CAIR trying to silence Muslim women film, Honor Diaries, about violence against women in Islam

Terrorist linked CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations, is trying to shut down Moslem women talking about violence in Islam. CAIR does not want anyone, not even Muslimas, talking about honor killings, child brides, female genital mutilation, muta, under Islam and in the Islamic world. The film and project is called Honor Diaries and it is several Muslim women talking about their experiences and their lives under repressive societies that they say are not Islamic or found in the Quran.

CAIR has excused Muslim women of promoting the false narrative of Islamophobia, which does not exist. The women appeared on Fox News Megyn Kelly show.



Megyn Kelly: CAIR Demanded a Retraction, It Ain’t Happening!


Megyn Kelly told her audience on Tuesday that CAIR wrote the show and demanded a retraction to their coverage of “Honor Diaries”. Megyn Kelly said, “We discussed this movie last night. And you won’t be surprised to hear, Brooke, that they wrote us an email demanding a retraction. Well, guess what? You’re not getting it!”




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