Feds accused Katy man of plotting politically motivated crime spree


Federal officials have arrested a Katy man who they say was plotting to commit a string of crimes as a part of a political movement.


Robert James Talbot Jr., 38, has been arrested and charged with attempted interference with commerce by robbery, solicitation to commit a crime of violence and possession of an explosive material, specifically C4. His arrest comes at the end of an eight-month undercover investigation by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The US Attorney’s Office says that according to the criminal complaint,Talbot wanted to recruit five to six other like-minded individuals to blow up government buildings, rob banks and kill law enforcement officers. Talbot allegedly created a Facebook page titled “American Insurgent Movement” (AIM). The complaint alleges he described that page as:

“a Pre-Constitutionalist Community that offers those who seek True patriotism and are looking for absolute Freedom by doing the Will of God. Who want to restore America Pre-Constitutionally and look forward to stopping the Regime with action by bloodshed.”

The criminal complaint further alleges Talbot made several postings on the page between January 30 and February 9, seeking people interested in “walking away from your life … to stop the regime.”

On March 15, Talbot allegedly posted again to the page:

“In a few weeks me and my team are goin active for Operation Liberty…I will not be able to post no more. We will be the revolution, things will happen nation wide or in the states. They will call us many names and spin things around on media. Just remember we fight to stop Marxism, liberalism, Central banking Cartels and the New World Order. I will try to find someone to take over this community page, but most of the guys who are admins are part of my unit. I will have a website up in 2 months…The funding is unlimited since the banking cartel will be forced to fund our movements.”

The complaint alleges that on March 20, Talbot conducted surveillance of multiple financial institutions in the northwest Houston area, monitoring the movements of people entering and exiting the banks. Talbot also allegedly followed an armored car, watching how personnel exited the vehicle and whether the carrier was picking up or dropping off bags.

On March 22, Talbot sent $500 as a down payment for the explosive devices he had requested, according to the complaint.

Two days later, Talbot allegedly claimed to have quit his job and was preparing for an armored car robbery. On March 27, Talbot and others met at a storage facility in Houston with the intent to conduct an armor car robbery that morning, according to allegations. Talbot allegedly provided detailed maps of the target financial institution as well as escape routes. The complaint further alleges he placed two explosive devices made of C4 into his black backpack and allegedly stated he would place the explosive device on the vehicle. He further instructed the group how to block the armored car with their vehicle to prevent it from leaving the location and provided a “manifesto” which was read to the group. “We must rebel. There is no other option no. Blood and bullets are the only two things that will change this world, short of divine action.”

While en route to conduct the armored car robbery, Talbot was arrested and taken into custody by the FBI Houston Division Special Weapons and Tactics team.

If convicted, he faces up to a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment and a possible $250,000 fine for the attempted robbery as well as another 10 years imprisonment and $100,000 fine for each of the remaining charges.



Report: GOP States Are Most Dependent On Federal Funds

Despite their sharp criticisms of federal spending, Republican states are the most dependent on government funds, according to a new Wallet Hub report.

Mississippi, a state mired in poverty and racism, takes about $3 in federal spending for every $1 dollar that state taxpayers contribute. The Magnolia State ties with New Mexico when it comes to dependency on government funds.

South Carolina taxpayers contribute $1 per capita for every $7.87 in federal funds funneled to the state.

The state with the lowest return on taxpayer investment is South Carolina. Its citizens pay $1 in taxes per capita for every $7.87 in federal funding received.

Ironically, Democratic states are less likely to depend on government funding, receiving fewer government contracts, fewer direct payments while simultaneously having a higher tax rate.

Red states under President Barack Obama have very publicly tried to distance themselves from government spending by refusing to expand healthcare for families and individuals in need, as well as working to reduce economic assistance via the SNAP program.

Despite this, Republican states still depend on the federal government to function.


Report: GOP States Are Most Dependent On Federal Funds

The Model Minority is a Lever of White Supremacy

The Asian American model minority myth has been getting a lot of attention lately. Articles like this one, in Colorlines, and posts here on Race Files like thisone and this one are just a few among a growing number of attempts to speak to the origins and meaning of the Asian American model minority. To me, that’s great news. Anti-black racism may be the fulcrum, or pivot point, of white supremacy, but the model minority myth is one of white supremacy’s many levers.

The articles referenced here all make the important point that the model minority is a deceit, conjured up by Asian American civil rights leaders in the middle of the last century in order to secure the citizenship of Asians in the U.S. at a time when we were considered so indelibly foreign and dangerous that the Japanese were subjected to mass incarceration, while the Chinese were targeted by McCarthy-style anti-communist witch hunts.

To promote the myth, many unflattering facts of life in the Asian ghettos of the period were suppressed. Meanwhile, Asian American accomplishments in the arts, business, and, most of all, World War II were touted as indicators of Asians’ suitability for citizenship and ability to vertically integrate themselves into the white middle class.

In other words, the Asian American model minority myth was a shield against the persecution of the Chinese and Japanese in the U.S. Sadly, that shield was quickly picked up by opponents of the Black Civil Rights and Black Power movements and used as a weapon against Black Americans who were stereotyped as a “problem minority,” mired in crime, unemployment and inter-generational poverty because of cultural deficits they would do well to overcome by making like Asians and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.