We’re out in front for people on the move

We’re out in front for people on the move

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hong Kong’s public transport system is again rated the world’s best after a study taking in 84 cities.

But the top ranking in “Future of Urban Mobility” from consultancy Arthur D Little has cautions for the road ahead.

The SAR’s mobility has been shaped largely by the MTR Corp, it’s noted, and improvements need more cooperation with others. It also lags in sharing cars and bikes.

Following a table-topping ride in the last survey, in 2011, the SAR had 58.2 points out of 100. Stockholm followed with 54.7.

Among perceived high points for Hong Kong was that public transport provides 64 percent of needs, the number of vehicles per capita is among the lowest in the survey, and smart-card penetration stands at 3.1 per person.


Car ownership is low at 73 per 1,000 people, and walking makes up 28 percent of getting around.




Professor Adèle Mercier: It Wasn’t Rape, He Was Asking For It? @queensjournal

There appears to be an ongoing campaign to discredit the Men’s Human Rights Movement by claiming we are violent and dangerous. It started with an unsubstantiated allegation that a Men’s Rights Activist threatened and then physically assaulted a feminist student. Despite the fact that to date no eyewitnesses, camera footage, or any other corroborating evidence that any MRA was involved in any physical altercation at Queen’s University, this report is now being used to try to deny any need for men to have their voices heard and issues explored free of feminist monitoring and approval.






the link to the online conversion with the professor in question