For the Record: System Failure – The Boston Bombing


Published on Dec 8, 2013

Well in advance of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings in April, federal law enforcement officials were warned on numerous occasions that radicalization was taking place within the Boston Islamic community.

For The Record Exposes Radicalized Foundation of the Mosque Attended by the Accused Boston Bombers
The remains of a black backpack that the FBI said contained one of the bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon. (AP)
It was a subject that many law enforcement officials chose to ignore or failed to acknowledge out of fear of being branded anti-Islamic or out of complacency, counterterrorism experts told TheBlaze TV’s “For The Record,” an investigative news magazine show that airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET.

The failure to act on evidence that Islamic radicalization was taking place in Boston led to the deaths of three people and more than 265 wounded attendees who were caught in the path of flying shrapnel from two homemade pressure cooker bombs, experts said. When the dust settled, the people of Boston and its survivors, many of whom were severely maimed, questioned why federal and local law enforcement missed so many warning signs.

On tonight’s show, “For The Record — System Failure: The Boston Bombing,” TheBlaze network exposes the radicalized foundation of the Islamic Society of Boston, where the Tsarnaev brothers attended mosque services.

Losing Our Sons Condensed Version

Published on Sep 5, 2012

A searing true story from America’s heartland, Losing Our Sons tells of two American families whose lives intersected through a shattering act of violence. Melvin Bledsoe, a small business owner in Memphis, watched with pride as his son Carlos went to Tennessee State University in Nashville to better his life. Daris Long, an ex-Marine, felt honored that his son, Andy, chose to follow in his footsteps by joining the military. But when Carlos Bledsoe murdered Andy Long in Little Rock, Arkansas, both fathers had to face a new kind of American nightmare. As Melvin followed the trail that led Carlos from Nashville to Yemen and then to Little Rock, Daris confronted an American government that seemed in denial about what happened to his son. This powerful documentary provides a moment of clarity for Americans who care about their country’s future.



Facts on Men

Men are:

99.999% of American combat deaths and casualties (historically)

97%+ since the 1st Gulf War (DOD)

“The numbers of wounded women and female amputees, meanwhile, are considerably less than their male counterparts–at least 378 wounded versus 17,490; 11 amputees versus over 400–but they are historic for modern day warfare.”

A Pentagon study published in March on the mental health of soldiers returning from deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan found that more than one- third of U.S. soldiers received psychological counseling. A statistic buried in the study: 23.6 percent of women reported a mental health concern compared with 18.6 percent of men.

(currently, women are not even required by law to register for selective service, but even mentally challenged and physically disabled men are, in addition to all the healthy ones)

In contrast, women get every veteran’s benefit a man does, yet comprise less than 3% of combat deaths or casualties and a woman makes the cover of Time magazine (person of the year/2003 standing in front of two men.



Men are 93% of industrial deaths and accident (NIOSH)

Even though murder is the leading workplace cause of death for women, a statistic often used by gender feminists, that number is only a percentage of the 6% of workplace deaths that women comprise.  In other words, a fraction of a small fraction.

One example:

Between 1890 and 1917, two hundred thirty thousand (230,000) [male] railroad workers were killed. One of the most dangerous jobs was “brakeman.”  Each car had to be stopped manually and it was the brakeman’s job to stop four or five cars.  The brakeman walked on top of the RR cars and turned a wheel, putting the brakes “on” for each car.  It was not unheard of for a brakeman to be thrown from the top of a RR car.

Source:  Freight Trains, Modern Marvels, The History Channel, 2006

Men are:

  • 76% of homicide victims – DOJ
  • 80% of Suicide victims – CDC

# Suicide took the lives of 30,622 people in 2001 (CDC 2004).
# Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death for all U.S. men (Anderson and Smith 2003).
# 24,672 suicide deaths reported among men in 2001.
24,672 / 30,622 = .8056952

In other words, over 80% of all suicide deaths in 2001 were male.


“Suicide ranks 11th among causes of death in the US, with 30,622 completed suicides in 2001. It is the 3rd leading cause of death among people 15 to 24 yr. Men ? 75 yr have the highest rate of death by suicide. Among all age groups, male deaths by suicide outnumber female deaths by 4:1.”


“The other most common suicide victims are divorced and/or estranged fathers like Derrick Miller. In fact, a divorced father is ten times more likely to commit suicide than a divorced mother, and three times more likely to commit suicide than a married father.


Women are the majority of perpetrators of child abuse:

Page 80 of this file

Page 81 of this file

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Page 82 of this file

Page 87 of this file

Page 81 of this file

Men are the overwhelming majority of rape victims.

