20/20 Investigates: International Churches of Christ – ICOC Report- Is the ICOC a Cult? (1993)

ABC’s 20/20 “Believe It Or Else” – Investigates Cases of International Churches of Christ. In this video you can see a Documentary Television Program about the history and operation of the ICOC. Includes Interview with Al Baird. This report made at October 15, 1993





Kip Mckean resigned from the ICOC and founded a new church called the International Christian churches this new church  has the same cultic abuse


post ICOC after 2003



1.) There is a reformist group that has taken heed to Henry Kriete and others, who are actively trying to make things better and change.

2) There is a moderate group that, while they recognize that reform is necessary, feel that the current rate of reform is sufficient and believe that the abuses will be taken care of, eventually. They do not feel that they need to go to the perceived ‘extreme’ measures of the reformist group, to be radical about reform.

3) There is a conservative or traditionalist group, that feel that Kriete’s letter and other criticisms (even positive ones) are just being used by the enemies of the ICC in trying to tear it down, and that the ICC has become ‘soft’ and ‘weak’. They want to return to the glory days of old, when things were more black-and-white and definitive (for instance, mandatory disciplers telling people what to do). This group is divided however; some want a return of a high power, Kip, but others do not want Kip to return. Read UpCyberDown and you’ll see many of these comments.

  • Members must be “sold-out,” completely committed disciples (their word for “Christian”)
  • The One True Church of the Bible is made up of only “sold-out” disciples who hold to the correct beliefs, including water baptism by immersion for the forgiveness of sins.



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