New book: Danish company paid off imams


Money Jihad

Arla, the Scandinavian dairy conglomerate, paid a “significant amount” of money to Gulf state imams in 2006 in exchange for a fatwa declaring Arla’s products halal.

The deal was struck in the aftermath of violent protests that followed Jyllands-Posten’s publication of cartoons depicting Muhammad. Ahmed Akkari, a Danish Muslim who originally helped inflame the “Cartoon Crisis,” makes these allegations in his new book, Min afsked fra Islamism (My departure from Islamism).

The Danish website Metroxpress explained the deal recounted in the book, in which Arla “would donate a substantial sum for a purpose of the [Islamic] scholars’ choice. In return, they would [issue] a statement saying that it is now again religiously acceptable to buy the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian dairy products.”

In other words, the scholars would bless off on Arla products in Bahrain and the UAE and help simmer down the anti-Danish sentiments that they…

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Easter – Christian or Pagan?


Acharya S is a scholar classically educated in archaeology, history, mythology and languages. Acharya specializes in religion and mythology, critiquing and comparing them, and providing unique insights into their origins. Although born into a Christian (Congregationalist Protestant) family, Acharya does not subscribe to any particular religion, nor is she a hardcore “atheist.”



Female Pickering teacher charged with harrassing former student

PICKERING — A  criminal harassment charge has been laid against a teacher accused of stalking a former student in Pickering.

Durham police arrested the Toronto woman after a report she was seen outside a male teenager’s home Friday afternoon. Spokeswoman Jodi MacLean said police had been alerted about suspicious activity prior to Friday’s report. Police said the teen was “repeatedly contacted”.

“There had been previous complaints about this accused,” Ms. MacLean said.

“It was the victim and the victim’s family who called police in order to report this harassment was going on.”

The suspect is a teacher with the Durham District School Board, police said. They’ve withheld information about the complainant, who is under 18 and is still a student.

Police received a report that a woman had been seen watching the teen’s house from a parked car at about 12:30 p.m. Friday. They arrested a suspect at her Toronto home Monday, Ms. MacLean said.

Jennifer Kurka, 40, of Cree Avenue in Scarborough, faces a single charge of criminal harassment. She was released on an undertaking with conditions.

 Janet Edwards, superintendent of employee relations with the Durham District School Board, confirmed Ms. Kurka’s employment. The teacher has been on leave since the fall of 2013, she said.

Teachers facing criminal charges are typically suspended, she said.

“If charges like this or others are brought forward we would generally suspend the teacher during the process of the investigation,” Ms. Edwards said.

Ms. Edwards wasn’t able to say how long Ms. Kurka has been employed with DDSB.

Posts on a Twitter account attributed to @jennifer_kurka were being made as recently as Sunday, with the writer complaining about “bullying” by “high school kids”.

Another says, “Whoever you are stop bothering us! Call My lawyer!”

The lawyer named on the Twitter feed, David Oak, declined comment Tuesday.

“I’m not in a position to respond,” he said when asked about the charge.

Posts made Tuesday on another Twitter account linked to Ms. Kurka claim “Many, many adults and parents were aware of this situation and they did nothing to protect me from these malicious students that were playing with, bullying, manipulating, harassing (and) tormenting someone with mental health issues”. She indicates in her twitter feed she is a teacher at Pine Ridge Secondary School.

“These allegations are completely false,” reads another post on the account.

The ’77 Cents on the Dollar’ Myth About Women’s Pay



April 8 is “Equal Pay Day,” an annual event to raise awareness regarding the so-called gender wage gap. As President Obama said in the State of the Union address, women “still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns,” a claim echoed by the National Committee on Pay Equity, the American Association of University Women and other progressive groups.

The 23% gap implies that women work an extra 68 days to earn the same pay as a man. Mr. Obama advocates allowing women to sue for wage discrimination, with employers bearing the burden of proving they did not discriminate. But the numbers bandied about to make the claim of widespread discrimination are fundamentally misleading and economically illogical.

