Sex-crazed Romanian Angelina Jolie lookalike forced taxi driver into sex twice, stabbed him when he couldn’t manage third time

A sex-crazed Angelina Jolie lookalike forced a cabbie into having sex with her twice – before brutally stabbing him when he couldn’t manage a third time.

Luminita Perijoc, 31, reportedly pounced on Nicolae Stan, 35, after he delivered wine to her apartment in Tulcea, eastern Romania, in 2012.

Grabbing him and dragging him inside, she forced him to undress by threatening him with a 4-inch blade.

At knife point, he had intercourse with her and then performed oral sex.

But, when he couldn’t perform a third time, she stabbed him six times before he managed to escape, lock himself in a bedroom and call the cops.

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So You Want To Fire Mozilla’s CEO Eh?

So You Want To Fire Mozilla’s CEO Eh?

Recently the CEO of Mozilla (the free software folks that produce, among other things, Firefox) was “fired” because, allegedly, he donated money in 2008 to a political campaign to pass Proposition 8.

That proposition would have banned same-sex marriage; it passed but was struck down by a court.

When this came out into the public eye it was met with immediate loud calls for Eich to be forced out.  Various left-wing pundits have pontificated that this is really about promoting a “divisive” man to lead the company; witness what Think Progress said:

The important distinction lost in the conversations since Eich stepped down is that this was a protest about Mozilla more than it was about Eich. The company violated its commitment to openness and inclusion by promoting Eich to be its figurehead, and Eich himself decided that Mozilla’s work could only proceed if he stepped down.

Uh huh.

Here’s the problem for the Gay Lobby folks: The very laws that they demanded and got passed to protect gay people from discrimination apply here, and that “resignation”, which was quite-clearly coerced, almost-certainly violated California law.


§ 1101. Political activities of employees; prohibition of prevention or control by employer

No employer shall make, adopt, or enforce any rule, regulation, or policy:

(a) Forbidding or preventing employees from engaging or participating in politics or from becoming candidates for public office.

(b) Controlling or directing, or tending to control or direct the political activities or affiliations of employees.

§ 1102. Coercion or influence of political activities of employees

No employer shall coerce or influence or attempt to coerce or influence his employees through or by means of threat of discharge or loss of employment to adopt or follow or refrain from adopting or following any particular course or line of political action or political activity.

Well well.

Donating money to a political cause is, of course, fundamental to political activity.  Indeed there is little that one can state is more fundamental than the act of voting itself.

But now the so-called “tolerance groups” are doubling down on their claims.  From the same article:

Eich’s resignation represents the increasingly heightened standard for “equality.” For Mozilla’s community, 99 percent equality — the company’s inclusive policies and Eich’s commitment to upholding them — was not enough. He did not apologize for his Prop 8 donation and he refused to say whether he’d give to an anti-gay campaign again in the future.

He has no duty to apologize.  Not only that, his political activity is protected speech under California law and he is entitled to engage in it without being penalized in the workplace for doing so, just as it is equally-protected to lobby for or donate to political causes that advocate for same-sex marriage.

That sauce for the goose tastes awful good on the gander…..



The ‘Miracle at Siloam’ — Negating Jewish Magic

The so-called miracles of Jesus are not random fantasies but have a theological and calculated purpose. At Siloam, the ‘man blind from birth’ is a symbolic Jew who sees the light of Jesus — and is driven out by those nasty Jews.


Lord and Saviour — Mithras!

For almost four centuries Christianity contended with a rival cult that, like the faith of Christ, came from the east, had as its central drama a tale of sacrifice and redemption, and organised its devotees into congregations led by fathers who instructed the faithful and officiated at its ceremonies.



The case of Ayaan Hirsi Ali: cowardly Brandeis University capitulates to Islamist pressure

I was shocked to learn that Brandeis University, a liberal arts college in Massachusetts, has withdrawn its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the outspoken critic of female genital mutilation and a campaigner on behalf of Muslim women.

“We cannot overlook that certain of her past statements are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values,” the university said in a statement released yesterday, just eight days after announcing that Hirsi Ali would be awarded an honorary degree.

The change of heart was prompted by a well-organised campaign by various pro-Muslim groups, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations which sent a letter to Dr Frederick Lawrence, the President of Brandeis, referring to Hirsi Ali as a “notorious Islamophobe”.

“She is one of the worst of the worst of the Islam haters in America, not only in America but worldwide,” Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the group, said in an interview with the New York Times.

In addition, a Muslim student at Brandeis started a petition at accusing Hirsi Ali of “hate speech”. By way of evidence, the petition cited an interview she gave to the Evening Standard in 2007 in which she described Islam as “a destructive, nihilistic cult of death”. In the same interview, she also said that “violence is inherent in Islam” and that “Islam is the new fascism”.

This is an act of extraordinary cowardice on Brandeis’s part. To accuse Hirsi Ali of “hate speech”, which is defined as “any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which… may incite violence or prejudicial action against… a protected individual or group”, is almost comically ironic. She was raised as a Muslim in Somalia, underwent circumcision at the age of five and was later forced into an arranged marriage with her cousin. She only escaped this fate by running away to Holland where she subsequently became a member of the Dutch Parliament.