Republicans Are Quietly Trying to Kill No-Fault Divorce

nope no word form the christianists who call themselves “counterjihadists”


publicans have decided to start waging war on a ubiquitous and generally noncontroversial part of American life: no-fault divorce. Scott Keyes, writing for theWashington Post, reports on this alarming trend, one that has largely flown under the radar, of Republican-controlled state houses pushing for waiting periods, mandating marriage classes, or even eliminating no-fault divorce entirely. Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry have signed a pledge from Family Leader, a Christian-right group, denouncing “quickie divorce” and urging couples to endure a “cooling off period.”

The hope is that by making divorce a hassle, or forcing couples to really think about what divorce means, the government can encourage/make more couples give up on the idea and recommit themselves to marriage. This is, of course, not the government’s job. But also, by artificially elongating the divorce process, the state simply creates more time for all the petty, embittered bickering that divorce tends to cause, as anyone who’s actually ever been through a divorce, or known anyone else who has divorced, or is the child of divorce can tell you. A cooling-off period is just more time for adults to squabble over who gets the lamps and chairs and try to assign blame for the relationship’s demise. It’s the children who end up suffering, as marriage historian Stephanie Coontz argues, telling Keyes that mothers and fathers are “more likely to parent amicably if they haven’t been locked into a long separation process.”



All lead actors in The Gods of Egypt will be white

so what else is new?


Australian director Alex Proyas’ blockbuster Gods of Egypt started shooting in Sydney last Wednesday. The $150 million epic centres on the showdown between the evil god Set (Gerard Butler) and Horus (Danish Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldeu). It also stars “our own” Geoffrey Rush as the sun god Ra and Brenton Thwaites as a “common thief” who joins the mythical figures on their magical quest.

In other words, it’s a film set in Egypt with Egyptian characters, but (with the exceptions of Chadwick Boseman and Elodie Yung in minor roles) a white cast.

And so, the time-honoured tradition of Hollywood whitewashing continues.

music video Blurred Lines – Robyn Thick

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This Christian preacher should not have been allowed to bring her ‘witch hunt’ into this country

Helen Ukpabio runs an evangelical Christian organisation in West Africa called the Liberty Gospel Church. When she was consecrated the first “lady apostle” politicians and minor celebrities attended the ceremony.

Ukpabio is a self-styled “witch hunter” who has published her views around the demonic possession of children in several books and films. In one pamphlet she states that:

“If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health he or she is a servant of Satan.”

She doesn’t mention that these symptoms are quite common, they could be toothache, they could, in impoverished rural Nigeria, be malaria.

In the film, End of the Wicked, by Ukpabio’s film production company, Liberty Films, part of the Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries franchise, child actors are shown to eat human flesh and murder their parents. She has defended the film as being fiction, just “like Harry Potter”.

What isn’t tackled in these films, books and sermons, is the huge problem of child abuse, abandonment and sometimes murder, that has happened in Nigeria and several other countries as a result of such beliefs that children can be possessed of demonic spirits.

Genocidal, racist North Sudan: Darfur Rebel Says Peacekeepers Turning Blind Eye to New Violence

(Reuters) – A veteran rebel leader from Sudan’s Darfur region accused international peacekeepers on Friday of turning a blind eye to what he called a renewed campaign of ethnic cleansing by government-backed Arab militias.

International efforts have largely failed to end violence in the arid western territory, more than 10 years after Khartoum unleashed militias to try and crush a rebellion by mostly non-Arab insurgents.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, the U.N. Security Council last week demanded improvements in the joint U.N./African Union peacekeeping force there, and urged Khartoum to improve cooperation with the mission.

“UNAMID (the peacekeeping force) is there to protect civilians and monitor peace, but it is not doing its job. It is covering up the crimes of the Sudanese government and legalizing genocide,” Minni Minnawi told Reuters during a visit to Paris.

“There is a military escalation in Darfur. Each day Janjaweed armed militias are targeting civilians and burning villages. They are not fighting rebel movements, but attacking civilians,” said Minnawi, the leader of a faction of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement that has also carried out large-scale attacks.

Janjaweed is a name used for militias drawn mainly from the areas’ s nomadic Arab tribes of the area, that rebels and campaigners blame for much of the killing since 2003.

No one was immediately available to comment from UNAMID or Sudan’s government.

Washington and rights campaigners have called Khartoum’s crackdown in the region “genocide” – a charge dismissed by Khartoum. Analysts have also accused rebels of carrying out atrocities.

U.N. and African Union officials last month said violence had worsened again in Darfur, displacing hundreds of thousands of people this year.

“The situation is getting worse. From the Blue Nile to South Kordofan and Darfur, the humanitarian situation is terrible and the government is creating this situation,” Minnawi said, referring to two southern regions where the government is also battling insurgents.