In its annual report, “Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2012,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that “In 2012, women who were full-time wage and salary workers had median usual weekly earnings of $691. On average in 2012, women made about 81% of the median earnings of male full-time wage and salary workers ($854).” Give or take a few percentage points, the BLS appears to support the president’s claim.

But every “full-time” worker, as the BLS notes, is not the same: Men were almost twice as likely as women to work more than 40 hours a week, and women almost twice as likely to work only 35 to 39 hours per week. Once that is taken into consideration, the pay gap begins to shrink. Women who worked a 40-hour week earned 88% of male earnings.

Then there is the issue of marriage and children. The BLS reports that single women who have never married earned 96% of men’s earnings in 2012.


The supposed pay gap appears when marriage and children enter the picture. Child care takes mothers out of the labor market, so when they return they have less work experience than similarly-aged males. Many working mothers seek jobs that provide greater flexibility, such as telecommuting or flexible hours. Not all jobs can be flexible, and all other things being equal, those which are will pay less than those that do not.

Education also matters. Even within groups with the same educational attainment, women often choose fields of study, such as sociology, liberal arts or psychology, that pay less in the labor market. Men are more likely to major in finance, accounting or engineering. And as the American Association of University Women reports, men are four times more likely to bargain over salaries once they enter the job market.

Risk is another factor. Nearly all the most dangerous occupations, such as loggers or iron workers, are majority male and 92% of work-related deaths in 2012 were to men. Dangerous jobs tend to pay higher salaries to attract workers. Also: Males are more likely to pursue occupations where compensation is risky from year to year, such as law and finance. Research shows that average pay in such jobs is higher to compensate for that risk.

While the BLS reports that full-time female workers earned 81% of full-time males, that is very different than saying that women earned 81% of what men earned for doing the same jobs, while working the same hours, with the same level of risk, with the same educational background and the same years of continuous, uninterrupted work experience, and assuming no gender differences in family roles like child care. In a more comprehensive study that controlled for most of these relevant variables simultaneously—such as that from economists June and Dave O’Neill for the American Enterprise Institute in 2012—nearly all of the 23% raw gender pay gap cited by Mr. Obama can be attributed to factors other than discrimination. The O’Neills conclude that, “labor market discrimination is unlikely to account for more than 5% but may not be present at all.”

These gender-disparity claims are also economically illogical. If women were paid 77 cents on the dollar, a profit-oriented firm could dramatically cut labor costs by replacing male employees with females. Progressives assume that businesses nickel-and-dime suppliers, customers, consultants, anyone with whom they come into contact—yet ignore a great opportunity to reduce wages costs by 23%. They don’t ignore the opportunity because it doesn’t exist. Women are not in fact paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men.

Administration officials are (very) occasionally challenged on their discrimination claims. The reply is that even if lower average female pay is a result of women’s choices, those choices are themselves driven by discrimination. Yet the choice of college major is quite free, and many colleges recruit women into high-paying science or math majors. Likewise, many women prefer to stay home with their children. If doing so allows their husbands to maximize their own earnings, it’s not clear that the families are worse off. It makes no sense to sue employers for choices made by women years or decades earlier.

The administration’s claims regarding the gender pay gap are faulty, and its proposal to make it easier for women to sue employers for equal pay would create a disincentive for firms to hire women.

Mr. Perry is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan’s Flint campus. Mr. Biggs is a resident scholar at AEI.


College kids falling to their deaths

Havard University


UPDATED: April 7, 2014, at 2:23 p.m.

Pforzheimer House resident Andrew Sun ’16 died at about 4 a.m. Monday morning at Massachusetts General Hospital, a little over 24 hours after he jumped from a building in downtown Boston.

Pforzheimer Co-House Masters Anne Harrington ’82 and John R. Durant broke the news of Sun’s death in an email to the House community shortly before 8 a.m. Monday morning.

In an interview with The Crimson shortly after, Harrington said that, “Very sadly, from all we understand at this point, this was not an accident.”