Male rape has been called “The most closely guarded secret of American prisons.” (Weiss and Friar 1974)

There are estimated to be over 200,000 male rapes per year in American prisons and jails.

Meanwhile A United Nations statistical report compiled from government sources showed that more than 250,000 cases of male-female rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually. The reported data covered 65 countries.

According to the 2009 United States National Crime Victimization Survey estimates, only 55% of rapes and sexual assaults were reported to law enforcement officials. When a male is raped, less than 10% are believed to be reported. Female-male and female-female rape are ignored altogether in this survey.

Other facts regarding men and rape:

Overall, the victims of rape related to childhood sexual abuse are more often male than female, 6.7% to 5.6% respectively.

Dube, et al

* 2.1% of men reported forced vaginal sex compared to 1.6% of women in a relationship in the previous year. From: Predictors of Sexual Coersion.

*94% of sexually abused youth in correctional facilities reported being abused by female staff. From: Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities, 2008-09.

* Among inmates reporting staff sexual misconduct, ~ 65% reported a female aggressor. From: Sexual Victimization in Prisons and Jails Reported by Inmates, 2008-09.

* 50% of homeless youth reported being sexually abused by a female. From: It’s Not What You Think: Sexually Exploited Youth in British Columbia.

Additionally, the rates of inmate-on-inmate sexual abuse reported by women were dramatically higher than the corresponding rates reported by men: among prisoners, 6.9 percent versus 1.7 percent. Men, on the other hand, reported higher rates than women of sexual misconduct by staff members (most of which is committed by staff of the opposite sex),3and in juvenile detention, boys reported much higher rates of abuse by staff than girls did—most, again, committed by women.

When men seek assistance after experiencing intimate partner violence, they frequently encounter a lack of services and workers in the domestic violence industry who are hostile to them.

Much of this mistreatment is based on a fault-ridden paradigm in the mental health industry.

A woman is the party filing for divorce in about 66% of divorce cases.

“How often was it that many more of women wanted the divorce more than the men?
2/3. The same as the amount responsible for divorce filings. And yet another study of divorced couples found that the majority of divorced wives and husbands both agreed it was the wife who wanted out.”


Women receive custody in about 84% of child custody cases.

In the spring of 2002, an estimated 13.4 million parents had custody of 21.5 million children under 21 years of age whose other parent lived somewhere else. About 5 of every 6 custodial parents were mothers (84.4 percent) and 1in 6 were fathers (15.6 percent), proportions statistically unchanged since 1994

(Table A).

According to Los Angeles divorce consultant Jayne Major:

“Divorced men are often devastated by the loss of their children. It’s a little known fact that in the United States men initiate only a small number of the divorces involving children. Most of the men I deal with never saw their divorces coming, and they are often treated very unfairly by the family courts.’”

Paternity fraud is rampant in the U.S.

10-30% of those named as fathers who test for paternity find they are not the biological father.


Not only is all this imbalance around marriage and children unfair to men, we must also consider that the damaged inflicted on fatherless children is staggering:

  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average.
  • 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)
  • 80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes –14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26)
  • 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report)
  • 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes – 10 times the average. (Rainbows for All God’s Children)
  • 70% of youths in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. 1988)
  • 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction)


Of the top fifteen leading causes of death, men lead in 12 categories, are tied in two and trail in one. Even though more women die of heart disease each year, men die of heart disease many years earlier.

There is blatant anti-male discrimination in the criminal justice system and the sentencing disparity between men and women exceeds that between whites and any other minority.

Avg sentences for crime by gender:

Female – 18.51 months
Male – 51.52 months

“Judge bashes Probation Department for gender bias in favor of leniency for girls”

The 2006 United States’ rate of incarceration of 751 inmates per 100,000 population is the highest reported rate in the world, well ahead of the Russian rate of 628 per 100,000.

93% of the prison population is male with over 60% having no High School education.   America has now passed Russia as the country that has the largest percentage of its population incarcerated, yet we still claim to be the freest country on earth.

The number of persons on probation and parole has been growing dramatically along with institutional populations. There are now 7.2 million Americans incarcerated or on probation or parole, an increase of more than 290 percent since 1980.

The problem of sentencing disparities is compounded by an epidemic of false accusations:

205 (and growing) wrongly convicted people have been exonerated by DNA evidence since the beginning of the Innocence Project.

204 of the wrongly convicted were men.

Most of them were falsely imprisoned for rape.

