What’s Next, Arrest in the Womb? Black Students Under Fire

Fifteen years ago, the U.S. Dept. of Education found black students were getting the boot far faster and in much bigger numbers than white students. While blacks made up then less than 20 percent of the nation’s public school students, they comprised nearly one out of three students kicked out of the schools. Things were so bad then that the NAACP held public hearings nationally on the racial disparities in school discipline. The hearings were timely and needed but they didn’t change anything.

The recent Dept. of Education survey on racial disparities in public education found that black students were still getting the boot from schools faster than any other group, and that included black females who were disproportionately suspended and expelled more than white females from schools. But it also found that the students were getting suspended in astoundingly disproportionate numbers even before they ever set foot in a regular school classroom. According to figures, nearly 50 percent of preschoolers that received more than one suspension were blacks. This was double that of white students though blacks made up less than 20 percent of public school preschoolers.



Arab-Islamic racism: Tunisians Demonstrate Against Racism, Treatment of Blacks

A group of activists gathered today in front of the Municipal Theater in downtown Tunis protesting against racism and the treatment of blacks by Tunisian society.

The demonstration occurred on March 21, marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Activists on Avenue Bourguiba cited the negative words in Tunisian Arabic used to describe blacks.

“Everywhere we hear words like wsiff, guira guira, zombak, and kahlouch,” Tasnim Falfoul , a 21-year-old university student, told Tunisia Live. She was protesting in downtown Tunis, but said that even bringing up the issue could lead to ostracization.

“We are here to bear witness of the presence of racism [in Tunisia], and to denounce racial discrimination,” he said.

Marwa, a 24-year-old university student, wants a law that prohibits racism.

“The last time I got off the train, I heard Guira, Guira,” Marwa told Tunisia Live. “I am not protesting here because I am a black Tunisian, I am protesting here for achieving equality. We experience racism, we are verbally assaulted.”

Sonia, 28, is protesting for fighting racism in Tunisia.

“I have a family member who wanted to work in boutique, but when she showed up, the boutique owner in Mourouj said that there was no work because she is black,” Sonia told Tunisia Live.

Another demonstrator, 24-year-old Sahar Ourimi, told Tunisia Live she dropped out of high school because of racism, but said her experiences with discrimination were too difficult to discuss.

A group also protested Friday morning in front of the National Constitutional Assembly building in Bardo. “Tunisia for you, Tunisia for me, enough with racism,” the protesters there chanted.

“No one admits racism against blacks,” Mehe Abdelhamid, a Tunisian cofounder of the advocacy organization ADAM for Equality and Development, told France 24 this week. “The few who have an accurate understanding of [Tunisian] society understand that blacks are the most marginalized.”

– See more at: http://www.tunisia-live.net/2014/03/21/tunisians-demonstrate-against-racism-treatment-of-blacks/#sthash.xl0HdLGn.dpuf

Muslim Brotherhood affiliate MAC to open school in Kitchener

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background of MAC






A new private elementary school will be opening in Kitchener this September.

The school, to be called the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) Maple Grove School, will be the first Muslim school in Kitchener.

Tuition will cost about $5,000 a year per child.


Egypt Sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood Members To Death – Meanwhile Muslim Brotherhood Opens A New School In Kitchener 





manwomanmyth – Policeman and Policewoman: is it the same job?

Looks at various examples of discrimination against men in the police force. Being a police officer seems to carry very different levels of risk depending on whether the officer is male of female…




Can female firefighters really do the job as well as a man? The evidence says no, but you be the judge.

This film is part of a Bitesize series of short clips that looks at individual elements of Feminism, Equality and Misandry in society.



Minor Scene Major Annoyance

The selfish attitude stemming from the complete reproductive power of women, rears it’s ugly head in a short scene from TV series Bones, dealing with a possible pregnancy. The decision to have children involves man and woman, anything else is unadulterated selfishness.



When it is ok to be offended?




The Men’s Matters radio show on Express FM (UK), hosted by James Williams.
Important medical details about male circumcision (in children and adults) are discussed in this phone interview with Dr Peter Ball of Norm-UK – a charity concerned with preventing needless circumcisions.

– Medical details of the circumcision process and consequences
– Circumcisions in adults are mostly unnecessary
– Children and babies face serious risks with circumcision
– Nerve damage to the penis and sensation-loss due to circumcision