Northwest College


DENVER — A Wyoming college student visiting Denver on spring break jumped to his death after eating a marijuana cookie that his friend legally purchased in one of Colorado’s recreational pot shops, authorities said Wednesday.

An autopsy report lists marijuana intoxication as a “significant contributing factor” in the death of 19-year-old Levy Thamba Pongi, a native of the Republic of Congo who fell from a motel balcony on March 11.

It marked the first time the Denver medical examiner’s office has listed a marijuana edible as a contributor to a death, said Michelle Weiss-Samaras, a spokeswoman for the office.

“We have not had that,” she said.



University of Pennslyvania


School shocked by apparent suicide of freshman athlete

A 19-year-old college student jumped to her death Friday night shortly after posting an innocuous photo of a Philadelphia park on Instagram.

Madison Holleran, a freshman track star at the University of Pennsylvania, threw herself from a parking garage

A second University of Pennsylvania student has committed suicide almost three weeks after another student took her life, according to the Ivy League school’s student-led newspaper.

College sophomore and math whiz Elvis Hatcher, 18, reportedly died on Tuesday after hanging himself, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

Hatcher’s death marks the fourth Penn student death since winter break, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian. The most recent was 19-year-old freshman, Madison Holleran, who jumped to her death from a Philadelphia parking garage on January 17.

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University of Arizona

A college freshman died after he fell from a 20-foot cooling tower he was climbing on a dormitory roof.

Michael Anderson, 19, was a student at the University of Arizona. Campus police say the fall appears to be an accident.

Anderson and another student scaled an exterior wall of three-story Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall before 4 a.m. Friday to get to the roof, The Daily Wildcat reports.

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Female? Can’t Do The Job? You’re A Victim Of Sex Discrimination

Published on Feb 18, 2014

My apologies to all capable women who watch this, I’m aware that not all women are this useless and pathetic, but it’s understandable that society finds it near-impossible to take women seriously, when such pitiful beings like the ones in this video keep behaving as they do.


Australia: Bendigo Bank closes ‘Stop the Mosque’ group’s bank account

Australia: Bendigo Bank closes ‘Stop the Mosque’ group’s bank account

Do they give accounts to Muslims with four wives? Muslims who marry under age girls or take Australian girls as sex slaves? How about Muslims in Australia who call for sharia and jihad and have no regard for the lives of Australian citizens?  via Bendigo Bank stands by decision to close account of anti-mosque group – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). h/t Shiek Yer’mami

A bank is standing by its decision to close the account of a protest group which is fighting plans to build a mosque in the Victorian city of Bendigo.

The Bendigo Bank last week informed the Stop the Mosque group that it was closing the group’s account, saying the bank only wants to do business with organisations that share its values.

The group was raising funds for its fight against a mosque which is proposed for a site near Bendigo’s airport.

The bank’s decision has drawn criticism on social media, while local councillor Elise Chapman has accused the bank of trying to be the ‘moral police’.

“There’s a lot of other people – there’s murderers, paedophiles, criminals – everybody banks, and I’m sure that those people also have bank accounts at the bank,” Ms Chapman said.

“I don’t know when the bank becomes the moral police. If the bank was the moral police they’d have not that many customers.”

In a statement, the bank said this was a considered decision and the bank has a right to its own opinion.

It says Bendigo Bank wants to do business with organisations whose values align with its own.

It says the bank values tolerance and inclusiveness, qualities which are an important part of a strong community.

The ‘Jesus of history’ — Memory or Myth?

Historians and theologians have postulated a ‘Jesus of history’ in a hundred guises, many mutually exclusive and all assembled from the inadequate testimony of the gospel stories. But there is a simpler truth: the gospels record not a fragmentary memory of a man but a much redacted fable.


‘Empty tomb’ — Vacuous Nonsense

The entire edifice of the “Resurrection” hangs by the most tenuous of threads. A merest puff of rationality and the glorious nonsense falls into the dust.