As we saw in the Duke Lacrosse rape case  fiasco, false accusers are rarely prosecuted and when they are it is only as a misdemeanor (at most), while rape itself is vigorously prosecuted as a felony. The Duke false accuser, Crystal Gayle Mangum went on to commit assault, arson and finally murder before authorities made a good faith intervention.

One attorney speaking at premiere for the movie, After Innocence, estimates that there are between 20,000 and 100,000 wrongly convicted still in prison.

Valid research puts the estimated false rape reporting rate at 41%


Capital Punishment Targets Men Almost Exclusively

Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, there have been over 1,200 executions in the United States. Eleven of them, or less than 1%, were women. This stands in stark contrast considering women commit, by DOJ estimates, 10% of all murders, are involved in 35% of all domestic homicides (are involved often means they get other people to kill for them) and nearly 30% of murders where the victim was another family member.

We hear a lot about the historical oppression of women’s voting rights, but few if any women who were born in the 20th century were ever without the right to vote in their lifetime, upon reaching legal voting age.  On the other hand, around 2400 hundred California men (42% of CA men killed in Vietnam) gave their life for their country without being allowed by their country to vote.  The exact number is 2,381.  Four of the twelve Iwo Jimo flag raisers died for their country without their country ever allowing them the right to vote.

“The youngest Vietnam KIA is believed to be Dan Bullock USMC, at 15 years old.
At least 5 men killed in Vietnam were 16 years old.
At least 12 men killed in Vietnam were 17 years old.
There are 120 persons who listed foreign countries as their home of record.
At least 25,000 of those killed were 20 years old or younger.
The oldest man killed was 62 years old.”

If you do a full count on all the men in the 20th century who died for their country without being allowed to vote the numbers will be staggering.

In America there are over 270 women’s commissions, but only one for men in New Hampshire.

There are over 700 Women’s Studies programs on colleges and universities throughout the United States teaching thousands or tens of thousands of classes from the gender feminist perspective, but not one program or class, teaching men’s studies from the masculist perspective.

Men are fully half of the victims  of domestic violence (26% of intimate partner homicides), yet are denied service at most tax payer funded domestic violence shelters.

The CDC reports that in cases of non-reciprocal intimate partner violence (one directional) that women are more than twice as likely to be the aggressor. The report cites that women comprise 70% of perpetrators, men 29%.

In the largest collection of studies on intimate partner violence known, Martin Fiebert of the California State University, Longbeach offers the following:

SUMMARY:  This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.  The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.


In another study the CDC lists male victims of domestic violence at more than 34%, but men injured in Iraq (and all other men) are by law in California excluded from domestic violence shelter services. Only one shelter in Lancaster, CA accepts men and it has been extensively harassed for doing so.

That harassment is a systemic problem with origins that emanate from academe. Dr. Murray Straus, an internationally recognized expert on intimate partner violence published the following paper outlining the various ways that feminist ideologues suppress data and research on IPV that demonstrates gender symmetry in its incidence.


Men are subject to extreme discrimination in healthcare.

Men today die on average 6 years sooner than women.  In 1920 the variance was one year.  The death rates for prostate and breast cancer are similar, but because men die of other things more frequently-accidents ,war, heart disease etc., there are fewer men left to die of prostate cancer.  This is akin to saying people from a nation like Zimbabwe are immune to Alzheimer’s- but in fact they die of other things before they can get old enough to contract Alzheimer’s.

To date, there are numerous federal offices on women’s health, and not a single one for men. Also, the lion’s share of gender specific medical research is done on behalf of women.

Men and boys are suffering decline in the educational system. Department of Education graph:


Boys are facing a significantly harder time in early education than girls


Yet girls, from primary education through college still benefit from many more special programs designed to help them gain “equality” with males.

The wage gap myth based on the “comparable worth” paradigm:

More sources debunking the wage gap myth:

While men make more money than women on average, women control and spend vastly more money than men.


Pocketbook Power: How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today’s Most Coveted Consumer – Women
Bernice Kanner
From the Back Cover

Women as an economically disadvantaged group is a myth that negatively affects men.

Not too long ago, legendary adman David Ogilvy chided his peers for talking down to women. He berated those who ignored women or discounted them, misconstruing men’s higher paychecks to mean greater spending clout. And he was right. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, women–who comprise just over 51 percent of the U.S. population, making them the largest consumer segment in the country–control six trillion dollars in buying power annually. Statistics show that:

Women make 88 percent of all U.S. retail purchases. Some experts even predict that, by 2020, women will control most of the money in America.

