Michael Coren – Islamic Sharia law adopted by British legal chiefs

while feminazis are using twitter to call for the genocide of men. islamists with the help of their dhimmi slaves are imposing sharia




Calls for a Parliamentary inquiry into the scale of Islamic law in the UK are mounting after the body representing solicitors in England and Wales issued formal guidance on making “Sharia compliant” wills.

The Law Society was accused of giving its stamp of approval to discriminatory practices after it published advice on writing wills which deny women an equal share and exclude “illegitimate” children or unbelievers.



Gender doesn’t belong on birth certificate, insane mom says

A Saskatoon mom has filed a human rights complaint over the province’s requirement for sex to be listed on birth certificates.

“I think it’s premature to identify a gender for someone (in infancy),” Fran Forsberg said in an interview. “Who are we to say what a person’s gender is?” Forsberg’s six-year old daughter Renn was born male, but around the age of three began to express herself as a girl. Renn had started showing self-destructive behaviour, but that ceased when she began “gravitating to what society says (are) female clothes,” Forsberg said.

“As soon as we listened to our child and allowed her to be who she is, then she was a lot happier,” she said, noting birth certificates are used for registering for school, library cards and licences.

Renn’s birth certificate identifies her as male. Forsberg said she doesn’t “feel like that’s anyone’s business.”

That ‘M’ or ‘F’ can be changed if a person has sexual reassignment surgery, but “there are trans people who don’t want to alter their bodies,” Forsberg said.

The discrepancy can cause problems – such as a female adult trying to enter the U.S. when her birth certificate identifies her as male, she said.

While Forsberg acknowledged sex and gender are separate issues, she said she still questions the need to record a newborn’s sex.



California’s Senate To Declare Women Are Houseplants

There is a bill presently active on the floor of the California State Senate, which if passed into state law, will legally redefine almost all consensual sex as rape. It is California Senate Bill 967.

The full title of the bill is : An act to add Section 67386 to the Education Code, relating to student safety.

It certainly relates to student safety. It makes all sexual activity completely unsafe for male students. If a male student has any sexual contact of any kind with a female colleague, no matter how much both parties to such contact participated of their own choice and volition, the simple fact that a male student has a sexual identity is enough to send him to jail as a rapist.

How does consensual sex come to be defined as rape under the new proposed State law?

Section 1.a.1 of the senate bill’s text includes the following phrase:

“Consent must be present throughout sexual activity”

And this consent is explicitly not the nonverbal agreement that almost all sexual activities in the entire history of the human species have been conducted under for the span of recorded time. No sir. Consent, as defined in the language of Senate Bill 967 requires

“An affirmative consent standard in the determination of whether consent was given by a complainant. “Affirmative consent” is a freely and affirmatively communicated willingness to participate in particular sexual activity or behavior, expressed either by words or clear, unambiguous actions. It is the responsibility of the person who wants to engage in the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the consent of the other person to engage in the sexual activity. Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent. For that reason, relying solely on nonverbal communication can lead to misunderstanding.” (and jail)

Anything less is rape, so says the law. Or, so it will say when Senate Bill 967 passes into statute.

This bill, once law, will jail thousands of young men as rapists – and none of them will have committed rape, except as defined by a new legal standard no sane adult would ever agree is anything except normal, non-pathological, non-coercive, and nonviolent consensual sex. But in the language of California Senate Bill 967, that will, under color of law, be rape. If you live in the state of California, then you, or perhaps your son, will be jailed by it. He will be ruined for his lifetime. Rendered a criminal, a sex offender, and a casualty of your inattention and indifference.

If you are a woman in California, particularly, if you are of college age, or a more mature returning student, the implications of this potential law are a little different for you.

We will set aside, for the present, any considerations of compassion or concern you might have for male friends, colleagues or relations.







