • Distorting history for Jesus #2 — Hard man Pilate made a softie!

    A key character in making the Jewish heresy called Christianity palatable to Rome was Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor who achieved more in death than he did in life!

  • Aisha Muharrar: Black Best Friend


    “Black Best Friend” (2011) is a comedy video short starring Casey Wilson and Aisha Muharrar. It was written by Aisha Muharrar and directed by Emily Halpern. It plays on the Black Best Friend trope for laughs by showing how brainless it is. It makes you laugh and it makes you think.

    It opens with Jen, a white woman played by Casey Wilson, having lunch with her new Black Best Friend, played by Aisha Muharrar. We never find out the Black Best Friend’s name, so I will use the names of the actresses instead.

    Muharrar is going on and on about her break-up with her boyfriend.

    Wilson is uninterested:

    Look, when Emily introduced us I kind of thought I getting a black best friend. See, I kind of wanted this happy ending like in the movies where there is some black lady – or some African Ay-merican…

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    The Slow Death of Free Speech

    Defending Iranian Democracy (DID)

    AA671283: Literature, Music, Theatre

    These days, pretty much every story is really the same story:

    • In Galway, at the National University of Ireland, a speaker who attempts to argue against the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) programme against Israel is shouted down with cries of ‘Fucking Zionist, fucking pricks… Get the fuck off our campus.’
    • In California, Mozilla’s chief executive is forced to resign because he once made a political donation in support of the pre-revisionist definition of marriage.
    • At Westminster, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee declares that the BBC should seek ‘special clearance’ before it interviews climate sceptics, such as fringe wacko extremists like former Chancellor Nigel Lawson.
    • In Massachusetts, Brandeis University withdraws its offer of an honorary degree to a black feminist atheist human rights campaigner from Somalia.

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    Taxpayer-funded Christian Brainwashing school forbids ‘homosexual relations,’ warns of ‘lake of fire’

    An Alberta school funded fully by taxpayers and answerable to a public board requires teachers to abstain from “homosexual relations” and warns students that the unjust risk everlasting torment in the “lake of fire.”

    An opposition critic expressed shock Sunday that the Conservative government recently committed to spending $7 million to modernize and expand Prairie Christian Academy (PCA), despite the fact the Three Hills facility displays policies on its website that “fly in the face” of both the province’s human rights legislation and the country’s Constitution.

    “Fifteen years after the Supreme Court outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, it is unbelievable this is still happening,” Liberal MLA Kent Hehr said.

    “I am starting to question what oversight Minister Jeff Johnson and his education department are providing to the system.”

    A private religious school founded more than seven decades ago, Prairie Christian Academy joined the Golden Hills School Division in 2003, a decision the school’s website says allowed it to get increased public funding.

    While parents still pay nominal fees for religious education, the regular program of study, busing and even lease and utility costs are fully covered by the local board.

    The K-12 school, located about 130 kilometres northeast of Calgary, is one of several dozen faith-based facilities that have become part of the public system since the province amended the School Act in 1988 to make the moves possible.

    A concluding paragraph in PCA’s statement of faith, which all students in Grades 7 through 12 are required to sign, says the unjust will go to Hell and be subject to “everlasting punishment of conscious torment in the lake of fire.”