Women control or jointly control 88 percent of all purchases.

Women handle 75 percent of family finances. 43 percent of those with assets over $500,000 are women.

Women influence two out of every three of the 3 trillion dollars spent in the U.S. each year.

Despite the fact that millions of women choose to stay home full-time and work only part-time or not at all, far more commonly than men are afforded this choice, women own or co-own close to half of all businesses in America. (See: 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, p. 36.

Men pay the majority of social security taxes and are outlived by six years by women, but the government makes no fair adjustment to how those funds are distributed.

In summary, men experience systematic discrimination in parenting, domestic violence policies, education, criminal sentencing, paternity, forced labor, military conscription, public health policies, genital integrity, false accusations, reproductive rights, portrayal by the media and in the coverage of their issues by the news media.

Misandry is often expressed through racism.

From Scottsboro An American Tragedy.

“The protection of white womanhood, it might be the pivot around all Southern culture. Of the 5,000 people who were lynched from 1880 to 1940, most were black men accused of raping or sexually assaulting white women.” – Robin Kelly, Historian

From American Man

“In 1931, two white women stepped from a boxcar in Paint Rock, Alabama to make a shocking accusation: they had been raped by nine black teenagers on the train.” … ”- a poor white woman whose lie lends her respectability…”
PBS Home Video

Scottsboro An American Tragedy
The case that sparked the civil rights movement

As we have seen with the “war on drugs,” legislation like VAWA, primary aggressor laws, mandatory arrest laws and the like have a disproportionately negative effect on minorities and other low income populations.


“slut shaming” is mostly done by women

science is fun and it can and will destroy feminist myths


A cold war fought by women


How aggressive is the human female? When the anthropologist Sarah B. Hrdy surveyed the research literature three decades ago, she concluded that “the competitive component in the nature of women remains anecdotal, intuitively sensed, but not confirmed by science.”


Science has come a long way since then, as Dr. Hrdy notes in her introduction to a recent issue ofPhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society devoted entirely to the topic of female aggression. She credits the “stunning” amount of new evidence partly to better research techniques and partly to the entry of so many women into scientific fields once dominated by men.

The existence of female competition may seem obvious to anyone who has been in a high-school cafeteria or a singles bar, but analyzing it has been difficult because it tends be more subtle and indirect (and a lot less violent) than the male variety. Now that researchers have been looking more closely, they say that this “intrasexual competition” is the most important factor explaining the pressures that young women feel to meet standards of sexual conduct and physical appearance.

The old doubts about female competitiveness derived partly from an evolutionary analysis of the reproductive odds in ancient polygynous societies in which some men were left single because dominant males had multiple wives. So men had to compete to have a chance of reproducing, whereas virtually all women were assured of it.

But even in those societies, women were not passive trophies for victorious males. They had their own incentives to compete with one another for more desirable partners and more resources for their children. And now that most people live in monogamous societies, most women face the same odds as men. In fact, they face tougher odds in some places, like the many college campuses with more women than men.

To see how female students react to a rival, researchers brought pairs of them into a laboratory at McMaster University for what was ostensibly a discussion about female friendships. But the real experiment began when another young woman entered the room asking where to find one of the researchers.

This woman had been chosen by the researchers, Tracy Vaillancourtand Aanchal Sharma, because she “embodied qualities considered attractive from an evolutionary perspective,” meaning a “low waist-to-hip ratio, clear skin, large breasts.” Sometimes, she wore a T-shirt and jeans, other times a tightfitting, low-cut blouse and short skirt.

In jeans, she attracted little notice and no negative comments from the students, whose reactions were being secretly recorded during the encounter and after the woman left the room. But when she wore the other outfit, virtually all the students reacted with hostility.

They stared at her, looked her up and down, rolled their eyes and sometimes showed outright anger. One asked her in disgust, “What the [expletive] is that?”

Most of the aggression, though, happened after she left the room. Then the students laughed about her and impugned her motives. One student suggested that she dressed that way in order to have sex with a professor. Another said that her breasts “were about to pop out.”

The results of the experiment jibe with evidence that this “mean girl” form of indirect aggression is used more by adolescents and young women than by older women, who have less incentive to handicap rivals once they marry. Other studies have shown that the more attractive an adolescent girl or woman is, the more likely she is to become a target for indirect aggression from her female peers.

“Women are indeed very capable of aggressing against others, especially women they perceive as rivals,” said Dr. Vaillancourt, now a psychologist at the University of Ottawa. “The research also shows that suppression of female sexuality is by women, not necessarily by men.”