4 in 10 high school boys, young men report coerced sex

Forty-three percent of U.S. high school boys and young college men report they had an unwanted sexual experience — 95 percent with a woman.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2014/03/25/4-in-10-high-school-boys-young-men-report-coerced-sex/3421395770501/#ixzz2xCH8KZiD




Rosewood was a Black town in the American state of Florida that was burned to the ground in 1923 by Whites. The state of Florida says eight died: six Blacks, two Whites. Survivors say between 40 to 150 died, nearly all of them Black. Several eyewitnesses saw a mass grave of Blacks with maybe 27 bodies, but to date it has not been found.

No Whites were ever charged with a crime, though the state did pay reparations in 1994.

Rosewood seemed to get along with the neighbouring White town of Sumner. But then one morning, on Monday January 1st 1923, Fannie Taylor, a White woman of Sumner, came out of her house screaming that a Black man had beat her up. Rumours cried rape.

Bloodhounds led the police and a gang of armed White men to Rosewood, to wagon tracks behind the house of Aaron Carrier

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Unpaid internships at magazines new target of Ontario labour ministry

Two of Canada’s highest profile magazines have been told by the Ontario Ministry of Labour to immediately end their internship programs after complaints about unfair labour practices.

The Walrus and Toronto Life magazines will shut down their programs on Friday, after an inspector from the ministry informed the publications that their programs, which brought in aspiring journalists, designers, and others for temporary unpaid stints, contravened the Employment Standards Act.


Islamic centre concerns about parking, not religion: Mayor

MISSISSAUGA — Objection doesn’t mean discrimination, Mayor Hazel McCallion told the hundreds of people who came out to City Hall on Monday evening for a public meeting on a proposed 18,000-sq.-ft. Islamic centre in Meadowvale.


McCallion told the crowd that the critical issue is parking and cited examples of several places of worship in Mississauga – including mosques and also churches – where parking is simply out of control. The mayor said parking problems have even occurred at her church in Streetsville and it’s due to the changing nature of places of worship where those institutions are drawing people from across a city where, in the past, they typically had parishioners just from within their own neighbourhood.

The mayor said it bothers her that people of faith will park their cars illegally and haphazardly when they can’t find spaces at their place of worship. She noted that when the City tagged and towed a number of vehicles near a mosque on South Sheridan Way due to parking issues, the matter was brought before the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

“Please don’t mention discrimination in my presence because it’s not that,” said McCallion.

There was a great deal of interest in the proposal and Council Chambers were so packed many people sat in the aisles or had to stand. City officials had to open another room with a televised link to Council Chambers to accommodate all the residents who turned out.

Officials with the Meadowvale Islamic Centre applied to the City of Mississauga in August for rezoning permission to build the centre on properties located at 6496 and 6508 Winston Churchill Blvd. If approved, the centre will have prayer areas for men and women, classrooms and a medium-sized gymnasium for youth.

They plan to build 115 parking spaces. The proposed two-storey building will also include a dome about 60 feet high with a minaret that will reach 88 feet.

Glen Broll, a partner with Glen Schnarr and Associates, who are representing the landowners, said they purchased the land with the goal of building the centre as they don’t have a permanent home to worship. He conceded it’s a contentious issue for the community but they’re working to fit in.

“(We’re) trying to integrate this into the neighbourhood and I think we’ve achieved that,” said Broll.

Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito said she’s received more than 500 letters and emails about the project and the vast majority were opposed to it. The councillor said the biggest concern she hears is parking and that, based on past experience, the 115 spaces will not be enough.

Other concerns she’s heard include the safety of students in the area and that the height and size of the building are too great. The councillor said she’s worked with the landowners to try and find another location that would be more “suitable” for a building of that size.

Saito said her concerns about the project aren’t about what religion will be practiced in it.

“I’ve been asked if this was a synagogue, or a church, if I would have the same concerns and my answer is yes,” said Saito.

Tahir I. Qureshi, trustee and chairperson with Meadowvale Islamic Centre, previously told The News his organization has been forced to rent space in Mississauga to host their prayer and religious services or if they wish to have classes or activities for their members. The goal is to build the centre so there will be a location in Meadowvale for their community to use.

Meanwhile, Ward 7 Councillor Nando Iannicca said he wasn’t sure why there was a fuss being made about the parking because the centre’s 115 space would meet the threshold according to the City’s formula for determining the appropriate number of spaces.

Some residents spoke in favour of the proposal, saying it would give them a place of worship in their own community, would allow them to learn about their religion and would be accessible for those in Meadowvale without access to a car. Those opposed argued about parking issues and traffic along Winston Churchill Blvd. and took issue with the size of the building.

City planning staff still have to take a position on the rezoning request and will return with their decision at a later date.



TD Bank notary in Cranford accused of denying service to atheist organization

David Silverman, who heads American Atheists from their Cranford headquarters, visited the bank Tuesday with Managing Director Amanda Knief to get charitable organization registrations for several states notarized. Silverman said he had been to the bank a dozen times in the past to get documents notarized, and had never had a problem.

On Tuesday, though, Silverman said the notary asked about their organization and then refused to validate their paperwork.

“Amanda explained what we do, and (the notary) said, ‘Okay, well, I’m not going to do this for you. For personal reasons I’m not going to do this for you,’ and went to find someone else,” Silverman said.

The employee got another notary, Silverman said, and he notarized the documents.


Whether or not the alleged refusal was illegal, Silverman said, it did run afoul of the first guiding principle in the Notary Public’s Code of Professional Responsibility, which reads: The notary shall not refuse to perform a lawful and proper notarial act because of the signer’s race, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, politics, lifestyle, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

“This person is state-licensed to do a public service, and she discriminated on basis of religion,” Silverman said. “I don’t think it should work this way. I don’t think people should go through a process to determine whether or not the notary approves of them.”



Feminazis aka feminists using #killallmen on twitter calling for the mass murder and genocide of men

this for for all the angry feminists who get upset at my “teach men not to rape” posting.



and yes feminism since the 1960s-70s is an anti-male hate movement some of them do this covertly using terms like “rape culture” and constantly seeing men and oppressors and blaming men for woman’s problems, thinking they speak for all women denying them agency.




On Sunday, liberal feminists on Twitter issued a number of messages calling for the death of all men using the hashtag “#killallmen,” Infowars reported Monday.

“Imagine the outrage if a group of male bigots had descended on the social network to promote the trend #killallwomen – accounts would be deleted and feminists would be up in arms at such a brazen display of misogyny,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote.

Watson posted a number of tweets and a video showing some of the messages.

“My housemate changed supermarkets because the security man wouldn’t stop asking for her number. #killallmen,” one person tweeted.

“A guy I barely know tried to hit on me with Smiths lyrics. Then another guy I barely know basically gave me a friendzone rant. #killallmen,” another person said.

One tweet by a male feminist said men’s rights activists should “go away and die.”

Some even discussed how men should be murdered.

“Stabbing is not my preferred method for #killallmen, TBH. Too messy,” one person said.

“Archery early tomorrow morning. Preparing for when it’s time to #killallmen,” another person tweeted.

Some messages fell short of genocide, but called for a massive reduction in the number of men on the planet.

“Not endorsing that we #killallmen, (some of my best friends, etc), but reducing men to 1 in 4 would solve many of Society’s problems,” one person said.

“This person isn’t well,” said Michael McKenna. “There’s nothing to be gained here.”

The hate-filled rhetoric continued Monday, according to a search of Twitter.

The idea of exterminating men is not new.

In 1967, for example, Valerie Solanas wrote a particularly vile, profane screed called the “SCUM Manifesto.” SCUM stands for “Society for Cutting Up Men.”

“SCUM will kill all men who are not in the Men’s Auxiliary of SCUM,” Solanas wrote.

“Of course,” Watson wrote, “no one is suggesting that feminists really want to wipe out the male population, that would be silly, but then again some of the tweets actually do call for outright genocide.”

One person said the hatred behind the “#killallmen” hashtag is “real enough” and proves that militant feminism is a movement motivated by hate.