Stigmatizing female promiscuity — a.k.a. slut-shaming — has often been blamed on men, who have a Darwinian incentive to discourage their spouses from straying. But they also have a Darwinian incentive to encourage other women to be promiscuous. Dr. Vaillancourt said the experiment and other research suggest the stigma is enforced mainly by women.

“Sex is coveted by men,” she said. “Accordingly, women limit access as a way of maintaining advantage in the negotiation of this resource. Women who make sex too readily available compromise the power-holding position of the group, which is why many women are particularly intolerant of women who are, or seem to be, promiscuous.”

Indirect aggression can take a psychological toll on women who are ostracized or feel pressured to meet impossible standards, like the vogue of thin bodies in many modern societies. Studies have shown that women’s ideal body shape is to be thinner than average — and thinner than what men consider the ideal shape to be. This pressure is frequently blamed on the ultrathin female role models featured in magazines and on television, but Christopher J. Ferguson and other researchers say that it’s mainly the result of competition with their peers, not media images.

“To a large degree the media reflects trends that are going on in society, not creates them,” said Dr. Ferguson, a psychologist at Stetson University. He found that women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies did not correlate with what they watched on television at home. Nor were they influenced by TV programs shown in laboratory experiments: Watching the svelte actresses on “Scrubs” induced no more feelings of inferiority than watching the not-so-svelte star of “Roseanne.”

But he found that women were more likely to feel worse when they compared themselves with peers in their own social circles, or even if they were in a room with a thin stranger, like the assistant to Dr. Ferguson who ran an experiment with female college students. When she wore makeup and sleek business attire, the students were less satisfied with their own bodies than when she wore baggy sweats and no makeup. And they felt still worse when there was an attractive man in the room with her.

“Sexual competition among females seems to increase due to circumstances that tend to be particularly common in affluent societies,” Dr. Ferguson said.

In traditional villages, people married at an early age to someone nearby, but young men and women in modern societies are free to postpone marriage as they search long and far for better options. The result is more competition because there are so many more rivals — and there’s no longer any scientific doubt that both sexes are in to win it.

Humanitybites: The Female Paedophile

Author Michele Elliott of ‘Kidscape’, in an interview recorded in 2004, provides an insight into women who sexually abuse children and covers how Feminists have attempted to suppress the reality of the high prevalence of female abusers.



A feminist said WHAT?


Witch-Hunt Against Wilders

On March 19, 2014, local elections were held in the Netherlands. On the eve of the election, party leaders celebrated their victories (or losses, as it were, for most parties). During the festivities Dutch politician Geert Wilders appeared in the Hague, one of the two cities in which Wilders’ party, the PVV (Party for Freedom), participated in this election. In a rousing speech before enthusiastic party supporters, Wilders asked the audience if they wanted a bit less local taxation and fewer Moroccans. The audience shouted, “Less! Less! Less!” This created a storm of protest from just about everyone in the country. Wilders’ remark was taken out of context and is being used to vilify him once more.

The political climate in the Netherlands surrounding Wilders now resembles the demonization of Pym Fortuyn in the months leading up to his assassination almost twelve years ago.

Pat Condell: How to be a racist





the video



Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs…

Government intervenes at school taken over by Muslim radicals…

Woman did not show her face at Heathrow airport…

British schools where girls must wear the Islamic veil…

Sharia courts “as consensual as rape”…

Teach men to not rape



Do you think men should be taught not to rape? Do you think that men, and by extension, boys, need to be taught not to rape?

If so, then you are, in all likelihood, a feminist. That’s the polite term – the term serving to obscure the reality. To believe that half the population – based only on their sex – are biologically inclined towards the violent crime of rape is to enthusiastically embrace hatred for the entire male half of the human race.

Teach men not to rape.

It’s an increasingly common feature of feminist public messaging. It appears on posters glued up around university campuses, with the endorsement of those school’s administration and student societies. It’s printed in neat block letters on placards and displayed on signs at public gatherings of feminists too. Sometimes, these are called slut walks. A reminder to any men present that they, lesser humans that they are, will be tolerated, only so long as they can remember to behave as if they are fully human, and not rape the women they attend classes with, rape their female colleagues, or swing from the rafters while flinging their poo at passers-by.

By contrast, “Teach n***rs to not steal” isn’t included in student or faculty public messaging. Nor does the CBC run ads reminding Jews to not cheat. And nobody is carrying a “teach Chinamen to drive” sign, marching through the downtown of any North American city. And no one runs “teach homos not to molest children” either.

Of course, unlike non-thieving blacks, non-cheating Jews, everyday gays, and the car-driving Chinese who we don’t need to publicly “educate” in order to not steal, cheat, disrupt city traffic, or molest children, since they don’t do those things – the men-folks presently still allowed to walk around freely in public, almost as if they are human beings, certainly DO need to be continuously reminded to not rape. Right? Right?!

Some feminists who also happen to be unfortunate enough to be male, even think so too. Of course they’re not like those other, bad men. They’re different, they’re the few good ones – the male feminists. The ones who, by superior education and socialization manage to not rape their mothers, sisters, female friends and colleagues. After all, men, when properly socialized can be trained to perform a number of different tasks, and can even be used as a source of revenue by careful female management.

Teach men to not rape.

Interestingly, the term “rape culture,” widely popularized to indicate that our culture’s values include support for, and promotion of female victimizing, male perpetrated rape, is now quickly falling out of fashion. Partly because, apart from not being an activity supported by anyone’s cultural values, rape is a major crime. In fact, it is second only to murder in our legal codes, and in prison, where convicted rapists go, a rapist is about as low in the social pecking order as it’s possible to be apart from the sexual abusers of children. Barbara Kay of Canada’s National Post newspaper, The American Enterprise Institute, and even largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US, RAINN – have all publicly repudiated the term as unhelpful, and fraudulent, and as the hysterical fear mongering propaganda of an out of control cult of gender, hate and proxy violence.

No doubt some new, cleverer imprecation of male identity will soon spill from the mouths of the modern cult of hate.

Here, wear this white ribbon to show us you’re not one of the bad ones. You properly loathe yourself, and you’ll help us hunt the non-conforming, disobeying male animals still kept around to do heavy lifting or dangerous and dirty work.

Skipping forward 50 years, when your grandchildren discover your gender studies textbooks in the basement or an old, antique USB drive with photos of you in your youth attending a slut walk, will you be ashamed that you were one of the last to abandon that disgraceful cult of hate from the past?

Will your neighbors roll their eyes or shake their head at you, the obsolete, but now harmless old bigot? Will you fly the flag proudly, reminiscing of the good old days when we could still shoot coons at night? How many modern Americans have preserved knowledge in their own families of slave ownership? How do modern Germans feel, I wonder, knowing that some of their grandparents, or great grandparents wore the uniform of the Third Reich?

Teach men to not rape.

If, today, this rhetoric is something you give voice – then shame is what you should properly feel, and extinct is where your particular ideology of hate is headed.



Is “Whiteface” the Same as Blackface?


Nick Cannon has caused a bit of social media outrage (what’s a week without some type of social media outrage,right?) while  promoting his new album,White People Party Music. 

Nick posted some photos of himself on Instagram portraying a satirical white hipster character called “Connor Smallnuts”,and the charges reverse racism came flying.


Many of the comments on twitter and Instagram were along the lines of- “this is just as bad as people wearing Blackface”,or “dressing up in Whiteface is just the same as a person wearing Blackface,” etc.


Unfortunately,there are those within the dominant society who try to find “equal” forms of racism from Blacks in order to justify their own racists views.


So in my attempt to bring clarity to these comparisons,here are some reasons why Whiteface is NOT the same as Blackface.






*Blackface gave the dominant society justification to dehumanize Blacks


*Blackface ALWAYS has a mean spirited undertone


*When non-Black people do Blackface,the objective is generally to be as offensive as possible (which is part of the joke).Remember the recent “Trayvon Martin Halloween Costumes” with the mock bullet holes in the chest?


*Blackface was used to re-enforce the absolute worse stereotypes about Blacks


*Blackface was used to justify lynching and systematic oppression of Blacks


*Blackface minstrel shows were the FIRST form of  American entertainment.So the American entertainment industry was BUILT of making fun of Blacks


*Many Black entertainers in mainstream media today are portrayed as refined versions of the original Blackface stereotypes (i.e.. Mammies,Jezebels,Coons,Bucks,etc)





*Whiteface is never used to dehumanize whites


*Whiteface has never been used to historically harm or disenfranchise whites


*Whiteface usually makes fun of white privilege not the person’s perceived inferiority(such as the Wayans Brothers in White Chicks where they played privileged socialites,and Eddie Murphy in the classic SNL sketch where he played a privileged white man who would receive free stuff from other white people)


*A Whiteface character  is seen as just that-a character. The whole white race will not be judged from the portrayal of that ONE character.